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  1. f-dizzle

    Don't dismiss JV

    Once we have Jackson back in the starting 5, along with either Brooks or a draft pick at SF, we will be fine. We have to develop our players!
  2. f-dizzle

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    I was happy for Parsons. Three knee surgeries ain't no joke. His shot didn't look as flat and he actually contributed. But Conley is playing so well now, especially with JV.
  3. f-dizzle

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    Except for Philly, who has been successful in a total rebuild. It's a crapshoot. We messed up our rebuild with Thabeet. That could have been Harden, Derozen, or Curry. It's been downhill with our draft since then. We got it right with JJJ.
  4. f-dizzle

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    Mike is having maybe his best year ever as a Grizz. Maybe slowing it down and force feeding ZBo and Marc affected his game. Maybe moving Marc out on the perimeter affected his game. Maybe having no real shooting guard since OJ Mayo affected his game. Maybe having two non-shooters in the starting lineup affected his game. Even though it's a sample sample size, the starting lineup has four shooters, two guards that can create their own shot, and a strong defensive-minded starting lineup. Besides Parson, who do we NEED to get rid of? Keep the pick, draft another scorer, resign Wright, Noah, and JV, and call it a day. Rethink the FO and coach. We'll be fine.
  5. f-dizzle

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    Besides Luka, JJJ is who most pundits believe will be a superstar out of this draft. Other teams would salivate over his potential and his performance this year. FO has to develop him and have a plan moving forward. Memphis fans will only attend games if we have a winning team and a plan.
  6. f-dizzle

    Team Hero v Magic 03/10/2019

    The Western Conference Player of the Week-Mike Conley
  7. f-dizzle

    New plan moving forward...

    Conley is the Western Conference Player of the Week. The Grizzlies play uptempo fun basketball again. The Grizzlies have the best defense since the all-star break. A defense minded starting lineup at every position, especially with JJJ. I'd bench SloMo, roll with Holiday at the SF and see what happens. Conley/Delon/Carter Bradley/Brooks Holiday/SloMo/CJ JJJ/Rabb/Bruno JV/Noah
  8. On every poll I've seen, it was JJJ as the #2 or #3 best player out of this rookie class that can be a superstar. He has shown he can be great with an inefficient Gasol and Mike. If he has a coach that can develop him, the sky's the limit. He'll fix the rebounding and fouling once he puts on weight. He has a body type like KG, who was super skinny coming out of high school.
  9. I agree. Waste of money to me. Super slow and can't shoot. Bring him off the bench next year.
  10. If JJJ can increase his rebounding and stop the **** fouling, sky's the limit.
  11. f-dizzle

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    True. I'll bite on the Wizards situation as well. For example, looking at a Thabeet interview on cbssports.com, Wallace drafted Thabeet despite him refusing to work out for us as well as having Gasol in the fold. Letting Harden and Curry slide. Too many mishandling of picks and overpaying in a small market. Teams like the Grizz can't mess up.
  12. f-dizzle

    New depth chart speculation thread

    The worst thing that can happen is that this lineups work and we begin t win games. Wallace will look like a genius and get an extension. SMH
  13. f-dizzle

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    A bigger mess than the Grizzlies? How is that humanly possible?
  14. True. The NBA is scoring like the early 80s. We need dynamic wing play and a Stretch 4 like JJJ to open the court up.