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  1. Funny thing is that one could imagine that it was our FO who rejected to include this year's pick because it was expected to be a bad one...
  2. Not until 2024 (1-4 protected and 1 protected in 2025), so them being that bad this year isn't good for us, as it woud presumably give them a young talent for the long term.
  3. Honestly, I'd be all for a friendly buyout after the TD if he had shown up and acted like a pro, doing his job in a Grizzlies uniform and helping developing young fellas for a couple of months. But his attitude towards Memphis, his ongoing whining about not being able to choose where he plays (while making 17 mill for whatching TV) and the constant rumor of the Lakers suck. For me it's trade (which he might very well being obstructing if not to the Lakers) or go home, even if he finally decides to leave some money on the table.
  4. He will, bit in the meantime he’s being a solid contributor. Nice surprise
  5. You’re absolutely right, but this is what keeps me skeptical: Andre Iguodala: “At this point, the only buyout that makes sense — if I’m speaking on someone else’s behalf, thinking as an agent — is you don’t leave money on the table,” he says. “Especially in this league. Because you’ll never get it back, no matter what people say. Negotiations are a tactic, so you’ve got to be careful how you approach it, or how you verbalize what you would do going forward. But you can’t leave anything on the table.” 4 weeks ago – via NBC Sports I hope the FO doesn’t fall for the “respect the veteran” trick. I think they won’t.
  6. Would you say it's safe to assume there will be a buyout after trade deadline if no trade happened before? If that assumption is taken for a fact, wouldn't it certainly limit Grizzlies' power of negotiation at this point? The hardball move (not sure if the best one for future free agents likability) would be: either we get a good trade before deadline or AI leaves some decent money on the table after, otherwise, sit this one out.
  7. misae

    Free agency 2020

    His current team will have some 30 million in cap space, if I'n not wrong, so if he has a good season, he'll most likely get one from them.
  8. Not really, but keep in mind that the good Plumlee is a free agent now by order of the Memphis Grizzlies
  9. misae

    A Fond Farewell to Lost Posters

    I'd like to use this gathering to give KBM the credit he deserves for being so persistent with Nickeil Alexander-Walker. The boy is freakn' dynamite and he fell to 17th, but KBM was there all the way from draft lottery to draft day reminding us how he should be the chosen 1 (or 2 in this case).
  10. If it's a 1st, I'm in, otherwise I'd demand one of Barton and Beasley (Plumlee + Beasley or Barton + Hernangomez + draft picks)
  11. Always draft the BPA. That being said, I really hope we get the #1 and Edwards is the BPA.
  12. misae


    More limited than 2019 Blake Griffin, maybe but I wouldn't be so sure comparing their respective rookie skills. Zion's talent is completely nuts.
  13. misae

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Seems like Jaylen is going too. Beasley and specially Bogdanovic (I love the guy, if only he was 3 years younger I'd max him in a heartbeat) were going to be the best SG in 2020 free agency to me anyway, so these are not terrible news, although it kind of hurts the see the options narrowing...
  14. misae

    AD is a Faker

    So Lakers will have, what, 5 players under contract and 2 are Wagner and Bonga? Crazy. It could be good for both teams, but for now is just a great deal for NO.
  15. misae

    NBA Combine Prospect Interviews

    Great interview! Very humble (which is not always the case with his kind of talent), but ambitious at the same time. And very articulate and sensible for a 19 years old. I’m excited!