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  1. SC Grizz

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    Some people from Memphis respect Pau's career (me being one), but his last season in Memphis would make it hard for anyone around Memphis during that period to have good feelings about him.
  2. SC Grizz

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    Yes. This is what I meant in my post also. In case that was not clear. A ring is what every one of these guys want.
  3. SC Grizz

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    I have thought about this topic many times. Didn't Lowry spend some time in Houston before finding his home in Toronto? I loved Lowry's game then and it has aged well. Conley also developed in unexpected ways and had an excellent career as a Grizzlie. Lowry has had the better career IMO, but I think they each have strengths as players that make it difficult to compare them head-to-head.
  4. I was wondering this too while watching Bud coach last night. Not much to the offensive "sets" being run out there. It seems the system is purely dependent on having shooters who hit consistently. The Bucks only have a few of these guys and we have even less.
  5. SC Grizz

    2021 Free Agent targets

    This. Waiting on Marcus Williams or Shelvin Mack to become awesome back up PGs.... not something I want to relive.
  6. SC Grizz

    With the 40th pick the Grizzlies take...

    How do we get 2 shooters with 1 pick? Use the MLE on another shooter? I don't know how that will work out price wise. NBA level shooters are expensive. I also do not see this FO giving up an asset to move into the 1st round unless it is another B. Clark scenario where a really good prospect drops. Like if Cole Anthony is sitting there at 29 and you can somehow trade two future 2nds for him.
  7. SC Grizz

    With the 40th pick the Grizzlies take...

    He wouldn't come back. Why not finish it out in SA or chase a ring with his buddy Kyle Lowry?
  8. SC Grizz

    With the 40th pick the Grizzlies take...

    Opinions are all over the place. I have seen many mocks where Skylar Mays goes undrafted. I am not a big fan of his. Basically I would prefer we target a specialist shooter preferably at the 2 or 3. I think our big man rotation is pretty solid with JJJ, BC, JV, Porter and Dieng. I would be pretty surprised to see us drafts a C based on that. I would also ve surprised if we went with a PG considering we have Ja and Tyus. If we move on from DeAnthony then I could see the logic behind a combo guard like Quickley if he is available.
  9. Who? Sort of hard to guess who will be there, but do we go best available or are we hunting a specific position? Are we focusing on a specific skill set (i.e. shooting)? Let's keep it to just this pick not trading up, etc. We already have the draft thread for that. It looks like Elijah Hughes is trending up and will be out of our range, but I would like for us to target depth at the SF/SG and shooting. Desmond Bane seems like a guy who will be there and is a safe bet. These older players seem to not be highly sought after but I don't think the guy missed a game in his entire college career (important for our team with perpetually injured dudes). 43% 3 point shooter on 4 attempts per game for his career. I'd look at someone like that.
  10. SC Grizz

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    You are making me miss Memphis local hoops. The best local prospect I got to see last year in Beaufort, SC was Nick Pringle. On topic I'd prefer to convey.
  11. Regarding our next 2 way guy. I think we should hold off on this signing until we actually get into the season. That way we can take a look at what guys are actually doing against live competition in the g league (hopefully). We might also be better able to determine what exactly we need from that roster spot and not just use it as a throw away.
  12. Kyle is not a flashy player, but is highly effective in his role and relatively mistake free. I know some are only saying that we could trade him - as opposed to should trade him, but (as I have mentioned before) we would be foolish to part with him until we know what we have with Winslow.
  13. SC Grizz

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    Great showing by our guys. Please don't trade any of these guys and keep adding talented, hungry young dudes. Blazers are a bunch of punks btw.