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  1. MemphisX

    NBA Playoffs thread

    People won’t listen. They want to give Val a 4 year extension.
  2. Pistons had a superstar. He was a defensive superstar. Ben Wallace.
  3. MemphisX

    2019 NBA DRAFT

  4. MemphisX

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This where I am. I recognize the risk. Especially health-wise and defense. However, I think he will be an elite scorer.
  5. MemphisX

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    He is fine. He is not a top 8 guy though. I like Herro, Porter and Jerome more than him.
  6. MemphisX

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Dribble, pass, shoot...I do not want any guy that needs to learn those things right now. 1. Zion 2. Ja 3. RJ 4. Garland 5. White 6. Bol Bol These are the guys I want. If we are 8 I am sure two of Culver/Hunter/Hayes/Reddish/Clarke/Doumbouya will get taken in the top 7 and leave one of my top 6 guys on the board.
  7. I guess this season was...
  8. MemphisX

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I have disagreed with the desire to accelerate extinguishing the pick obligation. I think we need young talent now. We don't know how the composition of the league will be next year or in two years. I understand both sides though and don't blame anyone for wanting to get it out of the way. Especially since we can deal Conley for a draft pick to make up for the hit.
  9. MemphisX

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Mike Conley is a 32 year old oft injured, non-Allstar making $30 million a year. You act like we are trading some All NBA guy in his prime. And no the franchise would not be better letting him retire as a Grizz because you don't know when he is going to retire. The franchise would be better off recouping lost assets and moving forward with Jaren. How many ways does Conley need to say he wants to be traded for fans to get it?
  10. MemphisX

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Conley deals.... 1. Mike Conley for Timofey Movgov, Markelle Fultz, #16 pick (Orlando) 2. Mike Conley for Jeff Teague, Gorgui Dieng, #10 pick, 2020 1st (Minnesota) 3. Mike Conley for Derrick Favors, Kyle Korver, #23, 2020 1st (Utah) 4. Mike COnley for Reggie Jackson, Jon Leur, #15, 2020 1st (Detroit) 5. Mike Conley for Tyler Johnson, Josh Jackson, 2019 2nd Rounder, Milwaukee's 2020 1st (Phoenix)
  11. This is just false. It has nothing to do with small markets. There are like 3-5 teams in the NBA that can be bad without it hurting attendance. Small market teams would be best served to build a great team than fall in the 35-45 win tunnel.
  12. MemphisX

    Final Game Poll

    What kind of nonsense is it doesn't matter if you pick 6 or 8? It matters if the player you want gets picked ahead of you. smh
  13. MemphisX

    Good game grizzlies