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  1. bgassassin

    Record Comparison

    Your post didn't show up when I posted earlier, but I'm good with that number. Let's do this. We'll have to make a Sacramento-level appeal for that game if that happens.
  2. bgassassin

    Record Comparison

    73 wins it is!
  3. bgassassin

    Record Comparison

    The Grizzlies are on pace to win 72 games.
  4. bgassassin

    Record Comparison

    Semi-Grizzlies related, the last time the Spurs started 3-3 was five seasons ago when all eight playoff teams won 50 or more games. They finished 7th and were swept in the second round by Phoenix.
  5. bgassassin

    Late Bloomers...are Gasol And Randolph Just Entering Their Prime

    I wouldn't. I would have assumed he would get more shots with Marc out of the way. The fact that he really didn't was rather surprising to me. The lower FG% was not surprising though. And don't forget it was his own injury that was mentioned as a part of the issue which I agree with. It's not just age IMO. And Zach has always been terrible at perimeter defense. I don't think we'll see any notable changes there. Zach does not like the preseason and just seems to be going through the motions right now to me.
  6. bgassassin

    Late Bloomers...are Gasol And Randolph Just Entering Their Prime

    I don't think anyone would say Father Time is not an issue. Also he said "after the 2011 playoffs" not just last season. But Zach's PPG when Marc was out was in line with his season average. Not only that, but his FG% dropped showing he was less effective as south said. For the season: 17.4/10.1/46.7% (7.1-15.2) Marc's injury period: 17.6/11.1/42.2% (6.8-16.1) So he took almost one shot per game more while having a slight drop in his made FGs. His rebounding increase came on the defensive side as his offensive rebounding stayed the same. He also took and made one more FT per game during Marc's time out which helped maintain his scoring average.
  7. bgassassin

    Late Bloomers...are Gasol And Randolph Just Entering Their Prime

    Totally agree with this assessment.
  8. Probably worse. He was a toss up for fourth big here. In LA Sacre, Hill, Randle, and Boozer are all probably ahead of him.
  9. And he's no longer coach here. Out of the teams that were looking for a coach, he is a better fit for the ones that are a veteran team.
  10. Congrats Hollins. I think he's a much better fit with a veteran team.
  11. I think Levien is getting some unfair blame since he had already said he was going to extent the QO to Davis. They would have that regardless as long as they elected to use it. The MLE is there to help teams over the cap sign players. The Grizzlies would also have the bi-annual exception too, but they are probably not as likely to use it.
  12. Notice how they are going to 7 and not 8, haha. I don't have the same level of issue with 8 that some other might, but I'll be waiting to see what the next OS looks like as MS has developed a trend that suggests it will be good. But yeah I could see that too, though Pera probably shouldn't have been telling some players they will play that early in the process. That said I think with what we know so far this situation lies primarily on Levien.
  13. What we're hearing would suggest Pera wanted to let him go during the "upgrade" because the results were not to his liking. So I couldn't say it was due to failing not to implement it. Also I think your analogy would have been better with going from XP to Vista or 7 to 8, but that's more a of tech nerd nitpick.
  14. ^ Tony Allen? Rather large jump to a conclusion as this seems to suggest Pera was not happy that Joerger did not deliver on a change offensively. Lets not ignore that some of the players wanted to go back to what they used to run.