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    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 4/13/2015

    PLAY FUGGIN D-FENSE Grizzlies!!!! Just throw the Towel now Dave
  2. The REF

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 4/13/2015

    Klay Thompson 11th pick OVERALL - WOWSER NBA draft 2011 / Round: 1 / Pick: 11th overall
  3. The REF

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 4/13/2015

    Is Anybody going to GUARD Klay Thompson??? GeeeeeeeZUS
  4. The REF

    Grizzlies @ Warriors - 4/13/2015

    Does anyone on God's Green Earth know why Marc Gasol is in the Game? WTF?
  5. "Friday's game is ultimately the most important on the schedule in determining the West's seeding — if the Spurs win, then the Rockets are in very rough shape; if the Rockets win, then the Spurs are out of it; either way, the Grizzlies just have to focus on winning their own games and keeping pace". Quote source: yahoosports.
  6. The REF

    Grizzlies & Pelicans - 4/8/2015

    Gotta give these guys props. They came out and handle their bizzness.
  7. Chip you think OKC is getting in? I think New Orleans will be they probably need to win tonight and that's a Big I Hope They Don't. LOL
  8. Absolutely! The first 10 games of the season and the last 10 games of the season IMO are the best and most crucial.
  9. The REF

    Ed Davis Turned Us Down?

    Ok gotcha understand now.
  10. The REF


    Wow, just 2 teams?
  11. I think Memphis ends up with the # 3 or # 4 seed.
  12. I agree with Chip here, not only that but your psyche has to be down in the dumpster too if we lose tonight.
  13. The REF

    Ed Davis Turned Us Down?

    Isn't this old news or did I miss something?
  14. The REF

    2015 Nba Draft

    The Proof has a great point, I think Conley was Coach Hollins boy per se, so he got the nod. But I didn't know who was better at the time but Lowry is a beast.
  15. So walk into the playoffs on a LOSING STREAK?
  16. The REF

    The Grizz Ain't Done Yet

    So with that being said, it's it paramount that a team have shooters to win an NBA Championship these days?
  17. No way we should lay off and play for a 6th seed. That's just plain crazy.
  18. Walking the ball up the court, standing around, pounding the ball inside, NO true threat 3 point shooters, and the list goes on and on.
  19. Avoid Spurs at all Cost! They are playing out of their minds right now.
  20. As of right now they don't even wanna play an WNBA team in the post season! These guys looking like the NBADL.
  21. Would the Memphis Grizzlies or Houston Rockets be a better first-round matchup for the Mavs? "Gutierrez: The Rockets have found their footing as they've won nine of their last 11 games, and it's dangerous facing a hot team, but they represent the better matchup of the two. It's much easier for the Mavericks to play their style of game -- whatever that may be -- against the Rockets as opposed to the Grizzlies. Not having starting point guard Patrick Beverley does hurt Houston in terms of defense, further establishing that Houston would present a better matchup. Taylor: So much about winning a series is about the matchup. The Mavs simply don't have the inside personnel to bang with Memphis for a seven-game series. They can't handle Zach Randolph or Marc Gasolinside, and the defensive, physical style the Grizzlies use would just beat the Mavs down. Houston, on the other hand, is a finesse team that wants to shoot 3-pointers and get up and down the court. The Mavs like that kind of party." Click on link for the rest of the story. Very interesting I must say.....
  22. But unless we changed our strategy WE hurting limping into the Playoffs.
  23. I think whatever they do they SHOULD resign Jeff Green and definitely Mike Conley. Gasol is a keeper too depending on the asking price but I think those 3 are definitely back. Z-BO should still be under contract.
  24. The REF

    I Don't Care What The Fans Think - D J

    I also agree, Alienating a fan base saying you don't care what fans think is pretty cold. Just a small tidbit, the Owner is a FAN. If he wasn't he wouldnt have bought the team. So yes, you must choose your words wisely! What would happen if the Owner said the same thing? Get it? I hope so.
  25. How did "WATCHING" the bench work out for you? IJS.