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  1. Allen

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This kid is already becoming a star. Probably going to be our most popular player ever
  2. Allen

    JJJ - All-Rookie 1st Team

    Is he healthy and working out right now? And I wonder if he’s playing summer league
  3. I may be wrong
  4. It’s probably well over 10000 if you include my other accounts.
  5. No lottery team is giving up a top 10 pick for 31 year old Conley. Where not going to go from not being able to get Luke Kennard for Conley to getting a top 10 pick for him
  6. There’s no way of acquiring another 10 ten pick
  7. Allen

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    Morant was an unheralded prospect just a few years ago so it isn’t surprising that he doesn’t have the same type of diva attitude that a guy who has had people kissing his *** for years would have He knows what it feels like to be the team no one wants to play for because he was the player no one wanted
  8. Allen

    When Should Conley be traded??

    After teams start striking out on free agents
  9. Allen

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    Yeah 36% is fine and he’s only going to improve
  10. Allen

    Roster Moves

    We’ll see
  11. Allen

    Roster Moves

    Delon is a free agent and is going to get at least 10 million a year. We’re not paying a backup 10 million per year
  12. Allen

    Roster Moves

    Why do you say he’s not going to be the backup?
  13. 17.6pts 4.6rebs 7.4ast probably seems high but I think this dude is about to hit the ground running. We’ve never had a prospect like this before. He may be the best pg in the league in 4 years
  14. Allen

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I would see if the Suns were interested.