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  1. Haha, F’ing Rudy Gay man
  2. I had a Japanese Cherry tree in Atlanta, it was beautiful in bloom.
  3. Who thought Santi would be anything this time last year?
  4. I honestly thought we would be down several games from the bad luck of late. We have had help from other teams bad luck. These guys are playing their ***** off. Our front office and coaches should be up for awards.
  5. He wasn’t terrible last year ? Right? It’s in him I think.
  6. Something tells me he will get there too
  7. Santi, Tillman, Roddy, Luke
  8. Yep, I’m proud of him, I was very critical, but knew it was there.
  9. The Kenard trade has looked good of late.
  10. What a cold blooded team