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    Yeah, but: a thread you may wish to avoid

    I agree his path to success isnt from behind the three point line. But he has to start somewhere. Get aggressive in some type of way.
  2. Dwash


    Boards finally back up. So we can talk about the moment Ja Morant ended my hopes of a top 4 pick.
  3. If Jaren hasnt gotten any better since his rookie year I cant wait to see what he does when he makes a leap.
  4. Dwash


    Been looking at the draft and it's better than last year depth wise but similar in terms of keeping it. I would put the cream of the crop as James Wiseman, Anthony Edwards, Lamelo and now Jaden McDaniels with his improving jumpshot. If we pick in the top 6, I would hope to find a way to land one of those players. After them, the top 10 seems loaded with a LOT of point guards (Anthony, Mannion, Halliburton, Maxey, some overseas guys) and a few big men, none of which we really need. Much like last year, I think our best spot is to finish towards the end of the pick range around 6-8. That way we either strike it big and get in that top 4 or bow out and convey. The other reason I say that is that the 2021 draft is about to be STACKED with wings. Like 11 of the first 17 players in the 2020 high school draft are wings and it's some good looking ones in there. If Johnathon Kuminga reclasses to 2020 as expected, that's another name. Then you have some second tier guys from the current freshman class that should stick around like Bryan Antoine, Cassius Stanley, Scottie Lewis, Samuel Williamson and develop for a sophmore year. 2021 we probably finish late lottery (maybe) and hope to either luck up into the top 4 or pick from the end of the lottery and try to get a quality player. Maybe put all the chips on the table (future picks from Utah, GSW and ours) to try and move up into the heat of the lottery and see what you can get. I would still love to have a third member of the big 3, but Ja's greatness plus Jaren coming of age has put a big stiff in that plan. But it should all work out in the end.
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    Trade Targets 2020

    I was thinking Crowder and Hill for Bazemore and a first. Im sure Hood will be back to start next year as Achilles is usually 8 months now ao they probably want to keep him.
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    Once again he is here as a spare contract available for trade. He probably isnt resigning in Memphis after this gleague humiliation, even if he plays well.
  7. Dwash

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    So will he be out this week?
  8. At the end of the day Jaren is going to be a 18-19 ppg scorer by the end of the year. He is only 20 and hasnt even scratched the surface of his scoring potential. Once he builds his body up, builds chemistry with his pg and gets his recognition of situations up he will be unstoppable. He will be able to face up slower bigs with a drive/jumpshot. Or run the pick and pop with Ja. Post up smaller bigs with a hookshot with either hand. It will be beautiful.
  9. Yeah the NBA world knows what the fans and media wont acknowledge. Iggy isnt even close to the same player that he once was. He was almost a liability in the Finals. And you are getting him to get over the hump against championship level teams.
  10. Come off that first round pick Portland.
  11. Certainly one of those things sprinkled in there.
  12. Dwash

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    Most of his outbursts this year appear to be heavily reliant on the jumpshot. I dont he will be very efficient as a jumpshot first player
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    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Its because they cant say publically that he is just a 7.8 million expiring that we dont want around the team but will trade in the right deal.
  14. I have specifics. Everything you would expect based on all the stories you have heard about him and how he lives. As for Grayson, nah, he isnt a knockdown shooter, slow first step, straight line dribbler only, constantly has to pick up his dribble when cut off, no creative finishes in traffic or when contested, average strength. His hops only show up when he is by himself around the rim. How often will that happen? Nothing there but a decent role player at best.
  15. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    Nope, its not too early. I think I need this guy here.
  16. Im pretty sure Jackson isnt in their plans. Also heard some things about his visit from the hotel employees that he lives at. Lets just say that he is pretty much the same guy. I think being closed off the media, not just looking at him in training camp, not picking up his option...his contract is just a placeholder for deals. I think they were serious about Melton and Grayson based on the trades they made for him. I see Melton making it right now. He is a dog. I still dont think Grayson has enough talent but we will see.
  17. Maybe not but bro I dont to hear about no way after some of the trade proposal I see on here for a 35 year old bench player who cant shoot is, is injury prone and is about to retire. Atleast I am talking about getting a few decent assets for an under 30 starting caliber SF (in addition to Iggy).
  18. Dwash

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    Yeah I am very dissappointed that Jaren still does the same ole left handed hesitation and drive and hasnt added any moves. Most predictable player I have ever seen one on one.
  19. Dwash

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Pretty sure he can. That rule applies to signed players.
  20. I was putting Trent and Little in place of Hejonza and like I just said, even four for two, Hill and Jackson can be cut before hand. Who cares about them? So yeah, its still a silly concern for a 20 win team. 20 win teams usually have two or three players to be cut easily.
  21. Dwash

    Trade Targets 2020

    Heat almost dealt him to Dallas in order to free up Butler money last offseason. But dealt Harkless instead. Pat Riley said 2020 was a year to make free agency runs. So absorb him into cap space this July. He might come virtually free or maybe with Johnson or Waiters attached.
  22. Thats 2 for 3 so why would you have to cut more than one? You have Jackson, Hill, Bazemore as easy candidates. Bad teams dont worry about roster crunches usually so thats an odd concern. Plenty of trash to be released.
  23. I will take Little and Gary Trent along with that first please.