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  1. f-dizzle

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I actually think Marc and Mike have no desire to be traded. They just need NBA talent around them. A healthy roster would have done major damage. Once the injuries started, everything went down. Jam, Parsons, Dillion, and Anderson being injured a various times spelled doom for a roster already devoid of talent.
  2. f-dizzle

    Roster Moves

    This is a league of shooters. We can't shoot.
  3. f-dizzle

    Roster Moves

    No one is taking Marc. No one is taking Parsons. We won't trade for any one of significance before the trade deadline.
  4. f-dizzle

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    I cringe every time I think about that debacle.
  5. Hahaha...not era, but error1!
  6. Parsons could have helped tonight if he was healthy. Can we insert Brooks into the lineup for a boost?
  7. What happened to all those 3s we hit earlier this year?
  8. f-dizzle

    DJ Stephens has been wavied

    We need a scoring guard that can shoot threes. Is that so hard?
  9. f-dizzle

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    He'd be pain free for what??? 3 games? Then comes the knee swelling and knee soreness. He can't guard any 3s or 4s. He's damaged goods. His expiring deal is the only thing of any value left. I wish he could have a Derrick Rose type of resurgence, but that ain't gonna happen.
  10. f-dizzle

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Aside from OJ, we haven't drafted well since Conley. Apparently, we got it right with JJJ.
  11. f-dizzle

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Most draft sites had JJJ as the best prospect from this draft in 3-5 years. He has exceeded expectations while playing fewer minutes. If he can pack on muscle like an Anthony Davis or KG, he will be a borderline all-star next year.
  12. I am so happy for the Grizz win and so happy for Conley and JJJ, but I think JJJ could have have 40+ if they fed him. They obviously knew we were going to the Conley/Gasol PNR in the overtimes and basically they left JJJ open and with a mismatch.
  13. f-dizzle

    Memphis vs New York - 11/25/2018

    He should have had some more touches, especially to reward the work on defense.
  14. f-dizzle

    Memphis vs New York - 11/25/2018

    Glaring weakness with Kyle Anderson on offense, along with Temple. We are missing Dillion Brooks on offense. Someone off the bench gotta give us 10-12 ppg.