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  1. We’re gonna beat the Spurs but the league isn’t going to let us beat Curry or Lebron and have them out of the playoffs
  2. He’s just 21 and it was said it’s gonna take him a few years when we drafted him. Plus his injuries has set him back. Instead of working on his game in the off-season he’s been rehabbing. I say if he has a healthy off-season and comes back next year looking the same then it’s time to question him. IMO we’re gonna get bubble Jaren all year next year
  3. The only thing that can save them is if Ja and Jaren become top players. Otherwise we’re stuck in the middle until the next rebuild
  4. They’re young developing players. They’re both young enough to be college seniors and they’re the best two players on a fringe playoff team. Have to keep things in perspective
  5. Yeah at the end of the day this was a great learning experience. Especially for Ja and Jaren. It wasn’t officially a playoff game but now they know how a playoff game feels
  6. Yeah he needs to understand that being a unicorn means being able to score inside and out and basically all over the court. He just wants to play like a giant shooting guard at this point. Hopefully he understands the difference one day
  7. Yeah Dillon is huge for us. That was a very weak foul to take such an important player out of the game too. Only small market teams get treated like that.
  8. Allen

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    He’s shooting better because he’s playing in an empty arena and cause defenses focus on Curry. And his turnovers are about at his career average. 2.1 against 1.8
  9. Allen

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    He’s looking better but not exactly playing better
  10. Allen

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    No one under 60 knows who that is
  11. Allen

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    He’s playing exactly the same as always. Just on a better team and playing with an mvp candidate
  12. Allen

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    24 is old?
  13. They agreed to 72 games before the season started so it’s technically a full season