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  1. I wish we would try Ja off the bench. I know it was Houston but it looked good in those games.
  2. Allen

    Play in possibilities

    I wonder how hard they are gonna go for the 1 seed. We're about to be just 1.5 games back with 5 games to play. Nuggets have Warriors, Houston, Jazz, Suns and kings left
  3. Allen

    Tormenting Russell Westbrick

    I just disagree. Good natured banter and trash talk has always been a part of sports. Calling him Westbrick because he cant shoot isnt a personal attack that crosses the line.I have talked trash down on Mt Moriah plenty of times and have never had a problem. Westbrick needs to grow a pair and grow up
  4. Allen

    Tormenting Russell Westbrick

    Calling him Westbrick because he sucks at shooting is keeping it about basketball. If he wants to make it more than that then that's on him.
  5. Where's the guy that that Vucevic, Derozan and Lavine were going to lead the Bulls anywhere?
  6. Allen

    Tormenting Russell Westbrick

    Its kinda sad. He's out having one of his best games and he's worried about a random fan saying Westbrick
  7. Allen

    Tormenting Russell Westbrick

    Yeah that's ridiculous and incredibly weak. We should give Westbrick hell Friday and that fan should get Courtside seats and a standing ovation. The Grizzlies Pr team should put together a Westbrick lowlight reel of his bricks and turnovers and play it during a timeout. These new players wouldn't have made it in the 80s and 90s. Soft entitled Aau babies
  8. Ja and Dillon playing hero ball instead of trusting their teammates and running the offense
  9. Get Dillon out. Trying to be the hero
  10. I already knew Dillon was going to shoot that.
  11. Feels like we're down more
  12. Kennard looks like he just did something he wasn't supposed to do and he's hoping you didn't see him do it
  13. Allen

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    What do you mean by dynamic? They are #1 in scoring by 3 points. And how is Fox not a dominant star averaging 25 4 and 6?