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  1. Mr. Grizzle

    Keep Tyus Stones!!!

    This whole "losing them for nothing" argument doesn't seem to hold alot of weight in the NBA anymore, especially if a team holds bird rights. If Tyus and Kyle both leave the team next year without a trade, welp, that's $18+ million in capspace - that's not nothing... If we hold onto both for this year's playoff race, and they're solid contributors (which would seem likely) and THEN they leave in FA, welp, we got plenty of use out of them AND capspace... For the record, I'm fine trading both/either, but only for an immediate, cost-controlled upgrade THIS SEASON - not some project, nor another low 1st rd pick/multiple seconds... Grizz have entered "win now mode", whether it's too early or not. Kyle and Tyus are winning players
  2. I don’t get the whining over Jaren’s rebounding. We’re the #2 rebounding team in the league - ok granted, that’s only SECOND BEST in the league, gotta be JJJ’s fault. Maybe he should stop all the awesome defending and just stand under the basket…
  3. Mr. Grizzle

    Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deadline 2021-22 and beyond

    Would you guys do Kyle for THT straight up? They make similar money, although THT signed for 2 more years and he’s 6-7 years younger. I think Kyle’s the slightly better player now, maybe THT needs a change of scenery… FWIW, I’m fine riding with Kyle this season, even if he walks next year
  4. Mr. Grizzle


    I can admit when I’m wrong and looks like I jumped (off) too soon on Culver. He was great last night.
  5. Mr. Grizzle


    Culver got some run in the pre-season and I couldn’t believe how bad his handle was. Like, how does a guy so inept at dribbling even make the league? I think the only reason we kept him was for the $6 mil salary ballast that might be good filler in a trade… But hey, maybe he can improve with Jenkins coaching him? I’m fine with all the Hustle/garbage time minutes they give him. But he needs to prove himself every time out there. We don’t owe him anything
  6. Mr. Grizzle

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Good on you Jaren!
  7. Mr. Grizzle

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Dang, still crickets in here. Figures
  8. Mr. Grizzle

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Man, you just described JV’s defensive game perfectly! Don’t guard anybody, back-up under the basket, let the ball fall into your hands!
  9. Mr. Grizzle

    Is Taylor Jenkins a good coach?

    Did you watch the game? The Wolves had just scored to cut our lead to 1. There were exactly 24 seconds left in the game and we had 2 timeouts, they had no timeouts and no fouls to give. JENKINS HAS TO CALL TIMEOUT HERE. Regardless of however much the refs/players screwed up the next 8 seconds, Jenkins had a choice here - before any of that happened - and he chose poorly... To the OP original question, Is Jenkins a Good Coach? Jury's still out, but by-and-large he's done a good job. He's gotta be better in late game situations like these. Stop getting cute and over-thinking things and for god's sake use your timeouts correctly...
  10. Mr. Grizzle

    Is Taylor Jenkins a good coach?

    This makes absolutely no sense. The result of not using ONE OF THEIR TWO timeouts was a turnover. You can argue all you want about the refs misapplying the rule, but the fact remains that the refs ruled that the Grizz did not get the ball across half court in 8 seconds. Guess how they could have gotten the ball across half-court? BY CALLING TIMEOUT! Jenkins blew it, man. The players had to bail him out. Sure would've been nice if one of our "intrepid" reporters/beat guys/analysts could have asked him about this postgame!
  11. Mr. Grizzle

    Is Taylor Jenkins a good coach?

    Not calling timeout (we had two of them left) to advance the ball after Minn cut it to 1 was an egregious blunder by Jenkins. We had an 8-second call in the backcourt and turned it over. He's lucky the players bailed him out...
  12. Mr. Grizzle

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Jaren was really good on D after getting switched onto Curry at the end of the game. I doubt there’s many bigs in the whole league who are as effective at that… On O, I do hope they start getting him some easy duck-ins like they used to in his first season…
  13. Mr. Grizzle

    kyle slow mo anderson

    KA kills spacing on the perimeter, because it takes him forever to load up his shot, hitch and all. Guys can hedge off him, recover, and still contest his shot because of his glacial release. I’m still not sure if he’s our 6th best player, or like our 11th
  14. Mr. Grizzle

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    I dunno if you saw Culver’s “handle” last night but the dude can’t dribble
  15. Mr. Grizzle

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    No, I agree that Culver is not a PG, or lead guard… I still think he’s got a terrible handle, and not a ton of court awareness. Konchar is miles better than him, and I’d rather see ZW get whatever “11th-12th man” minutes are lying around… This is a pretty good “problem” to have for the Grizz in the short term, worrying who’s gonna be the 15th man