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  1. Allen

    All Star Ja

    Ja will be an Allstar next year Seems like some of y’all are forgetting that this is only his second year
  2. I really don’t even care. He’s not that good of a player even when healthy. I say after being sent down for a couple Hustle games though
  3. Allen

    Desmond Bane Leads League In 3pt %

    This is just a theory of mines but I think a lot of guys stats are inflated right now due to playing in empty arenas
  4. Allen

    bad brooks

    Yeah I have no idea why Brooks has a green light. He needs to just focus on defense
  5. Allen


    I mean even at his best he has never really been that good. I must be missing something when looking at his stats
  6. Allen


    Yeah that’s fine
  7. Allen


    I mean your probably not gonna get much for a Anderson/Winslow level player. They’re just redundant
  8. Allen


    I would pick it up and then either trade him or Kyle Anderson
  9. Allen


    Wow that’s surprising too me
  10. Allen


    Bane is 6’5 with short arms and he can’t defend. Melton is 6’2 with long arms and he can defend
  11. Allen

    Desmond Bane Leads League In 3pt %

    He’s just long and skilled but I don’t think he’s necessary a good athlete
  12. So his response to his teammates not playing defense and giving no effort was to do the exact same thing?
  13. Not the point. I think it says something about his character and leadership ability
  14. Allen

    Desmond Bane Leads League In 3pt %

    Kevin Durant isn’t a great athlete