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  1. Yes, but we wouldn't have that cap space until next year, so it would kill any trading opportunity during this season. And sacrificing this just to keep Hezonja? I don't see it happening.
  2. If you cut him his contract will be off the books next year anyway, of course, but it's not like the Grizzlies will become a desirable destination for FAs overnight. If you trade him you can get something valuable in return. I don't see any scenario with Gorgui being cut before deadline.
  3. I see your point, but in order to keep Mario we need to cut some other player on the roster besides Guduric, so who is that player? You cannot cut an expiring like Dieng, that will become a valuable asset come deadline. I don’t think the FO would have offered a multi-year contract to Porter and Konchar if they were planning on letting them go. And that’s about all the options. If we don’t make trades before the start of the season, Hezonja is gone.
  4. That’s exactly it. Plus there will be injuries and important players should rest as much as possible, so there will be minutes for 3rd stringers.
  5. Well, I actually like this idea better than the 5 more RS games and then playoffs. Hell, I even think it’s not worse than going straight to the playoffs! It’s not very NBA-like, but it would mean at least 4 games in the FedEx Forum with playoff vibes and with better chances of fighting for the 2nd round than with the traditional playoffs.
  6. misae

    Would you rather?

    May Anthony Bennet be with you. At this point I see this FO unable to fail. We’re not worthy.
  7. misae

    Would you rather?

    Nobody knows that 100%, but even the 2000’s had three All Stars. If you get #1 you have more options than anybody to select a very solid player, and you always need solid players. Of couse we are talking fairy tales here. We’re not getting #1 and we should always play to win, but a #1 beats a sweep in first round.
  8. misae

    Would you rather?

    That’s the realistic question to ask. Bring the Lakers and send Boston the pick with a postcard signed “Love, Chris Wallace”.
  9. misae

    Would you rather?

    No brainer. As much as i’d like this new core to reach the playoffs in its first season, #1 pick beats been swept any day. Even in a weak draft.
  10. misae

    Grade the Trades & Provide Analysis

    Good point there, and it’s not like we absorbed 3 years of bad contracts, it’s just one season, plus I think Dieng is going to be a serviceable player for us
  11. misae

    Grade the Trades & Provide Analysis

    Bottomline is we got a potential core member in Winslow (if healthy the fit is insanely perfect with our guys) and a much needed backup C in Dieng, plus we put an end to the Iguodala situation. For that we gave away two important presences in the locker room and incredibly nice guys, but, although a part of it, none of them were a key part of our rotation, neither of our future, so it's a win there. One could argue we should get some pick from Miami and I wouldn't go against that one, as we gave away three expirings and got two bad longer contracts in return, But we also got the best player in the deal and it's not like we were to find the solution to our problems in this summer free agency (or maybe any summer for that matter), so I can live with the hit. The Bell trade is ok, the best part is the pick swap. All in all, adding Dillon's extension, I think this will be seen as a very good day at the office looking back a couple of years from now, and that's the best we have to expect from our FO.
  12. misae

    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    One of the greatest Grizzlies of all time, he'll be missed 😂 I was actually intrigued about his on court fit after the trade, as we could definitely use a scorer off the bench. But I guess the off court issues outweighed his abilities...
  13. misae

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Pat Riley thinks the same, that’s why Waiters is here
  14. Exactly my thought when I read the Capela to ATL rumor. The Hawks are looking for a C and I think they would be more than happy to give ET and Brooklyn's 1st, and even send Alex Len to Houston, for a young C like Capela, the guy is just 2 years older than Brandon Clarke and averages 14-14 and 2 blocks per game. In fact I don't really get why the Rockets want to get rid of him...
  15. Letting Dillon go would be a no-brainer. I was not a huge fan of his consistency the first few months of the season, but the guy is progressing like hell! He’s becoming a consistent scorer, plays D, young and has good chemistry with our core (where he’s earning a place). In the Miami, Iggy and always (emphasis on always) injured Winslow front, those are the options that I think make sense for us: Iguodala, Guduric and Caboclo FOR Winslow and Leonard Iguodala, Guduric and Caboclo FOR Winslow, Olynyk and picks Iguodala and Kyle FOR Winslow and Olynyk or even Johnson Otherwise I’d keep looking for trade partners or just stay put and let Iggy expire. A healthy Winslow would fit like a globe, but don’t think the Heat would be thinking about trading him if it wasn’t for his health and we already know too much about injury prone wings... Plus he has some money left on his contract and our focus should be financial situation and future assests (Miami doesn’t have a lot of 1sts availability), not decent role players with contracts guaranteed.
  16. misae

