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  1. Ethan7

    FA Targets

    I am all for absorbing Steven Adams into the Conley TPE. If OKC wants to give us a pick for our troubles then that's gravy IMO. I'd rather have Adams than JV. I also like the idea of flipping Rabb to LA for Mo Wagner and a pick. See if we can get any assets for Korver, Bradley, and Parsons. If not, I'd release Korver and Parsons (NOT STRETCH). I'd like to keep Bradley if we can stay under the luxury tax threshold. JA/Wright/Carter Brooks/Bradley/Allen Crowder/Anderson/Miles JJ/Clarke/Bruno Adams/Wagner That would be a pretty decent defensive squad that could push the pace.
  2. Ethan7

    Roster Moves

    I like Rabb but I'd rather have Wagner.
  3. Ethan7

    Roster Moves

    I would take this deal for sure.
  4. Ethan7

    So do the "Core 4" gets statues or nah?

    Since when is there an espn special?
  5. Ethan7

    Roster Moves

    I think we should keep our books clean for next summer and go hard after Jaylen Brown and Montrezl Harrell.
  6. Ethan7

    Roster Moves

    I would take Steven Adams and the Thunder's pick for our TPE all day!! Get it done.
  7. Ethan7

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Yes to Wagner. I wanted us to get him in the draft.
  8. Did we hire Coach Jenkins or Coach Leung from Mr D...
  9. Ethan7

    AD is a Faker

    Man, what a haul for New Orleans.
  10. Ethan7

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    If we end up getting another pick the players I'm interested in are Hunter, Culver, Hachimura, Doumbouya, Herro, Alexander-Walker, Gafford, Bitadze, and Kabengele.
  11. Ethan7

    Lonzo & 4 = RJ Barrett?

    I'd be surprised if the Lakers would give us the #4 for Conley. There is zero possibility they would give us Ball too.
  12. Ethan7

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    I'll take #6 for Conley all day and hope for either Hunter or Culver to be on the board.
  13. Give me Sarunas if there is mutual interest.
  14. Ethan7

    ZBo 2.0

    He's an unrestricted free agent next summer.
  15. Ethan7

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    I would consider Conley for Hayward + #14 + #20 if Doumbouya slides to 14. Take Bitadze #20. Maybe see if the Celtics would throw in Smart if we add Anderson? Let Bradley go and bring back Wright, Dorsey, and Noah. Make a push to convey. Consider dealing JV at the deadline if we can get some decent assets. Next offseason I'm looking at letting JV go and targeting Montrezl Harrell to replace him. Bring in Pat Connaughton. 2020 lineup something like: Morant/Wright/Carter Connaughton/Smart/Dorsey Hayward/Brooks/Doumbouya Jackson/Doumbouya/Rabb Harrell/Bitadze Good mix of vets and young guys.