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  1. IdrinkGuinness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Queta looking like a beast !
  2. IdrinkGuinness

    Parsons back after all star break

    yup and players mostly take less when they get bought out . i dont think you get to deduct the full amount that another team signs him for but it's something like his new salary minus the salary for a 1 year vet min salary divided by 2 . parsons would be around 400-500 K off the books if another team picked him up at vet min + whatever discount he took to be bought out . if someone gave him like 5 M it would be 5 M - 1 year Vet min / 2 so around 1.5 off the books .
  3. IdrinkGuinness

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    i think we missed the boat on a blow it up style rebuild . we could have got picks for Biz,Knight,Rubio if we wanted not to mention Tyreke and other FA's we could have moved but hung on to .. . the FO decided to go the other way and get JV,AB etc to push for wins . i think we could have gone either way really and been alright . even if we loaded up on picks with a peice or two we could convey a not so great pick to bos imo . since folks think blowing it up leads to PHI type seasons dont forget they sat guys to load up on picks i doubt the grizz redshirt and punt seasons to that extreme .. we have a lot riding on the pick this year and our FA's and how we view them . is Bradley , JV , Mike etc sticking around or are they assets . do we convey or not ? Can we pull off a gasol like deal with Conley and get a starter and a borderline starter like wright ? can we even keep all of them long term or do we move one for salary reasons etc . i think our best option is to hold onto our guys moving forward and just letting things play out ( till the deadline atleast ) . i think adding long term salary with parsons,Miles is a fantastic option as long as we get guys that can suit up and find a role and they come off the books the same year as conley . i think we should search out a move like Temple and Jam For Avery Bradley Type deal with Parsons & Miles , a guy that can a niece piece with a few more year attached to his contract . i suggest Snell , OlyNyk,Waiter but we could have more options that fit the bill but those 3 come off the books the same year as Conley and would give us a nice deep roster kinda like the Clips and are far better players than anyone we send out imo . hopefully we could get a few picks as well and keep taking shots in the next couple drafts .and end up with a couple Brooks And Rabb type prospects if we get late picks etc. Conley / Wright / Carter ? AB / Waiters / Snell Kyle / Brooks JJJ/ Olynyk JV / Rabb / Noah ? looks kinda awesome to me , add a couple picks moving forward and it looks great .use caproom as our main asset and have a pretty deep roster thisyear / next .. JV,AB,Wright,Waiters,Snell,Oly,Anderson all entering / in their primes and locked up , Conley holdi0ng it down as a great vet leader , JJJ,Brooks,Rabb and a couple picks moving foward to work with . IF we move Mike i'd maybe just move Kyle and try to get get Expiring to come off the books with Parsons + Miles something like PHX for Tyler Johnson , and Picks or Joshjacksom , Bridges type deal but i think we would struggle a bit next year without MC so we better be ready to embrace what could be a pretty bad season and hope we get a high PHx/OUR pick + a big FA. either way we gotta roll with whatever happens and not stress about the BOS pick or trade for any more scrubs and actually BUILD something that can peak in 2 years instead of trying to peak "right now" over and over .
  4. ok donald ! is that why we showed interest in biz,mkg but we wanted monk ? cause we dont want bad salaries ? how about Knight ? i mean we took Miles who was awful in TOr and AB who wasnt looking great either .. we went the other way but it's clear to me they are showing some interest in the types of deals or they would have never been even been brought up . believe me when i say you know no more than we do about what may or may not happen
  5. yeah , maybe . i think if we could pull of a three team deal with mil and Mia we could come out winners though . maybe a little shuffling with picks or a young guy in the mix . it makes carter kind kind of expendable . i would be knocking on those teams doors though and see what we could pull off .
  6. IdrinkGuinness

    New plan moving forward...

    yeah , not exactly going " all in" either way. like you said we are already a year into a rebuild luckily we hit on JJJ , another good draft or two and we could have a great mix of youth/vets . i'm a pretty big into letting winners run and whoever has drafted lately has been pretty good , i deal with risk on the daily so when i lookat trades that more of what i'm looking at instead of being awful/good . like trading the CLips 1st , makes no sense to me . a lotto protected 1st that at worst becomes a 2nd , for two 2nds .. that boggles my mind as a risk/reward type trade not AWFUL but come on now we could have bought a 2nd and and got the same thing and that would have been the worst outcome lol . or had the 15th as best outcome .. i get that Davis was faliing in that draft but so it kinda changed things but he was falling for a reason and in no shape or form would have made that trade . i'd love to send our FO some books on how you manage risk in the stock market .. not exactly the same but i think they could learn a lot when they look at how to value assets moving forward . sadly Value investing has a huge time table to work in the world of stocks .. not so much in the NBA . Day trading isn't that great either and thats what they seem to do a lot trying to catch that next big thing and catching the falling knife instead way to often for my taste . loading up on picks is a risk , but so is every decision they make but i'll risk it the draft before selling my picks on players that don't move the needle .i also wanna have enough assets for once to actually make a big move which is what we can never seem to do .
  7. IdrinkGuinness


