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  1. Jetfixer

    Grizzlies Bubble Rotation. Discuss.

    I believe Anderson still gets run, he could still start, I’m guessing the hot hand of those three gets the PT. A few minutes of time will go to see if Allen/Konchar/Marco is hot shooting. JJJ’s fouls will be big as to making the playoffs.
  2. Jetfixer

    Grizz 8 Games

    What’s our magic number? About 5?
  3. Jetfixer


    Agreed, but my statement is in the future when they come back this summer (play or don’t come back is my opinion) if they are not allowed then it on whoever makes that decision.
  4. Jetfixer


    If they don’t or won’t play this summer, I frankly don’t care if they ever come back.i haven’t missed a day of work thru this.
  5. Jetfixer

    Satellite TV question

    Dish hosed me at my home in Tx. No Super Bowl, due to dispute. I rent a room in a house in Memphis while I’m working, had Direct and was perfect for my sports. Well, the lady who owns the house shut it off, so I’m now on Roku, any suggestions on what I can do now? Hulu live? What from internet, Roku, prime, etc?
  6. Last night I watched Don’t f... with cats on Netflix, it was really good. It sounds like something really stupid then turns into something big and deeper, it’s like 3 or 4 episodes an hour each.
  7. Jetfixer

    Best Grizzlies Highlights of All-Time

    One of my favorites
  8. Me too as of yesterday.....Packers for me.
  9. Jetfixer

    Who thinks we beat Sacramento

    That one idiot who voted Kings was me, and it was a mistake.
  10. Jetfixer

    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    Welcome aboard
  11. Jetfixer

    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    This team of young guys is awesome. I don’t get to go to many games these days , I commute from E.Tx. to Mem weekly. When I’m here working, I work until 8:30 pm. I had season tickets for 5 or 6 years during the first playoff run 0-12. Morant is a star in the making, Clarke is beyond anyone’s expectations, and the rest of the crew are buying in. The FO and coaching staff are big surprises, I think we could have Executive of the year (GM) in our guy. Keep it rolling
  12. Jetfixer

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    He could be that 3 point guy off the bench, his age doesn’t fit our concept though.
  13. Jetfixer

    The official Hot take thread

    Hot take......playoffs start tonight!
  14. Jetfixer

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Thanks, I don’t expect any team to pay him over Vet min.