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  1. Jetfixer

    all about ja

    Ja is the bridge to future free agent signings. What was once not very likely, now will be possible. With this being said we look like we have some keepers.
  2. Jetfixer

    Bally's Sports Streaming App

    Last year I watched via the link on our illegal thread, is it still a possibility? Is it actually illegal? I love watching, I’m in Memphis mon-Thursday can watch at work for the first half on direct tv, but only have streaming Roku, Internet at my crash pad or at home in Tx. What is best?
  3. Jetfixer

    Free NBA League Pass

    Can you watch online, I’m ****** about all the Sinclair bs.
  4. Jetfixer

    Lionel Hollins is Coaching in Memphis Again

    Maybe Memphis can be a NBA destination after all.
  5. Jetfixer

    Bally's Sports Streaming App

    I’ll be watching highlights the next day
  6. Actually should be fun to watch........for a half at least.
  7. Jetfixer

    Welcome to Memphis Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama!!!

    Did ZW? I don’t recall seeing him
  8. Jetfixer

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    The trade of Adams vs. JV might be the best thing that comes of this.