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  1. VikingWarrior

    Roster Moves

    Was looking through the top 100 free agents list. Can Satoransky play SG efficiently? Only watched him a few times but very good spot up shooter
  2. VikingWarrior

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    ^^^^^^ I feel we are going to really like this guy. “Anti Deyonta”
  3. How long is the TPE “valid” for ? We have some serious salaries coming off the books .....
  4. VikingWarrior

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    I don’t think there was anything better out there:( I am a huge Jae fan but realize he isn’t all that allen has one mad hops hopefully he will surprise us
  5. VikingWarrior

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    This !!! Long days ahead until draft is over
  6. VikingWarrior

    AD is a Faker

    Keep reading that they are going after Kemba with the last max spot available... 27-32 available depending on date trade is done they must have ADs bird rights so can sign him no matter cap situation
  7. Maybe we found our HC and he is part of the Raptors or Warriors? Would assume that would mean communication wouldn’t happen until finals are over?
  8. VikingWarrior

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    While I agree on the owner I’m not sure I think it’s stupid if you are the suns. They need someone to help all the young talent and to not waste D Booker
  9. VikingWarrior

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    Hearing rumors that Miami has a deal for wall.... anyone seen any cionfirmations???
  10. VikingWarrior

    Memphis “J” Grizzlies and J5

    Give me James Johnson and justice Winslow...
  11. VikingWarrior

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    Any day of the week but why would miami do that?
  12. Honestly I really like that they are actually interviewing this time around. No rush as long as a coach is in place before we need one :):):)
  13. I get we have fired coaches “quickly” lately but honestly the problem wasn’t the firing but the hiring, if I’m a capable coach wanting to coach in the NBA there aren’t many opportunities and the grizzlies have 2 great talents suddenly (counting #2) and if we can move Conley we might have a great looking cap space end of next season. I don’t think we are such a bad landing spot as people make it out to be
  14. Is Kokoskov really that cheap? I like him a lot for us
  15. VikingWarrior

    Summer Plans

    Thanks !