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  1. I needed a good laugh this morning.
  2. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

  3. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Look up Jalen Green, the number one 2020 prospect that Penny got to come in for a visit in September. He might reclassify to 2019. He honestly looks like the next Kobe/MJ
  4. Dwash

    Grizzlies vs 76ers - 11/10/2018

    For me, which I have already said, this going nowhere team bores the stew out of me. I will post sometimes when I can muster up enough energy to watch a full game. But hey, if all of the negative posters avoid game threads, you got what you want for the night. So instead of enjoying this beautiful "rebuild" amongst like minds, why bring the naysayers up? Are you really this bitter and miserable?
  5. Dwash

    Jimmy Butler to Sixers

    Philly saw it wasnt happening with no perimeter shot maker so they made a big move. They probably reinsert Redick then look for a stretch four. I think Butler will be just as frustrated with Simmons as he was with Wiggins. I would be shocked if he resigned.
  6. Only to keep it straight cause I hate when folks just make general statements about an argunent, I didnt really totally disagree with the defense part or "top 10" as you said. I said they had a chance but would be somewhere just out the top 10. I disagreed that the offense would be middle of the pack like some of the comparable examples you provided like Boston, Utah, San Antonio, Portland who had top defenses and middling offense. I said those teams had a go to scorer on offense. I said they were a bottom 10 offense. I said they were more like top 10 defense teams like Miami and Detroit who lacked offensive star power and were not WC playoff caliber teams. But why would you want to bench Kyle when his 3.6 dpmr from last year was the key to improving the defense?
  7. No comment. Im willing to give the Sunshiners their space and have their own thread.
  8. Jaren could make them a real force defensively.
  9. Dwash

    The Grizz has to quit playing yo-yo with Marc & Mike

    Jesus, why does this guy spend 50 hours a day beeching about "the board" what "the board" thinks, how positive "the board" is, why "the board" doesnt believe in the Grizzlies, why "the board" wants to blow it up, why this poster wants to see a different group of players. Who cares? Everyone on here has a right to feel how they want to about these players. Is there anyway you can get your own message board or group and discuss Grizz amongst people who are positive since you are so "tired" of 90% of the fans here? I will help you find a website.
  10. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I saw Bol Bol at the Penny Classic last January and he honestly looked kinda bad. Almost Thabeet bad. I would be really dissappointed.
  11. Dwash

    Grizzlies vs Nuggets -11/7/2018

    He could but the Nuggets wont.
  12. Dwash

    Grizzlies vs Nuggets -11/7/2018

    But lets complain about JJJ being foul prone at 19. This guy is a stud and is already getting better with the fouls.
  13. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I would expect you to be more level headed than agreeing with that. No one "hoped" for him to get hurt. First of all, I want to give this pick to Boston more than anything. Second, it was only pointing if that if the injury prone Conley goes down, its top 3 pick time. If I said at the beginning of the year "when Chandler Parsons goes down, Dillon/Selden will play more" is that a wish for Chandler to be hurt? Or just saying what the situation would be should a very possible scenario (based on history) happened? You have to remember, we are talking to someone who actually doesnt think Conley is an above average injury risk, like the rest of the world does. Even though his injuries keep getting worse with age. So he automatically translates this to "hoping" someone is hurt while 99% everyone of Grizz fans wouldnt be the least bit shocked if Conley went down for a long time.
  14. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Its still mad weak beyond the Duke group.
  15. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Zion and RJ...wow....we are possibly a Conley injury away.