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  1. Agreed. Regardless how this season ultimately turns out, it should be considered a resounding success by everyone. However, I just don't think that with 26 games still left to play the Grizzlies have the experience necessary to traverse the league's hardest remaining schedule down the stretch while holding off the two teams behind them with two of the easiest remaining schedules. That being said, I didn't think they'd even be within sniffing distance of the .500 mark at the all star break either, so hopefully I'm wrong again!
  2. Not trying to be a negative nancy... it'll be an amazing season regardless of how it turns out at this point... but with the schedule we have left, and the fact that the Pelicans and Blazers have some of the easiest schedules left, we're not making the playoffs if we are going to lose games like this.
  3. I may be jumping the gun, and know it won't happen anyway, but I'm ready to say it... start Josh Jackson over Kyle or Dillon.
  4. JOSH JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Kings keep trying to give us chances to get back into the game... and then Dillon Brooks takes the ball and says, 'nah, we're good.'
  6. No I meant Josh was right on cue with the brain fart haha... but I definitely agree. I am rooting for him, he clearly has a ton of skill in a lot of different areas on the court, but none of it is going to matter much if he can't become a smarter player... but it sounds like he's definitely putting the effort in, so here's to hoping!
  7. Josh Jackson is actually a pretty good facilitator in the open court
  8. It is situations like this where it was nice to have a guy like Jae Crowder on the floor.
  9. The Zion for ROY contingent bought them off.
  10. A **** good question... like you said, we have so many options... I mean I'd rather play Yuta than Marko. Okay, he's sitting now at least.
  11. Guduric with the brick pull up long two in transition... SIT HIM NOW.
  12. Oh good Dillon Brooks is here to shoot us out of the game because he made a shot that one time.
  13. JOSH JACKSON coming on strong! What a block!
  14. This team may play a totally different style than the grit n grind era team, but one thing that hasn't changed is that there seems to be a totally generic wing player in practically every game that magically morphs into Reggie Miller against us... in this game, that player is apparently Harrison Barnes.