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  1. Chad Ford was on the locked on grizzlies podcast and said it was a possibility. A few mentions earlier in this thread
  2. Jetfixer

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    I don’t think the FO see’s him as slightly above average
  3. Jetfixer

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    According to his ESPN radio interview, LeBron has been involved with his training along with LJ’s kid By the way, he sounds like a very nice kid like JJJ, for whatever that’s worth
  4. That was a swing for the fence pick.
  5. Remember when he is an All Star.....everyone hated him
  6. Really, poor kid. I’m sure his off season home in Malibu won’t be as big
  7. Well guys let’s hope for the best, let the chips fall.
  8. Well Giddy is the big kiwi, Adams is from N.Z. but yes it could work
  9. Now, next week I need some of you guys to go find jobs......or at least do some work😁 I can’t keep up with all this coming in every few hours!
  10. I remember how Sonny Vaccaro used to come on Chris Vernon's show and say he wouldn't base too much on their college playing.
  11. Jetfixer

    Prediction 3 of 5: Player drafted

    Some team before us will pick an unexpected guy we all think is higher than ten. Or as Griz&grind says we are the team, I heard one mock guy even mention Z. Williams to us at 10. I think Moody, Wagner, or Giddy.