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  1. Lexus LX 570

    Roster Moves

    I agree. Especially +/- which is the worst of any NBA stat, but for some reason guys like Vernon, Hasseltine, Joerger, etc. treat this stupid stat like it's the greatest stat ever.
  2. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Utah 01/02/16

    Doesn't really matter because he was never going to play ahead Vince Carter's corpse.
  3. Lexus LX 570

    Matt Barnes Suspended By The Nba

    Pretty much. No matter how horrible Vince is he will play regardless, just like Tayshaun Prince did.
  4. Lexus LX 570

    Los Angeles @ Memphis 12/27/15

    Grizzlies making the horrible Kobe Bryant look like an efficient and above average NBA player.
  5. Lexus LX 570

    Roster Moves

    The Grizzlies are not good on offense, not good on defense, and can't shoot yet they desperately need a guy who's not good on offense, not good on defense, and can't shoot. Yeah makes sense [sarcasm]. Wroten consistently shoots in the 30s to the low 40s from the field. Obviously he's not unstoppable.
  6. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Charlotte 12/26/15

    Grizzlies choking at the line tonight.
  7. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Charlotte 12/26/15

    And the guy that has killed the Grizzlies from 3 the worse (PJ Hairston) is their worst 3 point shooter (31.1%).
  8. Lexus LX 570

    Roster Moves

    When you're a project player who doesn't have All Star level talent, not a good offensive player, well below average on defense, a turnover machine who's not a good passer (which is why I think it's ridiculous that any Grizzlies' fan would want him as their point guard), can't shoot from anywhere beyond 2 feet from the basket, a low basketball IQ player, and been in the league for 4 seasons and is still the same player you were when you came into the league despite being given plenty of playing time to develop there's more of a chance that overseas is your destination.
  9. Lexus LX 570

    Roster Moves

    I've been saying that all along. I never got what why people on these boards were pining on him to begin with. He's a horrible outside shooter, turnover prone, and doesn't play any defense. He's everything the Grizzlies don't need. He's not a rotation player on any team that's trying to win.
  10. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Washington 12/23/15

    Other than this 4 game stretch, the Grizzlies usually beat the Wizards more than the Wizards beat the Grizzlies.
  11. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Washington 12/23/15

    I'm still trying to figure out why he was a consistent rotation for the Grizzlies last season when he couldn't shoot, score, or defend. It's not like he was better than Jordan Adams last season.
  12. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Philly 12/22/15

    I see that Tony Wroten still sucks.
  13. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Dallas 12/18/15

    Mavericks shooting 50% from the field after a horrible shot. Grizzlies now shooting 34.5% from the field.
  14. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Chicago 12/16/15

    The free throw line choke continues.
  15. Lexus LX 570

    Memphis @ Chicago 12/16/15

    Bulls went 6-22 in the 2nd quarter for 20 points. Grizzlies went 10-22 in the quarter for 27 points.