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  1. Elillo

    I'm not dead.... Yet

    This board needs some crazy, right? Yes to Noah, yes to KBM? ūüėÄ
  2. Elillo

    Where Are the Moderators/Admins?

    One would think there's something during registration to prevent bots from signing up, but apparently there is not.
  3. Elillo


    Nah, just lucky there's no Anorthumbrian team.
  4. Elillo

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Grizzlies' Jackson in diversion program for arrest
  5. Wells mentioned it in the game thread, but I think it deserves a thread on its own. Congratulations, Marc, and achieving it on a 15 rebound night was the right way to do it. He's now the franchise leader in points, rebounds, blocks, turnovers and personal fouls and second in assists. With that said, I also think we are seeing the future franchise leader in many categories right now in JJJ (he's already climbing in the fouls departmefnt ūüėú). Grizzlies Franchise Leaders
  6. Elillo

    Grizzlies vs 76ers - 11/10/2018

    I for one am, but with laughter.
  7. Elillo

    Grizzlies vs 76ers - 11/10/2018

    I'd like to complement you all on this thread. All these contributions, their simply amazing. Now I hope it doesn't get to your heads and you become pre madonnas.
  8. Este a√Īo me plante√© seriamente coger el league pass para ver los partidos en diferido, pero al final llegu√© a la conclusi√≥n de que no lo iba a amortizar. Una pena que ya no se comente aqu√≠, porque es donde me informaba de c√≥mo iba la cosa para complementar lo que veo por youtube y los pocos partidos que puedo ver. Ahora solo me queda desbrozar mucha morralla en el otro foro para leer los an√°lisis de fanboy y los otros pocos que no usan el foro como sustituto del psic√≥logo.
  9. I'm not gonna lie. I'm in a kinda pre-midlife crisis, so I've decided to add 1 to everything every year. For example, with the 5th pick in the 2019 draft we got 7'11" JJJJr. Or, I need 0 new cars, so I'll buy 1. I guess the plan would be difficult to explain to my girlfriend, if I had one.
  10. Time is the fourth dimension, so it affects the other 3. Didn't pay much attention in science lessons, did we?
  11. Elillo

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    Great. Now we can't even trade him for a bigmac without throwing in some food to compensate.
  12. You're démodé. The thing now is per 37.
  13. I gave you our depth at the 1-4 positions. I don't get your point. Do you mean people who can play the 1 AND 2, the 3 AND 4?
  14. Anderson, Brooks, Casspi, Watanabe, Parsons, JJJ, Green, Rabb Conley, Harrison, Carter, Simmons, Brooks, Selden, Temple Not sure about that depth difference.
  15. Elillo

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    With that list, I'd say it's mainly answer #1, with a couple of debatable answer #2.