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  1. IdrinkGuinness


    Zach would be awesome i think its a little early to go all in and gave away assets but he's one of the few realistic guys we could get. I wouldnt mind a 3 team deal . Det gets iggy Sac Galloway ,jackson Men gets hill & dedmon Toss in some picks/ fillers youth for us We take in extra salart but have enough picks to make a move if we need and this FO doesn't seem to mind buyouts
  2. This is what needs to happen . tricky situation since he hasnt been around so far but I'd see what he has left before the deadline and simply waive / trade / send him off again . I see the reason some dont like the idea but its up to iggy / FO / players . if he helps win i doubt its much of a problem . I'd rather get picks in a trade but for once I trust the FO to make the right move .
  3. IdrinkGuinness


    Probably quite a few of us last year but then we made trades and moved on and actually drafted well .this time last year atl did look better imo .
  4. IdrinkGuinness


    Dieng wouldnt be bad if mn wants to shake things up .
  5. iggy for lee Jackson for Snell Maybe we could turn some 2nds into 1st and use Bruno , Guduric as filler. Nothing crazy but two guys that are not playing into two guys that can atleast suit up and maybe help .
  6. IdrinkGuinness

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I think we just repeat this off season again . flip some bums for an extra year of salary and some assets . a couple more 1st lined up with our Utah/GSW picks should be a goal in any deals imho .
  7. IdrinkGuinness

    Season Ticket Holders

    Nope I'm poor. Last year I could afford tickets and the last game I went to was okc playoff over time game .
  8. IdrinkGuinness

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Mn could use a guy like Howard . he would look alright backing up KAT who's still pretty weak in the post and gets pushed around far to often. Dwight + plumlee for dieng and pick looks ok I think. Crowder for galloway pickd and det looks much better on the wings with Snell + Crowder compared to last year . Mostly just clear some clutter for the grizz without waiving guys and flipping some expiring sooner rather than later if thats even the plan. Same type of deals we would be looking at anyways and an entire year of the young core getting more mins . we would still have iggy at the deadline hill & Galloway too
  9. IdrinkGuinness

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    Either way . that's the perfect gifs to use lol.
  10. IdrinkGuinness

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    25 wins and fighting last place.
  11. I could see it if JA sees lots of mins at the 2 next to tyus .
  12. 33 wins should be a likely bonus and count against the cap for us and for matching purposes if MN wanted to match .we can't give more than MLE if that's the case. I think we used full MLE for his 1st year but his deal declines
  13. IdrinkGuinness

    2020 NBA Draft

    JV isn't good enough to pass on Wiseman if he's bpa .JV can stick around and play his 26ish MPG against the big boys .I think teams ask way to much from 19 and 20 years olds anyways unless they come in ready like lebron and a few others or have played as a pro overseas . load management needs to start early in careers for most of the super young guys while their body develops imo.