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  1. VikingWarrior

    Finally, the boards are back!

    Finally back::):) and this weekend I’m placing my bet on over !!!! We are better than 32.5
  2. VikingWarrior

    Parsons Out for Rest of '17-'18 Season

    Whilst I agree a couple of things - CP does look a lot more fluid this offseason. I shouldn’t have hope but I do - J.B. was a bigger reason than Fizdale for CP actually signing here according to reports so don’t think J.B. won’t play him
  3. VikingWarrior

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    I really like how the FO has pressed the “restart” button and cleaned up what they could. We will have a great cap situation in a couple of years:)
  4. VikingWarrior

    The 2018 Free Agents

    The Lakers will be “interesting” to watch ... ?
  5. VikingWarrior

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    Agree but nice to not pay deadweight ala Rade
  6. VikingWarrior

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    And let’s not forget by not cutting him and rather send him to the kings he doesn’t count against the cap.
  7. VikingWarrior

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    Yes but there I a difference between a good playoff team and a contender if i was Magic I would be looking to get better
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Hoping 40 and would take that in a heartbeat
  9. VikingWarrior

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    Lakers are in win now mode so I would offer up future for now if I was them
  10. VikingWarrior

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    I actually really like this move for the raptors. East is ripe for the taking this year they are gambling on getting to the finals, Kawhi staying or kickstart a rebuild they basically said F it we aren’t winning with DeRozan so let’s make a move and as odk is saying they clear money if Kawhi leaves, (and Danny Green is still a starter in the league)
  11. VikingWarrior

    Grizzlies 1 of 2 Teams Pursuing RFA Smart via S&T

    Embiid and Simmons are great pieces but what has philly accomplished so far?
  12. VikingWarrior

    Vegas Summer League

    I don’t get all the Harrison bashing. He improved a lot last year and looks like he could be a very serviceable player on a 15 man team
  13. VikingWarrior

    Vegas Summer League

    Jjj and Jevon lookin like good picks tonight! step by step
  14. VikingWarrior

    The 2018 Free Agents

    20 mil per year for Parker???
  15. VikingWarrior

    Grit N Grind Redux....Will It Work?

    I feel we are the team with most possible variance. If everything clicks we could be close to 50 but we could just as well be at 25... but for me personally I’m excited as I finally feel we are atleast trying to have a vision. And yes I love “ugly” basketball. For success I think: - we need JJJ to be ahead of curve - we need Dillon to break out - we need sustained improvement from Harrison Selden etc - most of all we need healthy mike and Marc