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  1. 1. The Coach---Never liked Joerger,,,soon as he came the team identity slowly began to change. He is a pretty boy and not a motivator. He doesn't know how to deal with adversity.. He's weak. 2. The team mentality---I do not see a team that's engaged or mentally tough as seasons before..We have never had the talent of many other teams be we were tough and refused to lose...this years team lays down for everyone.. 3. The Organization---We used to get players that fit the mode of our philosophy...Other than trading for Matt Barnes, this has stopped...We used to get players who had a chip on their shoulders and over achieved even in spite of their lack of elite talents Until this team regains its identity, we are in for a looooong disappointing season...
  2. swift_tee

    Done With Tony Allen

    I agree with trading Tony Allen...but putting Zbo on the bench until the play-off may allow him to have the energy to go into "beast mode' A again like he did in the playoffs three years ago...
  3. To lose by 50 to Golden State is a disgrace...Drastic Changes need to be made....Trade Zach and Tony and get some shooters or die....Grit and Grind is dead.
  4. swift_tee

    The Grizzlies Need To Sign Haddidi

    If Stephan Mulberry can still play in China, that show's you the level of competition there...Leave Haddaddi in China...This is why you guys could never be hired as personnel in the NBA...Your judgement sucks.
  5. swift_tee

    The Grizzlies Need To Sign Haddidi

    Ha Ha Ha-daddi....He can't play.
  6. swift_tee

    Big Spain In Top Shape

    You all forgot that last year Marc got married and ate too much wedding cake...
  7. swift_tee

    Pera Asking For Advice

    Small Ball baby, Trade Marc Gasol for Lance Stephenson keep KK and get another big body to clog up the paint.
  8. swift_tee

    Pera Asking For Advice

    The NBA is changing away from centers...Let Marc Gasol go and trade for Lance Stephenson... Small Ball Baby...
  9. Yeah, bacon goes good with everything...
  10. No.... we have until tonight...All you prognosticators that know everything...Who will they sign...Then tomorrow you can say I told you so...First I'd like to say that I have no freaking idea who they will actually sigh.
  11. swift_tee

    Zach Randolph Contract

    Get Rid of his contract...Sign and trade for a dynamic player like Lance Stephenson and change "grit and grind" to "run, gun, and have fun"
  12. swift_tee

    Zach Randolph Contract

  13. swift_tee

    Zach Randolph Contract

    I hear there is a problem with the contract negotiations with Zach unwilling to sign a three year deal...These are my thoughts. that I posted on Facebook Zach speaks with forked tongue...He first said it wasn't about the money...He should take less so the team can get better and compete for a championship like Tim Duncan did at San Antonio and look at the reward he got. Zach has already made over $100 million dollars during his career...He should show that he want to help Memphis get more talent. He also lives in Memphis where the cost of living is very low and in Tennessee where there is no state income tax....I think he is being very selfish and should take his greedy *** elsewhere if he is only thinking about himself and not the team.