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  1. BnaBreaker

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I guess they could bring in this guy and put him in a plastic bubble in the stands:
  2. BnaBreaker

    Grizz 8 Games

    I think its hard to hate Zion... he seems like a genuinely humble, well-raised kid... plus he's Ja's buddy... but I **** sure hate the way the NBA is trying to shove him in everyone's face.
  3. BnaBreaker


    I agree that it hasn't worked in most places here, but the reason it hasn't worked for the most part is because we aren't doing it correctly or for a long enough duration, is my point. It was working, because the curves nationwide were clearly starting to flatten, but then we collectively decided that we were going to pretend it was over and go on as normal. And hey, that might be a strategy worth pursuing, like you said, telling the high risk people to be careful and let everyone else live life normally. But I'm just saying that it has worked in every place that it was actually allowed to be seen through long enough to actually bring the rate of infection down to a manageable level. You're right, it was initially intended mostly as a way to prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed. But it was being used as such because given what we know about how viral infections spread, we knew it would be an effective way to slow the spread or, flatten the curve. Extrapolating that out over the course of time, if the virus had no new hosts to spread to, then it would effectively die out. Of course, this would have caused more economic harm, and that is certainly a balancing act that should be debated because there aren't any perfect outcomes by any means. But social distancing works, because eliminating the number of viable hosts for it to spread to is how you kill a virus, and that is one way to achieve that. I'm not sure that any nations have eliminated it outright as of yet, but that's why I said "effectively" eliminated (and no apology necessary my friend, I certainly don't have all the answers by any means.) And by that I mean places that have slowed the rate of infection to such a low level that it can be essentially managed until it does, hopefully, disappear. This requires not only social distancing, but also large scale testing and a large scale system of quickly quarantining individuals so we know who has it and know we can isolate them with minimal exposure to others. Of course, once again, our leadership fails this test miserably as well because the man in charge has said recently that he thinks we should actually DECREASE testing because he thinks higher numbers hurt him politically. Ugh. I won't go down that rabbit hole because I could rant for hours there and this is not the place. As for countries who have effectively eliminated (or maybe saying effectively managed would be a better choice of words on my part) there are more and more with every passing week it seems. You can go to google and search for "covid 19 infection by country" and it will bring up a chart you can play with and input different locations to compare. But just to give you an example, France (which enjoys personal freedom as well) is down to 81 reported cases per day as of June 24. Not gone completely, but reduced to a level where they can manage the spread and keep a lid on it. The United States, by contrast, recorded 37,945 new cases on that same day, and that number is only increasing. Not good.
  4. BnaBreaker


    Social distancing, used in conjunction with other measures, has actually effectively eliminated the virus in many other countries. It's just that here in the U.S. in most cases, we didn't social distance for nearly long enough, or early enough, or even at all in certain places, not to mention we have a certain someone in charge who was trying to write it off as a 'hoax made up to hurt his reelection chances,' which is why the EU is considering banning Americans from traveling there until we get our ish together.
  5. BnaBreaker


    The other most popular Serbian athlete, Novak Djokovic, tested positive today as well.
  6. BnaBreaker

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I'm assuming BigHunkALove was being sarcastic.
  7. BnaBreaker

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    They aren't stacked at those positions though
  8. BnaBreaker

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    Ha... wow... I COMPLETELY forgot we signed Anthony Tolliver!
  9. BnaBreaker

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Yeah, honestly at first before I read the details I thought this plan kind of screwed over the Grizzlies. But in reality, it leveled out the field in terms of the strength of schedule, of which the Grizzlies had the toughest remaining, and reduced the number of games needed to clinch by about 75%... so overall, a win for the Grizzlies.
  10. BnaBreaker

    What is fair?

    I guess there are multiple angles to look at this from, but I don't agree that your scenario is fair to the Grizzlies (the 8th seed) and Mavericks (the 7th seed) to potentially be screwed out of the playoff spot that they worked their tails off to be in position for with fifteen games remaining, simply because they had a couple off games.
  11. BnaBreaker

    All-Time Grizzlies Lineup

    For a 25 year old franchise we've got a relatively weak stock of players to pick from to be honest. But my picks would go like this: PG: Mike Conley/Mike Bibby/Jason Williams (Hon mentions: Ja Morant, Damon Stoudamire) SG: Tony Allen/Mike Miller/Michael Dickerson (Hon mentions: Eddie Jones, OJ Mayo) SF: Rudy Gay/Shane Battier/James Posey (Hon mentions: Byron Scott, Tayshaun Prince) PF: Pau Gasol/Zach Randolph/Shareef Abdur Rahim (Hon mentions: Hakim Warrick, Jaren Jackson Jr.) C- Marc Gasol/Bryant Reeves/Jonas Valanciunas (Hon Mention: Stromile Swift, Lorenzen Wright)
  12. BnaBreaker

    What to do with SloMo?

    Yeah, I like Kyle... he seems like a great guy and a great teammate, and in principle I appreciate the type of player he his and all of the little things he does on the court to make a positive impact. That being said though, I have to concur with the article that he is no longer a good fit for this team and the direction in which it is headed. He essentially acts as a giant wrench in the gears of the offense every time he is on the court with Ja and Jaren. If he could actually be relied upon to make an open jumpshot then there might be a chance of it working, but we all know that the chances of Kyle knocking down a J are relatively low... and that's assuming he's even able to get one off in the first place.
  13. If he were talking about MVP he might have a point, but Rookie of the Year isn't an award where wins factor into the equation in a significant way. If it were all about wins, then let's give it to Mfiondu Kabengele of the Clippers. Another thing Mr. Nunn isn't taking into consideration is the fact that Ja doesn't have guys like Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo on his squad. Nunn is talking as if he is singularly responsible for Miami's record.
  14. BnaBreaker

    NBA Season to Resume This Month

    There may or may not be a hit man headed to your house right now... 😉
  15. BnaBreaker


    Yeah, that is absolutely ridiculous. I'm guessing if Zion wasn't on one of the teams in the hunt for the eighth seed they'd just cancel the rest of the season and go straight to the playoffs.