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  1. One bad game and the anti-jaren clown cult becomes energized and comes stumbling out of their VW beetle to spew a bunch of unintelligible BS that flies directly in the face of reality.
  2. BnaBreaker

    Grayson doing Grayson things again

    I'm not gonna lie... I'm pretty glad he's no longer on our team. I mean he's a decent enough role player, but that sort of cheap shot fake tough guy BS does not represent the grit n grind mentality. There's a big difference between being a tough and tenacious defender on the court, and just being a d*ck.
  3. TREY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. are you kidding me refs??????
  5. lmao this is 'hack-a' stuff is such weak *** bs... Mike Malone should be embarrassed.
  6. How can you "interfere" with a basket that clearly was not a basket?
  7. Challenge that ish... that ball was clearly coming off
  8. Lmao wow... hack-a-Adams? I haven't seen this BS strategy in like a decade. Tell me you can't play defense without telling me you can't play defense.
  9. Late to the party... but that moment where Steven Adams literally carries Tony Bradley away from the altercation might be the single greatest thing I've ever seen in an NBA game. Lmao
  10. BnaBreaker

    What Should The Grizzlies Do?

    I'm sure there are some girls soccer teams in Bolivia or something that are in need of jerseys... South Santa Cruz Stephen Currys has a nice ring to it.
  11. Why? The whole point is that everyone boos them... the Kings fans were just doing a bad job of it haha
  12. lol Ja jumped before both of those guys and came down after them too
  13. lmao that bandwagon fan jersey exchange is an amazing idea
  14. I usually have a lot of respect for Bill Kennedy but his crew tonight has been hot garbage man...