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  1. Playing like trash and we're only down 8. We winning this.
  2. Acehigh718

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    Man I am also terrible with Jaren. Will try releasing earlier as well.
  3. Acehigh718

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    I actually think it hurts Josh's case for a call-up with Ja and Clarke out. It's better for him to get the call up and fit into the team rather than come up and try to be the guy.
  4. I had Luka, Bagley tier 1, and Trae right behind them. Thought Jaren and Ayton would be bums. So from my perspective I'm pleasantly surprised with how things have played out.
  5. Acehigh718

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    Slim, sorry for your loss my friend. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
  6. If this was really the CW burner, he'd be talking about this kid's pedigree!
  7. Acehigh718

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Very true. Mediocre ball handling is the one thing that held Rudy Gay back from being the superstar we all thought he could be. And I think it's the type of thing (for US-born players) where if you don't have it by the time you're drafted, that ain't going to change.
  8. Acehigh718

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    Lmao! I'm going to have to start using the "Tank Commander." Saw someone mention on Twitter: Absolute best case scenario is we land the #9 slot. This way we legit either get Top 3 or pay our debt to Boston. Would hate to endure a full-blown tankfest to end up with the #7 in this sorry draft and then have to worry about what happens to our pick next year when the team sucks again.
  9. Acehigh718

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    Maybe the tank was always on when they gave the job to JB? I.e. they said he's a good guy to have through our tank, we'll give him a shot to try to be good before we tear it down. Honestly I don't think we need to go full-blown Philly teardown. Might be hard to do anyway since we already have Jaren. Teams tank for years without lining up a stud on his level. I look at what Brooklyn is doing as a better example of what we should be trying to do at this point. We're not going to get a meaningful first rounder for anybody, unless say Horford gets hurt and Boston thinks it's their year so they take a chance on Marc. I think that our best bet is to move off our productive assets and try to rope in undervalued guys - or guys who just haven't had their shot yet, in return. NOW... All this being said, to do that and be successful, two MAJOR things need to happen first: You have to scorch earth in that front office, because I have zero faith in their ability to steward a rebuild. You have to make an A+ investment in infrastructure. Training staff, skill development, coaches (probably someone with a more creative approach to putting players in position to be successful on offense than JB), the whole nine.
  10. Toke bringing that SMOKE and I'm loving it. Honestly the only reason I haven't been in the "blow it up" camp this season is because I want us to pay our debts to Boston for the draft pick that our idiot front office traded for Jeff Green (Jeff freaking Green).
  11. Marshon and Selden have been zeros, especially after the botched trade attempt. So it's Holiday for two 2nds, which I don't love. Especially seeing as next year's 2nd could easily be in the low 30's. That being said, I'll take Holiday over a clown like Oubre.
  12. This is just hilarious. Management trying to keep the roster on edge, I guess? Rivers sucks.
  13. Jevon or Dillon?! I like these guys, but if we're talking about building an offense around them then sure let's throw our cards into the Zion sweepstakes.
  14. Acehigh718

    Silver Lining?

    Not saying they're even in the same stratosphere as players, but the jolt I got watching Jevon reminded me of how jazzed I was watching Kyle Lowry's debut (OT loss to the Knicks, I remember it like it was yesterday). Jevon just plays with that same kind of fire that Kyle did.