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  1. New_Sacred_Cow

    Austin Rivers Expected To Sign With Grizzlies

    His final 2 seasons with LAC he was a pretty decent player. His numbers are down this season but he was on a dumpster fire team in Washington D.C. He is better than both Marshon and Selden. I would love to the Grizzlies FO follow this up with Temple+Mack+JaM+2nd for Hardaway Jr.+Ntilikina.
  2. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies at Warriors - 12/17/18

    The Grizzlies don't have the stones to do it but JaM needs to be traded with Temple for a starting SG (Hardaway Jr, Fournier, Bazemore) and backup PF minutes need to go to Anderson and Casspi. The team was rolling with Anderson and Casspi pulling those mintues at that spot and Temple was hitting 3s. Temple has lost his shot so they need someone who can score.
  3. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    Hayward would be nice but no way in hell do I want Wallace getting back on the phone with Ainge about a trade.
  4. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    Getting Fultz would mean probably not getting returns on him for 2-3 seasons if at all. Getting Beal puts the Grizzlies as elite for a while.
  5. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    So word is that not only is Beal available in Washington, but he is also making it known that he wants out. A couple of packages that might work: Parsons+Dillon Brooks+2021 & 2023 1st round picks (top 3 protected) for Beal I am going off the assumption that Marc opts out and resigns at a smaller rate for more years. That gives you the starting lineup of Mike/Marc/JJJ/Beal/Anderson for the foreseeable future. You could even still have that core by the time that 2023 pick comes up. That group is enough to keep you in the playoffs which would render those picks in around the low 20s. You then add Yuta and Jevon to main squad. Parsons+JaMychal+Temple+Rabb+2022 1st round pick (top 3 protected) for Beal+Mahinmi+Jeff Green (after December 15/instant buyout) Same reasons above but this scenario allows the Grizzlies to take on a bigger salary of Mahinmi for 2 years but only give up 1 first rounder. Mahinmi becomes your backup center and Jeff Green is instantly bought out. We could get away with only 1 pick here because of the salary dump, this allows Wizards the ability to retool faster with cap space. Again, that 1st round pick would end up being a low 20 pick. This also allows Grizzlies to keep Dillon Brooks as backup SG next to Yuta and Jevon.
  6. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    Washington is looking to move both Beal and Wall. Grizzlies don't have the pieces but that never stops us from trying :). Parsons+Dillon Brooks+2nd for Beal. Clears a max salary contract a year faster. Parsons+Brooks+Temple+JaM+1st (heavily protected) for Beal+Mahinmi. Clears more salary for them and gives them talent at 2.
  7. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies vs Mavericks -11/19/2018

    Looks like Grizzlies killer JJ Barea is out tonight. Wes Matthews is gametime decision and Powell is unlikely.
  8. New_Sacred_Cow

    Joakim Noah

    I don't hate the idea of signing Noah. People can say he is trash but he was a solid center for the Knicks before his injury. They pretty much realized their mistake with his contract and tossed him to the side. As a big off the bench, he can play annoying defense under the basket and get rebounds. I fully expect JaM to get traded this season so it doesn't hurt to have more size available.
  9. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    If Boston can't figure out the Gordon Hayward situation, I wonder if we could convince them to do a Hayward for Parsons+. Especially if they know they want to retain Jaylen Brown.
  10. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    I would be offering Marc a 4 year contract in the 15-18 mil a year range. Curious if he would give a discount like that for extra years and security.
  11. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies vs Kings - 11/16/2018

    Kangz on a role right now. Gotta show up this time for revenge. Grizzlies have some "winnable" games coming up and have to take advantage.
  12. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies at Bucks - 11/14/2018

