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  1. I randomly had a weird dream that I was watching a deep fake boxing match between Ali and Tyson. Was a very vivid dream too. It was weird. In the dream I wasn’t watching it on tv but I was watching it live in the crowd probably in the 60’s or 70’s.
  2. E Sports are a thing
  3. We kicked their butts this game😀 I loved those first playoff teams we had
  4. I’ve been watching a bunch of Marvel movies
  5. That’d a silly thing to say. If you can ball you can ball. I’m not sure what point you were trying to make . I bet you was one of the people that thought Derrick Rose wasn’t good because of Cusa
  6. Allen

    Big Bored 1.0 #WHOfluEdition

    I wonder how they’re going to do the draft this year
  7. That’s just the day they realized they can make money off of us
  8. He would have still dominated. It doesn’t work like that
  9. Other than my hometown teams I don’t really watch sports. It hasn’t really felt any different to me
  10. Should just cancel it. We shouldn’t be playing sports or attending concerts right now
  11. Allen

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    I lurked for a few years first but I’ve been posting since 2006
  12. Non of them really. We just have to handle our own business
  13. Allen

    New Starting Lineup

    Dillon is a good defender. It’s not all about making shots
  14. Allen

    The official Hot take thread

    Jackson didn’t grow up a big man. He was a guard before his late growth spurt. I think that might have something to do with it
  15. 2024 finals preview