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  1. Twitter lol Time to start thinking 6th seed folks. Let’s not act like the little guys. If New Orleans thinks they can catch us, we should feel we can catch Okc or Dallas!!!
  2. New Orleans vs Portland tonight. Let’s hope for multiple overtimes. Not sure who i want to win but hoping New Orleans and then we can hit Portland with back to back losses to knock the starch out of them.
  3. Eventually. We still need shooters. Need to upgrade on Dillon/Crowder. JV is fine at center because his role can be adjusted depending upon the opponent and situation. But over the 82 games, he serves a good purpose. Ja, Tyus (Grayson), Melton ???, Kyle Jaren, Clarke JV, (Jaren) everyone else should be in the trade mix for future assets. Not sure the front office needs to be in a hurry to do anything. Hope something sweet falls into your lap in the next 2 years via draft, trade or free agency.
  4. Y’all still want Carter? 😂
  5. Well, i personally have enough faith in Jaren that I would have loved to see more people go on record with their silly impatience on record in a nice thread that will be easy to dig up in 2-3 seasons.
  6. That is some weak stuff there. 100 KBM’s threads, off topic threads but a relevant draft thread gets locked. 😂😂😂
  7. MemphisX

    2020 NBA Draft

    Top 6 December: 1. LaMelo Ball 2. Anthony Edwards 3. Isaac Okoro 4. Isaiah Joe 5. Cole Anthony 6. James Wiseman
  8. MemphisX

    Our bigs are suffering in Jenkins system...

    Jonas is so horrible defensively it is not funny. He’s the smallest big man in the world. Does not even pretend to raise his hands when guys drive at him. He just tries to get in place to maybe rebound but he doesn’t rebound at all out of his area. On offense he is essentially a black hole. Continually misses easy reads. Can’t catch on the move well. And is just all around clunky as a player. Yes, he can put up big scoring and rebound numbers but your team will suffer as he does so. The quicker they move him to the bench or another team, the better.
  9. Topics like this is why this board is a joke.
  10. MemphisX

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    So excited for this season
  11. Show me where it is normal for teams to waive guys making $17 million that can contribute to the rotation of a title team.
  12. MemphisX

    2020 NBA Draft

    One of my sleepers. Not sure if he will declare though regardless of how well he does as a Frosh.
  13. MemphisX

    Summer Doldrums

    An entire post to complain about future posts.