    Ja Was A Nobody

    Is this love?
  17. misae

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    So what about getting in the mix with the Kevin Love trades (something must happen there) as facilitators with our expirings? In my mind, the Cavs need to get rid of Love's contract desperately if they want to rebuild something. The key with these options is how badly they actually want to do it and how much they think they can get in return, but I think Love's one is a really terrible contract for the Cavs situation right now and not a very attractive one for the rest of the league (a lot of money and a lot of years remaining for a 31 years old player that, although still very useful, is not getting any better), so here are a couple of ideas: OPTION #1 GRIZZLIES GET: Bazemore, Rodney Hood, Labissiere or Zach Collins and Milwaukee's 2022 1st via Cleveland for Iguodala and Crowder. BLAZERS GET: Kevin Love for Bazemore, Rodney Hood, Labissiere or Zach Collins CAVS GET: 90+ million $ in savings and might get something for Crowder in a separate deal (I'm assuming they buy AI out) for Love and Bucks' 2022 1st. OPTION #2 GRIZZLIES GET: Tyler Johnson, Aron Baynes, Suns' 2022 2nd and Milwaukee's 2022 1st via Cleveland for Iguodala and Crowder. SUNS GET: Kevin Love for Tyler Johnson, Aron Baynes and 2022 2nd CAVS GET: 90+ million $ in savings and might get something for Crowder in a separate deal (I'm assuming they buy AI out) for Love and Bucks' 2022 1st. I'm including Suns' 2022 2nd in this scenario because that trade would make them a better team and therefore less likely to have a high 2nd in 2021, so that pick would go to Brooklyn instead of us. * We might include cash considerations or some other soft sweetener to be a part of any of both deals, in order to prevent Cleveland and its counterpart to make the deal without us.
  18. Funny thing is that one could imagine that it was our FO who rejected to include this year's pick because it was expected to be a bad one...
  19. Not until 2024 (1-4 protected and 1 protected in 2025), so them being that bad this year isn't good for us, as it woud presumably give them a young talent for the long term.
  20. Honestly, I'd be all for a friendly buyout after the TD if he had shown up and acted like a pro, doing his job in a Grizzlies uniform and helping developing young fellas for a couple of months. But his attitude towards Memphis, his ongoing whining about not being able to choose where he plays (while making 17 mill for whatching TV) and the constant rumor of the Lakers suck. For me it's trade (which he might very well being obstructing if not to the Lakers) or go home, even if he finally decides to leave some money on the table.
  21. He will, bit in the meantime he’s being a solid contributor. Nice surprise
  22. You’re absolutely right, but this is what keeps me skeptical: Andre Iguodala: “At this point, the only buyout that makes sense — if I’m speaking on someone else’s behalf, thinking as an agent — is you don’t leave money on the table,” he says. “Especially in this league. Because you’ll never get it back, no matter what people say. Negotiations are a tactic, so you’ve got to be careful how you approach it, or how you verbalize what you would do going forward. But you can’t leave anything on the table.” 4 weeks ago – via NBC Sports I hope the FO doesn’t fall for the “respect the veteran” trick. I think they won’t.
  23. Would you say it's safe to assume there will be a buyout after trade deadline if no trade happened before? If that assumption is taken for a fact, wouldn't it certainly limit Grizzlies' power of negotiation at this point? The hardball move (not sure if the best one for future free agents likability) would be: either we get a good trade before deadline or AI leaves some decent money on the table after, otherwise, sit this one out.
  24. Not really, but keep in mind that the good Plumlee is a free agent now by order of the Memphis Grizzlies
  25. misae

    A Fond Farewell to Lost Posters

    I'd like to use this gathering to give KBM the credit he deserves for being so persistent with Nickeil Alexander-Walker. The boy is freakn' dynamite and he fell to 17th, but KBM was there all the way from draft lottery to draft day reminding us how he should be the chosen 1 (or 2 in this case).