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  1. Allen

    2019 NBA DRAFT means we have a 9% chance at Zion
  2. Allen

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    Can I go in with them?
  3. Allen

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    If Donald Trump can run a country I don’t see why Cardi b couldn’t run a basketball team. I say sign her up
  4. Allen

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    Gasol and Conley are the main ones that wanted JB as coach
  5. Yeah I don’t see how you can fire Fiz but not fire JB. Wallace is the first one that needs to go though. Fire Wallace and JB hire Tayshaun or Billups
  6. Somebody has to be fired and traded at this point. This is rock bottom JB, Wallace and Gasol all need to go
  7. Yeah I’m expecting at least one more devastating blunder by Wallace before he is gone. Like trading for Wiggins contract or trading JJJ for a vet to make one more run with mike and Marc. It’s coming
  8. The entire league lowballed him though
  9. Allen

    Would Mike actually be better WITHOUT Marc?

    Been calling them high level role players for years . 3rd or 4th best player on a championship caliber team
  10. Allen

    Robert Pera

    But he doesn’t seem to care enough to put the proper front office in place. Also a good owner knows when to be hands on and when to be hands off
  11. Allen

    Robert Pera

    I truly think that’s all it is for him. Makes it hard to be emotionally invested as a fan when the owner doesn’t even seem to care
  12. Allen

    Robert Pera

    Just seems really odd that he would be in town but not stay to watch the game. When is the last time he attended a game? Does he even watch on tv? I don’t know why he even purchased the team in the first place. Maybe as an expensive conversation starter?
  13. Allen

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    That quote is cringeworthy. I don’t think Pera cares if the team does well or not
  14. Allen

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    I don’t know what y’all expect any coach to do with this kind of roster
  15. Allen

    Time to trade Marc

    If the Knicks traded for Marc would they still have the cap space to go after Kyrie and KD?