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  1. VikingWarrior

    Memphis Grizzlies @Boston Celtics 1/22/20

    We can beat Boston. Not saying we are better but we can certainly beat Boston without Kemba and Jaylen
  2. Wish all a great MLK day and let’s get a W
  3. Cleveland is tanking pretty hard let’s hope we bring focus . Would love to win out on this home stand.
  4. VikingWarrior

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    I just want us to get more assets..., we showed yesterday that we can win without Jae, and we have shown that we can win without Iggy. Getting more assets will allow us to do other trades...
  5. It’s crazy 54-55 win pace (if that was all season)
  6. VikingWarrior

    Houston Rockets @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/14/20

    Westbrook resting
  7. VikingWarrior

    Keeping Melton

    Why would he command more than Tuys? I think we will be able to keep him at a good deal. I’m more worried about Brooks as he probably expects more than i think he’s worth 😕
  8. VikingWarrior

    Houston Rockets @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/14/20

    I would love for us to beat the rockets.. we are on a roll an honestly didn’t play that good of a game against warriors (and still won easily ) so let’s hope for a great game:)
  9. Hope they come firing on all cylinders for this team... don’t want a letdown
  10. VikingWarrior

    Apologies In Advance

    All the best to you and wish you a speedy recovery!!
  11. VikingWarrior

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Phoenix Suns -1/5/20

    They have Bucks tomorrow so decent chance
  12. If we go 3-1 or 4-0 over next 4 that pipe dream will suddenly feel more real....
  13. What a great bounce back win after that disaster in sac town
  14. VikingWarrior

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Portland loosing again.... hopefully some teams get desperate,,, and.,, crazy... a win against the Kings and we could end up being tied for 8th.,. Seems no one wants that 8th spot
  15. VikingWarrior

    Charlotte Hornets @ Memphis Grizzlies 12/29/19

    Great feeling. Good bounce back game !!!!