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  1. New_Sacred_Cow

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    I get the vibe that ego is bigger than the talent level and the team has paraded him around like he is a much bigger piece. I'm not saying this is what is happening, but it just feels like the same situation as Pondexter in my gut when looking at the vibe from the outside.
  2. New_Sacred_Cow

    Who WIll Be Traded First

    The trade they could make this year would be for a starting SG that has years that teams are looking to get off of for expirings. JaM+Temple for: Fournier Bazemore Courtney Lee Hardaway Jr.
  3. New_Sacred_Cow

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    Everyone knows that this is Mike and Marc's team and they defer to them. The problem is that Mike and Marc are pass first players so they defer to everyone else to set them up. Someone will have to take charge and take shots offensively. There are too many new faces now they are all being too nice and over sharing the ball. Either Mike or Marc HAS to take the lead in scoring. Zbo isn't walking through that door so it is up to them. It should be Mike taking over. This team will only go as far as him. There is no alpha to take the team on his back and actually lead with competitive fire. The team is full of overly nice good guy role players. JJJ would be a great option to ignite with energy but he is wayyyy to young and raw to be that guy right now. He should be starting in my opinion too. Go ahead and get him into that role now if you are going to take lumps this early in the season. He is your future so don't handcuff him developmentally for JaMychal Green. I think Bickerstaff has overly complicated the way things are supposed to run. Oddly last night too it looked like Marshon was afraid to pull the trigger on a few shots too and passed up his normal green light shots. As for Dillon, I have had a Quincy Pondexter feeling about Dillon Brooks all off season and I'm afraid we have seen this movie before. I'm not sure if it is ego or what.
  4. New_Sacred_Cow

    Free Tickets to Opener

    This is a great thing. Why bust on him for buying tickets for people to see the game?
  5. New_Sacred_Cow

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    You're welcome. Wish I could convince the web team to hire me to do on the side but we know they don't spend much time with all of us on here.
  6. New_Sacred_Cow

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    Thanks for doing this Chip. Sorry to say I won't be doing the game threads moving forward. The time demand for doing all the game threads eats too much into my design job. I just can't volunteer my time for free to keep up with constant changing lineups and writing the HTML for each thread.
  7. New_Sacred_Cow

    Official Media Day 2018 Thread

    Here is a bunch of audio from media day from GBB:
  8. New_Sacred_Cow

    Official Media Day 2018 Thread

    Training Camp Roster:
  9. New_Sacred_Cow

    Official Media Day 2018 Thread

    Hey everyone, Post all your media findings and thoughts to this thread.
  10. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    Yup. Kinda like when Luke Ridnour was traded 4 times in a week in 2015 offseason that netted us Matt Barnes.
  11. New_Sacred_Cow

    The 2018 Free Agents

    Tyreke signing with Indy. 1 year 12 million.
  12. New_Sacred_Cow

    Why Do We Need to sign a FA?

    At this point I would prefer to keep that MLE salary open just in case unknown situations show up during the season like some player buyouts. I would like to see the team clear up some of the muddiness of the roster. Something along the lines of JaM+BenMac for Courtney Lee+future 2nd. Balances out the roster and moves JJJ into the starting lineup and gives you an upgrade at starting SG.
  13. New_Sacred_Cow

    Vegas Summer League

    Yeah Selden was the answer for losing Troy Williams. Both Wayne and Troy put up good numbers in the D-League together in Iowa but Selden was always the more consistent player between the two. I was mad about the Troy thing but I believe we picked the right player with Selden.
  14. New_Sacred_Cow

    Jaren Jackson Jr's Floor/Ceiling

    Exactly! He has a frame that can add some serious weight/muscle. Someone earlier brought up Hakim Warrick but that guy had a super skinny frame. It was also reported that JJJ's doctors said he is still growing and there is a good chance he will hit 7'1. He can have a build similar to Anthony Davis.
  15. New_Sacred_Cow

    The 2018 Free Agents

    I'd look at Wayne Ellington or Joe Harris for shooting, especially if we can't sign a more prominent wing like Barton, Evans, or KCP. It would probably take a trade of JaM+picks to get a starting level SF like Jae Crowder or Demarre Carrol.