    😂😂 fire the guy that has drafted great brought in Leonard come on now jesus i swear this thread is a joke😂
  8. IdrinkGuinness

    Parsons back after all star break

    MArvin.turner,Waiter.. not great but ok theywill always kinda carry the bust label with some people and the will ignore/hate no matter what they do beause they got drafted high years ago .
  9. IdrinkGuinness


    thats silly lol.
  10. IdrinkGuinness

    New plan moving forward...

    i could see something like that going down . i dont think we are doomed as much as others if we go that way , i do think we would struggle next year but that's ok . . move parsons/miles for Waiter/Oly/Snell/ picks and keep conley . or the above deal .. either way our FO needs to stick to a plan . i think if we keep conley we gotta use expiring deal and add salary and picks / youth . move conley and we gotta embrace a team that could really struggle . no trading assets for PG help .
  11. yup. i would offer them parsons for 2 of those 3 though . they want to shed a year off waiter/oly/jj , they dont want room right now that Bradley offers he's expiring to but they dont wanna waive him . i'm not sure i trade AB for waiters / pick but i sure do trade parsons for waiters/oly pick. if we move AB its gotta be to a team that wants to waive him imo thats his value i think . that's why i think AB makes more sense to a team like the Bucks , instant relief for a contender . thats worth more to Mil than it is to the Heat imo . it delays FA plans but i dont see the big deal , conley,waiter,Oly/JJ off the books the same year looks good to me . what i found interesting is Riley talking about how easy it is to dump salary if you see a reason to have MAX room , i think he's 100% right.. MAX room every now and then is better than messing around with not much every year like we tend to do . they won't all be like parsons , and even as awful as parsons has been i think most of us see the reasoning behind moves like that . max level guys can change a franchise and you gotta keep swinging at those chances imo . still though , so much can happen but i'll take Conley,Waiters,Oly all coming off the books at the same time and give our guys some time to develop while adding some more youth in the draft .. i'd offer the Bucks the Same type of deal for Snell and send them miles . in the short term we upgraded Parsons , Miles to Waiters,Oly,SNell .. thats huge all for the cost of an bloated salary for a year while getting a couple picks / youth to develop while waiting for them to come off the books .. looks fantastic to me we keep everyone we wanna keep , or FO can claim " win now " we add picks/youth and just let the guys play it out . i guess i'm one of the few that don't think a couple bad contracts are the end of the world though Conley/Wright / Carter AB/Waiter / Snell Kyle/Bruno/Brooks JJJ/Oly JV/Rabb Noah or a Rookie , Vet Min type . Grizz send Miles Parsons , fillers Grizz Get Snell.Waiters,Oly , Mil 1st , Mia 1st or youth/ future picks something along these lines anyways .
  12. IdrinkGuinness

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    we gonna have to wait and see , lots riding on this draft / off season imo . JV opting in / out , Wright deal ,, our pick . we could be stretched really thin really quickly . we could be forced into something none of us like , our FO has some work ahead and i don't likeit one bit 😂 i still dont think we a far away from winning but it's gotta be with picks / FA's mostly , we cant keep cashing in every little asset while never really building assets . its very hard to take the next step without something to offer in a trade ,
  13. IdrinkGuinness

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    nope i've said moving conley means we wont be very good from the get go i gues s it depends on the deal but it would be hard to replace conley and get future assets and win next year if wright/bradley are running the show . . IF he's moved a Harris type deal would be great , it would be great return for most players .
  14. IdrinkGuinness

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    na more teams than that , teams dont have to match if they have cap room , and it can be more than 1 player
  15. IdrinkGuinness

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    as a fan MC retiring a grizz would be beyond awesome , we gotta get a Harris Like return but i doubt he gets that unless it's a perfect trade partner like harris was .with PHI