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  1. New_Sacred_Cow

    Parsons back after all star break

    The only thing you will get for Chandler's expiring is more bad money for multiple years. It would be better to just eat his expiring to open up a max contract for someone like Jaylen Brown.
  2. New_Sacred_Cow

    New plan moving forward...

    I don’t understand the need to convey the pick this year. I would rather tank and get JJJ a running mate for the future ASAP and try to develop that duo. I feel like the clock is ticking and would rather get JJJ a sidekick NOW instead of in 2-3 years. The Grizzlies have no real FA money until Parsons is gone so the only way to really add talent right now is through the draft. Like others have said, anyone in the top 8 will be a foundation player moving forward with JJJ. I'm not sure what Conley can net you in the offseason/draft but you could again see what Utah and Indy have to offer. With Indy, they could trade Conley directly into their capspace since they have a ton of expirings and we wouldn't have to take back any bad contracts. Utah you could try to push Conley for Crowder/Exum. I also like the idea of going after Jaylen Brown with the freed up Parsons money.
  3. New_Sacred_Cow

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    My response would be "too bad?"
  4. New_Sacred_Cow

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I don't understand the Grizzlies hesitation to take on dead money. You aren't going to be anything for 2.5 season at the minimum. Use that time to load up on timely expirings and draft picks. Dude if Utah does that deal for Lowry and they include Exum...
  5. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    IF the 76ers know he isn't anywhere close then i would offer a straight swap of Jam for Fultz. They know they aren't getting a 1st round pick for him so he is completely dead weight in their window right now. Grizzlies are in a good spot since jumping into a rebuild, they have the time to wait on Fultz. Sixers need more 3 point scoring so I would offer Temple+Casspi+JaM for Fultz+Muscala.
  6. New_Sacred_Cow

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    Marc won't leave the team with nothing to show for it. If Marc opts out this summer, it will be to resign for longer terms with the team or for a sign and trade. I can see Marc opting in this offseason for the security and then if things fall off the rails then he could ask for a trade mid season this time next year.
  7. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    The Hornets are reported desperately looking to get rid of Batum who still has 3 years left on his contract.
  8. New_Sacred_Cow


    Temple is a guy I would like to see them retain after this season but as a bench dude. He is a great spot minutes SG. The team desperately needs a starting SG or any decent 3/D player. Again, this loss is also on JB since he put an obviously injured and ineffective Conley back into the game. I hope to see Mack, Casspi, Selden, Marshon all gone after this season. JaM has been putting in work but he is the only real asset we can use in a trade.
  9. New_Sacred_Cow


    Casspi has been a "me first" guy all season.
  10. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    Luckily you could do that same trade but leave out the Chicago element. JaM, Temple, Mack, 2nd rounder for Hardaway Jr. and Ntilikina would absolutely suffice. The main key is to help NY clear out space. You could focus the trade around getting Lee back and might be able to convince NY to send over a future asset if they are dead set on keeping Haraway Jr. That would then give you both Parsons AND Coutney Lee expirings summer of 2020. That would give you a ton of room to reshape the team while still having the core of Conley/Gasol/JJJ/Anderson...assuming Gasol signs a new deal with the team.
  11. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    I would be all for that trade because it basically acts as your free agency. You turn expiring contracts into players that will be here for the foreseeable future without having to put all your eggs into the free agent basket hoping to overpay. They seem to really like Temple and could keep him for cheap as a locker room and bench guy. Small market teams have to make these types of moves. Conley/Carter Hardaway/Temple Anderson/Brooks JJJ/Parker Gasol/Rabb The Grizzlies don't have a chance at a big name until all the Parsons money comes off the books. Even then, the summer Parson's money frees up, I think Jaylen Brown is restricted and the only guy to take a real shot at but would require a max contract, which I don't know if he is worth, and I wouldn't expect BOS to match. Jamal Murray & Ben Simmons are the other notable restricted guys whose team will most likely match any offer. This upcoming offseason will be the big name offseason for teams to get big names, so working with NY (who wants to take a big swing) is a great place to work to get rid of our expiring players.
  12. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    I wish the Grizzlies could pull Michael Porter Jr. from Denver but there is zero risk for that team and they are trending upwards. Denver was extremely smart to take that gamble on him on the hope he will become something special. I was hoping the Grizzlies would have found a way back into the 1st round and take him as a long term project. Wonder if Beal becomes more available now since Washington probably has its hand on the blow it up button. Grizzlies should have the easiest shot at Hardaway Jr. over Bazemore since NY wants to dump salary to go after Durant. I love that CHI, NY, MEM trade that was floated around. Grizzlies can't manage a 1 to 1 trade with NY to get Hardaway without giving up Anderson or Temple, which they won't do.
  13. New_Sacred_Cow

    Roster Moves

    I keep coming back to Orlando as a trade partner basically for Fournier, their dead contract of Mozgov, and their want to move Simmons. They would be looking to free up some cap space too so they could go after a name this summer. I would attempt Parsons, JaM, Selden, Mack, 2nd, for Fournier, Mozgov, and Simmons. This clears 10.5 million off for them and a huge expiring next summer in Parsons plus gets them out of a large contract a year early since Parson's contract ends earlier than Fournier's. This would mainly be a financial trade from Orlando's perspective. This would give the Grizzlies their scoring starting SG, a defensive SF off the bench that is low risk, and a contract in Mozgov they could stretch instead of stretching Parsons.
  14. New_Sacred_Cow

    Austin Rivers Expected To Sign With Grizzlies

    His final 2 seasons with LAC he was a pretty decent player. His numbers are down this season but he was on a dumpster fire team in Washington D.C. He is better than both Marshon and Selden. I would love to the Grizzlies FO follow this up with Temple+Mack+JaM+2nd for Hardaway Jr.+Ntilikina.
  15. New_Sacred_Cow

    Grizzlies at Warriors - 12/17/18

    The Grizzlies don't have the stones to do it but JaM needs to be traded with Temple for a starting SG (Hardaway Jr, Fournier, Bazemore) and backup PF minutes need to go to Anderson and Casspi. The team was rolling with Anderson and Casspi pulling those mintues at that spot and Temple was hitting 3s. Temple has lost his shot so they need someone who can score.