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  1. 1. The Coach---Never liked Joerger,,,soon as he came the team identity slowly began to change. He is a pretty boy and not a motivator. He doesn't know how to deal with adversity.. He's weak. 2. The team mentality---I do not see a team that's engaged or mentally tough as seasons before..We have never had the talent of many other teams be we were tough and refused to lose...this years team lays down for everyone.. 3. The Organization---We used to get players that fit the mode of our philosophy...Other than trading for Matt Barnes, this has stopped...We used to get players who had a chip on their shoulders and over achieved even in spite of their lack of elite talents Until this team regains its identity, we are in for a looooong disappointing season...
  2. swift_tee

    Done With Tony Allen

    I agree with trading Tony Allen...but putting Zbo on the bench until the play-off may allow him to have the energy to go into "beast mode' A again like he did in the playoffs three years ago...
  3. To lose by 50 to Golden State is a disgrace...Drastic Changes need to be made....Trade Zach and Tony and get some shooters or die....Grit and Grind is dead.
  4. swift_tee

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    The L. A. Floppers--- Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Reggie Evans in the play-offs.
  5. swift_tee

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    You forgot another quote from that fan in Toronto about Rudy Gay when he kept saying..."F***KING RUDY GAY, MAN... I had some Tee Shirt printed of this and sold 100 in front of Fed EX Forum.... I was ghetto rich.
  6. swift_tee

    Lorenzen Wright

    News update UPDATE: News Channel 3 has learned Memphis police have questioned several people today about the murder of former Memphis Tiger and NBA player Lorenzen Wright. Those questioned include Wright's ex-wife Sherra. No charges have been filed at this time. Sherra was on TV crying (not very believably, begging for any information on Ren...this was even before anyone knew he was dead) EXCEPT HER...She definitely knows something
  7. swift_tee

    Lorenzen Wright

    His "X" wife...I think she definitely is involved in this