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  1. I think they're already giving preference to people under 75 at ICUs in Madrid. Heard it on the radio. Quite hard to think about it. And unfortunately many people still take confinement let's say lightly. I can't believe they have had to deploy police officers on the roads to prevent people from going to spend the weekend at their second homes.
  2. Shelves at supermarkets look like they've been plundered. People don't seem to understand there's not going to be a shortage of food (or toilet paper). In some places even the police have had to go to supermarkets so they could function with some semblance of normality. It's nuts. At least all the memes are making being at home a bit less boring. Face masks are a serious issue. They should be used only by people who really need them because of their condition and by medical staff, and they are already having trouble finding any.
  3. Elillo

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Apparently, both him and Jaren will be back this week. Medical update
  4. Michael Porter Jr's brother. It's been some time we hadn't signed an injured player. The memories.
  5. Overly optimistic, highly unlikely enough?
  6. Prostate exams save lives.
  7. Elillo

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Brandon I? Do you know something we don't?
  8. Elillo

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Congratulations on your fifth post! ūüėĀ
  9. Elillo

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Even if his attorneys were exaggerating, those injuries are nothing to be laughed at. Why do some drivers put other people's lives at risk smdh.
  10. I think those were made when Adidas was still supplying the jerseys, so awesome as they were I'm afraid we won't be using them again any time soon.
  11. I can't find out how to embed something from Twitter ūüėě
  12. Just watched the replay. Unfortunately it was with Houston's announcers. They said that young guys like Doncic, Young and MORANT are modelling their game after Harden, and then after a lob from Morant to Jackson they said they were copying Harden and Capella. I just wanted to take a plane and go smack them upside their heads.
  13. Good luck to them with those demands.