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  1. SC Grizz

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    Q: Do we have a playoff competing roster? A: Hell no.
  2. SC Grizz

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    He is the youngest player in the league so I think the lack of a definitive response is more an indication that JJJ doesn't have any player fans yet who are marking out hard for him. Most of us on these boards (with some notable exceptions) are pretty careful what we commit to as far as proclamations. He looked really good, borderline dominant at time his rookie season. He fouls though... like A LOT. He plays tough defense and if he can get respect from the refs and learn the rule of verticality he should be solid on that end. Offensively I am expecting a lot from him without Gasol next year, but at the same time I am not sure how it will work out. The whole "injury" thing has me wondering too...
  3. I agree. This was a tough one from that perspective. Time to shift into irrational hope for #1 pick mode. ūüėÜ
  4. SC Grizz


    Lol. I think you summed it up with your previous post also.
  5. SC Grizz

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    This. We are suddenly playing decent against a bunch of mediocre or tanking teams. Let's not get carried away. Even if we run this team back we will still be a bottom 8 team in the league. Unless JJJ turns into Dr. J next season.
  6. SC Grizz


    How good is JJJ next to JV? Are we trying to win next year or get another good prospect? Does that answer change based on whether we convey our pick this year or not? Depending on all these variables resigning JV to a 3-4yr deal either may or may not make sense. Again if we are a rebuilding team for the next 3 year why would JV want to spend his prime years in a rebuild? The guy is playing great ball I am just trying to be realistic about where this team is at.
  7. SC Grizz


    I think this is where you sound a bit biased. I would say Leonard, OG and Lowry were also very instrumental in this. I think I explained it quite well. JJJ (theoretically the future "face" of our franchise) is the youngest player in the NBA - he just turned 19 in December. So JV will be 27 in May of this year. He is seven years older than JJJ. I could definitely see JV as a long term fit for a team like the Kings. They have guys in place already in Buddy Hield same age as JV and Fox a little older than JJJ (21). If the Grizzlies were to move away from Jackson Jr. I would love to keep JV around and try to remain somewhat competitive, but again if we are rebuilding for the next 3-4 years why would JV want to be here?
  8. SC Grizz


    I had pretty low expectations for JV so he has way surpassed my wildest dreams. Having said that I do not exactly think he is a piece for this team's window of contention. His prime would seem to be right now so I can see him wanting to go somewhere else to try and compete. As a sidenote it is cool have a guy with this many player fans again. It seems like we haven't had that since the Darko/Hadaddi days. Brings some added life to the boards!
  9. I don't want to jinx it but things are looking up for conveying the pick this year...
  10. +1 I don't get this either.
  11. It makes $20+ M worth of sense to Chandler. Another great Grizzlies FO decision. You will see a trend if you hang around long enough.
  12. Lol at the end of this game. Typical Grizzlies.
  13. Bruno may actually be decent. We may have hit on a James Johnson level bench contributor with him. I would prefer Dorsey for the minimum over Wright as a back up combo guard in 2019-20. I hope Val opts out. He is a good player but it won't work with him and JJJ in my opinion.
  14. SC Grizz

    New plan moving forward...

    Wright is not worth that kind of money IMO. He is the definition of average at everything. Glad we traded for him just to overpay him though. Classic Grizz.
  15. SC Grizz

    New plan moving forward...

    I hear you, but if it is between the Jevon Carter show and we add a mid 1st plus a lesser junk contract guy or just keep Conley another year... tough call. There might be some interesting options out there though...