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  1. It takes guard play to finish games in the league. They will still be bottom 5 over the next two years if Conley is removed and the next two years are better drafts.
  2. I agree. He looks a little stiff on defense. May have to be instant offense to justify playing his defense.
  3. Dwash

    I want to hear why we dont keep JV?

    Over the long run they are gonna divide people against him.
  4. Cant get this kind of heart from Big Spain.
  5. idk who discovered Tyler Dorsey but that guy needs a raise and promotion.
  6. The point remains that all year long we have been an unlikely winner of the Zion sweepstakes. We havent been lower than 6 all year and it would have taken an obvious tank job just to get to 5. Phoenix, Cleveland, New York, Chicago were uncatchable. 5 was always the limit which potentially gives you the right to draft Deandre Hunter who is currently putting up 6 points in the first half as his team struggles with a 16 seed. Pass for me. You guys are also sliding the goal posts over talking about tanking now. The whole month you have been saying Culver, Hunter and these regular guys were good picks. Thats what I have been debating. Nobody has said they dont want Zion or Ja. Its never been about that. Conveyers dont want the 5-8 options. Thats it. Being at 9 gives you about a 5% chance at Zion, a 20% chance at top 4 or lose the pick. Take a swing at Zion or Ja or swing for a stud the next two years. Thats very simple.
  7. The odds are only the same in your mind because you want them to be but a team that tanks obviously has a better chance to be top 3 than this one currently does. Thats common sense.
  8. Yeah Green is better....better shooter, smoother, top notch athlete... but ok. But anyway this point is dumb too because I have said many times I would take a top 3 pick in this draft. ONCE AGAIN the team already minimized their chances at a top 3 pick (ie. Barrett, Zion) by trying to win in November. At the moment they more than likely land in the 6-8 range. So it isnt Barrett vs. a chance at Green. Its boring prospects like Culver or Hunter vs. a chance at Green or the other guys in the 2021 draft (still a better one than this one).
  9. Well its too late they minimized their Zion chances by trying to win early this year.
  10. So? A top 3 pick in 2021 is better than a 6-8 in this draft. And again, you cant guarantee there is no chance of landing there.
  11. I would gladly give up a pick from the middle of this boo boo lottery just to protect even an inkling of chance of giving up a top 3 pick in 2021....and I think any reasonable person can agree there is atleast a possibility of being one of the worst teams in the league in 2021. Also, with the new lottery reform, there is still a small but increased chance of striking top 3 even as you move down to 9.
  12. As of right now 8 teams have more losses than the Memphis Grizzlies.
  13. Dwash

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Ja Morant
  14. Dwash

    Don't dismiss JV

    Its some about the organization, some about the style of players you have. If you have or are lead by ball dominant players for example, it maybe a lot harder to develop in a system that is obviously gonna be tailored for your stars. On a bad team you are working from scratch so there isnt as much need to fit with the superstars and their play style.