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  1. SC Grizz

    It's not who I am, but we need to leave now

    It certainly is disappointing but at the same time I feel like to a certain extent things like this are to be expected when dealing with people of that age. I am older than that and a parent of 3 so it is hard enough to stay up late for the Grizzlies game some nights. There is no way I would be able to be out at a club that late even if I wanted to at this age. I agree with Chip - whatever it takes to win I am on board. If that means keeping the guys from staying out late at clubs during the season and post season that is fine by me.
  2. SC Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    That certainly does not inspire a ton of confidence.
  3. SC Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Got to get the page count up in case we come back and win! Bane needs to go for 20 in the 3rd quarter.
  4. SC Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Ha I see what you did there
  5. SC Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Roddy is on fire!
  6. SC Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Pete saying “X gon give it to ya!” Had me laughing
  7. SC Grizz

    Tillman Luv

    Definitely agree that Xavier deserves some love and respect for the role he has been playing. Sorry for ever doubting you X! TJ is a great players coach and developmental coach. He is just not a good X’s and O’s Coach. Ideally you get an assistant that is a good play runner, but I think it would not be easy to get a “better” coach for this particular unit.
  8. Got to love the dog in Dillon! 😆
  9. Why does Dillon still Jack those shots? shoot he made one….
  10. SC Grizz

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    Honestly glad to hear he is getting some kind of help for what is ailing him. Stay strong Ja! People are people. We all make mistakes.
  11. SC Grizz

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    This is the state of our “news” media though. He screwed up…. Big time. Sucks to have to hear about it 24/7 for like two weeks.
  12. SC Grizz

    Grizzlies final standings position

    Realistically I think we could drop to 4th / 5th in a series with GS. In other words - not good.
  13. SC Grizz

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    After 15 pages we still don’t even know if it was definitely a gun or a prop/lighter. Even if it was a gun it seems unlikely that it was his. If it was his no charges were filed and if charges were filed then someone would likely come forward to say it was their gun not Ja’s. That sums it up right? I am with EVERYONE that this was dumb. I also have to keep it real that I did dumb stuff too - not flashing guns but still dumb stuff. Back in the 2000s my phone would only get grainy video and if I were dumb enough to film myself it would be hard to tell that it was even me 😆 Seriously though this should be a learning lesson. Keep your personal life - personal.
  14. I agree with this train of thought. A lot of his game is timing and instincts.