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  1. In tonight's game thread it says ESPN and fSn south.....also, last 2 games were the same. Old tennis re runs. Just wanna verify if Youtubetv is showing FSN south grizz tonight? thanks.
  2. Ok can anyone tell me why FSN south on Hulu is showing old re runs of tennis matches when the Grizz are playing? I missed the first 2 games of the restart because of this and I thought it was just because of bad timing with the restart but now I'm not so happy arm. Is YoutubeTV showing the FSN Grizz games?? Thx.
  3. Can't find anything about it....just replays of the ordeal. Thanks. How did they expect Crowder to react anyway, Paytons shoves him while in the air and then stands over him. Crowder should have the right to protect himself or react how any man would react. Did they expect him to just get up with dude on top of him and cower away?
  4. that was pathetic. So tired of seeing those top of the key lazy passes turning into turnovers for wide open layups for the other teams.
  5. All I want for Christmas is for the Grizzlies to get this W. Tough place to play though.
  6. A couple months with Hulu now and I'm very happy with it. You can have it remember all the Grizz games, so there is no need to setup to record every game. Not to mention you get all other shows on demand or live, all locals, and a lot of Hulu Originals series that are pretty good too. of course you can watch it all from you smartphone too all for $48 (after tax) (it was $48 until Dec. 18th 2019 they jacked up the price to $55/mo. that has me concerned now) I sound like a salesman I know. But I'm never going back to dish or cable. I know Youtube tv is similar too so im sure either way you go, you'll be happy.
  7. Coach should have challenged that 4 point play. Could they have even reversed the call to call a foul on the shooter as well? Maybe even a flagrant for facial contact? Asking for a friend.
  8. Just sign up, you can use a number of devices for the Hulu app (I use my amazon fire stick), but you can use ps4, xbox, smart tv etc. etc. You can try it for a week free then it's $44.99 after that. you cant watch all nba games like with a league pass but they have fox regional channels. They have fsn south, southwest, and fsn tennessee (Preds fan?) plus most of the espn's and tnt for when the playoffs arrive. Also, some markets they have the local channels (they have all memphis market locals). You can set it to record all upcoming games on a 30hr limit cloud. I see most games are set to record 2.5hrs....I hope that is long enough and doesnt cut off at the end of the games. Only down side is you cant skip commercials....
  9. Ok so Dish blacked out the game tonight so I decided to go with Hulu's free week trial and I was able to watch the game. I actually recorded and watched it later and had no issues with buffering and I just have att dsl. However, what is the deal with not being able to fast forward through commercials? That sucks. I guess that is maybe how they keep prices lower? Anyway, I think i'm going to go with hulu as I'll save $64 per month over dish. thanks.
  10. I just called and talked to a rep from Sling and she said that they dropped Fox regional sport networks on sept. 27 and they are in negotiations to get them back. She also said that they got FS1 and 2 back but not the regional channels. Hulu looks like a pretty good option. It's $45 per month and comes with a live tv dvr and has the fox sport regional channels. I hope to hear back from you all about what is working and what isnt when the season starts. thanks.
  11. If I could do just league pass I would but since I live in the Memphis area they blackout all the Grizzlies games for league pass. I tried it a few years ago.....if you are in the area, they make you use a tv provider.
  12. Well i did a little searching about Hulu and they say they have fsn south but then they only mention about watching the Hawks, Braves, and falcons.... so i guess i need to call them to make sure i can get our region and not Atlanta...
  13. I'm thinking of cutting the cord to my Dish network over $100 per month i'm getting a bit tired of it. But I gotta be able to watch my Grizzlies. So I am thinking of switching to a streaming service like hulu. What do you recommend? thanks.