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  1. SC Grizz

    1st franchise superstar?

    Stay tuned on that Grizz version ... Yes!
  2. SC Grizz

    Marco Gudric

    Good post toocoolkellz. I agree about there being limited minutes. He already knows the playbook and has produced at a decent clip in his limited minutes. I think he and Grayson were essentially auditioning for the same role and Grayson (rightly) won out. Seems like a really supportive teammate (always first dude up throwing out high-fives at the timeout) and I doubt he is a negative locker room guy. So why make a move? Sometimes making a move just to make one can hurt team chemistry. If Grayson or DB were to go down wouldn't it make sense to have this guy ready to just step into those minutes?
  3. Not looking sharp so far. JV is a bad matchup with Melli. Morant isn't looking for his at all yet. We'll see if we can get it going....
  4. SC Grizz


    Yup I is tough to know how much Ja creates space/opportunites for DB because he has such a scorers mentality already. I guess I am just trying to figure out how irreplaceable he really is. I am loving this year's team and they still have so much room for growth. Just don't want to mess things up in Year 1.
  5. SC Grizz


    The thing that really strikes me about Dillon is the defense. He is generally one of the main defenders in the other team's primary scorer. Kyle and Jae being the others. That is the part of his game I respect the most. Bc it is night in night out - always plays good d. Also I agree with Dwash about the way DB scores in our offense. His stats and the eye test this past month and a half make me think he is worth a sizable contract, but that is just the thing I am wondering about. In a vacuum, yeh, he looks great but we are in uncharted waters. Future superstar player on the roster. Heck Ja is a superstar player right now. Potential #2 option aka "unicorn" big in house (can't believe that unicorn big is now a phrase) with JJJ. Those two dudes are going to get maxed out. Brandon Clarke is going to get paid. We are talking about keeping Melton. Already paying JV. You see where I am going here, right? IDK that Dillon is easily replaceable. I am just thinking is there a guy or two who could get paid less and do the same? I don't think Dillon can realistically keep this pace up, but if he does he could price himself out of our future plans.
  6. SC Grizz


    I am not down on DB. He is great and having an awesome season. However.... did any of y'all watch Murry State? Ja made those dudes (complete scrubs) look decent. I honestly do think that Brooks is benefiting from two things playing the 2 for us next to Ja. 1. He is getting assists from Ja pretty much the entire time he is on the court. 2. Most of the times he has a size (height and weight) advantage over the guy he is matched up against on offense. I.e. he might guard a SF, but is usually guarded by an undersized SG. So lets just say someone does make a crazy offer? How high would you go?
  7. Ja guided that dunk in. Lol
  8. Crowder... smh. So many "why" moments. All the JV player fans were right. Love this dude.
  9. SC Grizz

    Dillon Brooks is better than you guys think

    I agree we undervalue DB as Grizzlies fans - he is pretty critical to our success. I mean someone has got to have the irrational confidence to take some of those shots. Top 2 young SG in the league? Nah.
  10. SC Grizz

    Apologies In Advance

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery (and some killer pain meds).
  11. This. Could be a home run if the picks hit. Fournier is just another dude taking inefficient shoots to the detriment of Ja and Jaren, but maybe he shoots a slighty higher % I wouldn't do this deal for Fournier, I'd do it for picks.
  12. SC Grizz

    Zach Randolph Retires

    What a career! Thanks for all the memories Zbo! Legend in Memphis
  13. Good! No reason to help him out with how he has acted toward this franchise.