    Holy crap. Grizzlies getting hit with good team after good team. This is when those losses to SAC and PHX really suck.
  13. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    There are two paths to look at with Parsons. The FIRST path would be looking at keeping him and just letting him expire off the books then freeing up huge cap space to split or use on one big name. The SECOND path would be using Parsons as an expiring contract to trade and get another player or combo of players that still have 1-2 years on their contracts that teams don't want to pay anymore. FIRST PATH: Looking into the future at the 2020 free agents. This would be the summer that Parsons comes off the books and the Grizzlies could get a couple of guys or take a swing on a big name. This is all assuming that Marc stays too. You will still have Conley, Anderson, JJJ, and Gasol as key pieces. You would have to make a choice on Dillon Brooks, Jevon, and Rabb. Lets assume that they keep those guys and have previously resigned Temple too. You still have the room for a max guy plus some vet filler. With the makeup of the team, I assume they would look for a big scoring wing that can pair well with Jaren since Mike and Marc would just be facilitators and 3/4 option at this point. Big names: Jaylen Brown (res.), Jamal Murray (res.), Ben Simmons (res.), Fournier (player option), Derozan (player option). Smaller names: Joe Harris, Caris LeVert (res.), Jordan Clarkson, JR Smith, Langston Galloway, Eric Gordon, Montrez Harrell, Dion Waiters (player option), Tim Hardaway Jr. (player option), Bogdan Bogdanovic (res.), Buddy Hield (res.), Jae Crowder. Jaylen Brown might be a good target since Boston will probably prioritize Jason Tatum over him and wouldn't match an offer. Jamal Murray would be the best target but I expect Denver to match any offer, and same with Simmons. Fournier will probably opt out and would be a good option. Hard to tell what Derozan would do with his option. He would be another great SG to have. For the smaller/cheaper names, Hardaway Jr, LeVert, Crowder would all be good additions to the wing. SECOND PATH: Here we could use the expring contract of Parsons to nab a scoring player that we could use now and have on the books for the next few seasons that would occupy the starting SG slot. Center deals around these players: Kent Bazemore, Nicolas Batum, Otto Porter, Bradley Beal, Evan Fournier, Andrew Wiggins. Outside of Bradley Beal (which you would probably have to attach a 1st round pick to) there isn't a home run but honestly you are trading a useless junk player so I guess if they can even suit up to play then they aren't that bad. The other guys would be very solid and better than any SG we have now plus the Grizzlies don't have the best track record with Free Agents. Both paths have a possibility to add a great piece. Jaylen Brown or Bradley Beal would be incredible options to have in a starting lineup of Conley/Brown or Beal /Anderson/JJJ/Gasol.
  14. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies vs Nuggets -11/7/2018

    One thing I have really liked seeing from Slowmo is that his hands are always active and helping to break up lanes for the ball. He doesn't have speed but he has a great ability to read ahead of the play. His shooting doesn't bother me. We were a top team for a long with with a starting SG that couldn't hit the ocean from the beach. He looked better in preseason so I think there might be something small bothering him health wise. That Marc pass out 3 to Anderson was the first time in a while I was happy to see the ball movement for an open 3 only to immediately be met with sheer panic who was shooting it. We have definitely missed that since TA and it was oddly an entertaining and familiar moment. As for the future, I would be happy to see Marc decline his contract to sign a longer deal at a cheaper rate. Maybe a 4 year/65 million deal. We can say what we want about him but he is still a top center in the league and is the perfect big to have when you have a pure number 1 option. Which leads me to say at some point this season or next, JJJ needs to become the number one scoring option for the Grizzlies. Mike and Marc excel when they don't have to be the primary focus and the Grizzlies finally have that again with Jaren. They are the perfect 2nd and 3rd option guys. Jaren can become the focus with lots of pick n pop with both Gasol and Conley. Gasol can become strictly a 3D big and Conley can go back to running the offense.
  15. New_Sacred_Cow

    Harrison waived

    Brings the team down to 14 and gives them a little wiggle room. Also since contract isn't fully guaranteed, it helps them ease up on potential luxury tax. The team gave him time and opportunity. Just one of those guys who is a fringe NBA guys.