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  1. Jackson just got fired, so nobody is safe execpt Dave Joeger he won 50 games....this season! LOL. Whoo Whoo.
  2. I guess the FAIR question is if you owned the team would you bring him back? I mean he did win 50 games but that's expected out in the WEST. If you can't win 50, then most likely you out of the playoffs.
  3. Speaking of Portland I got them coming out of the west to face Miami.
  4. GrizzKnob, Can you answer the question? What's your thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the personal shout out tho'.
  6. Come on GrizzKnob give me a break.
  7. BG, I guess what I mean by fair is when you look around the league success is measured in the playoffs and the development of the team and how they respond to a Coach. Yes he won 50 games but 48, and 49 games has you on the outside looking in. Basically he was one loss from missing out on the playoffs. So with all fairness is it fair that the FO would bring him back when really the team didn't improve so to speak.
  8. I agree GTG, this is his first go around.
  9. The REF


    We will need solid play from our bench the entire series.
  10. Wasted talent! Or was he? sign, Stephen Aye