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  1. What an entertaining game to watch. Can't wait till next season...Grizzlies are gonna be fun to watch.
  2. notnilc20

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Ahhhh! The one player I hoped the Grizz would sign....D Wright. I think the Grizz might regret letting him go.
  3. Saw that this was a possibility on Flipboard and that the Nuggets are interested in him. I'm not too knowledgable about these kind of things but I was kinda hoping the Grizz could use Iggy in some way...I still think he has value to offer and would be a great figure to help these young guns we're getting.
  4. notnilc20

    Jevon Carter appreciation thread

    With Carter gone now, who is gonna hold the ball for the final shot of the quarter only to end up hoisting a fade away bomber? J/k....he had some good moments in the Grizz uni....good luck.
  5. since he's no longer with the Lakers.......thoughts?
  6. notnilc20

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    Oh good. I wasn't too worried about it but wanted to know if anyone else had heard anything similar....thanks for the responses.
  7. notnilc20

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    heard on the radio by an anonymous source that Marc Gasol was saying the Grizzlies have plans to move the team to Nashville? I don't know if I could cheer for them if that happened....anybody hear anything like this or is it just a rumor from thin air?
  8. notnilc20

    Team Hero v Hawks 10/19/2018

  9. notnilc20

    Who Wins the NBA Finals?

    Warriors got this game handed to them via the refs in game 1. So sick of seeing them get so lucky. How do the refs change that call from a charge to a block? No evidence at all to warrant an override like that. Cavs should have got ball back up 2...instead Durant goes to line to tie up the BS! Rigged!
  10. notnilc20

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 02/11/18

    **** we suck. Gasol is getting worse and worse. Shrinking everytime he has to play another big. So sick of seeing his stupid spin right fadeaway jumper.
  11. notnilc20

    Memphis @ Atlanta 02/06/18

    Maybe we should just sit Gasol for the rest of the need to risk him getting injured. Idk.....we're just terrible right now....i'd rather see the others scrap it out....also developing Davis would be a plus.
  12. notnilc20

    Memphis @ LA Clippers. 1-2-18

    Does Parsons still play for us?? I like him but he spends too much time on the bench..
  13. notnilc20

    Deyonta gonna be a Star?

    Star is a bit of a stretch but i do like how when he is within 3 ft of the rim he's dunking the ball and not laying it up soft.
  14. notnilc20

    Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Could someone please tell Chalmers there is a reason he's always open.
  15. notnilc20


    He's a better shooter than Curry was...