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  1. Yeah Bane won't start from day one. Unless he just plays out of his mind in our very short training camp and exhibitions. Even then it's a slim chance that coach Jenkins put that much pressure on him. However, I think there is a good chance that he is the 2 guard of the future. Seems to have the best combo of defense, shooting, athleticism, intangibles of all of our wings. Based on his college resume of course. The other wings are all missing in one or two of those areas.
  2. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    I think he will too.
  3. The hell are you talking about, Steph played 80, 74, 26, 78, 78 games. He had ONE year where he missed significant time in his first five and it was for only one area. Winslow has played over 70 games in ONE year, missing significant time in 2 years and 68, 66 games. Two years of significant time missed and two years with about a month missed AND starting next year on the shelf AFTER NOT SEEING THE COURT FOR A YEAR...are you friggin serious? The guy is made of glass and a huge cause for concern. It's more concerning that it's all over his body because his "freak" (lol) Injuries are prone to pop up at any spot and are uncontainable. The fact that you think him getting hurt at every spot of his body is a good thing is ridiculous. Talking about we are exaggerating saying he is Injury prone.. Wtf, why do you think we were able to get him? Lol.
  4. Winslow has been getting injured in practice and training. Not sure how I can hold any hope for him. He is a muscular Brandan Wright.
  5. Monster alert! 6'8" SF with pg skills, Supreme athleticism, intense defense.. 19 pts, 19 reb, 5 assist debut.
  6. He looks like a future PF based on his speed and body type. That's why I'm not high on him. Probably why he is at 14 too. The top 9 minus Mobley on that nbadraft.net list are the guys I want a piece of. I expect a top 8-10 pick. As of now any of those 8 wings I am following the most.
  7. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    Free agents who "move the needle" and they aren't superstars depends A LOT on the team. A role player is like nails for a house. You need them to finish the house. But what good does it do in rotten wood? Eg, Horford on the Celtics looked like a significant loss. However he would do nothing for the Cavs. Covington on the Blazers looks like a big addition. For the Wolves he was a waste of time. Iguodala at 29 was a huge pickup for the Warriors in 2013. On a losing team he barely makes a dent. That's why it's best to complete your foundation before going for compliments. Only logical way to build. So a player that doesn't move the needle now may do it later once ready.
  8. Omg! Top paymaker/scorer list that I'm pretty sure of: Jalen Green Jalen Suggs Jalen Johnson Cade Cunningham Brandon Boston Terrance Clarke Need to see perimeter playmaking ability but has the upside for sure Johnathan Kuminga Scottie Barnes Zhaire Williams Greg Brown Josh Christopher A guy like Evan Mobley also helps water down the lottery for something good to fall our way.
  9. Suggs with 24 pts and 8 assist in debut against Kansas. Man it's gonna be fun tracking these prospects.
  10. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    Otto Porter is my FA pick if healthy, always has been. Lights out corner shooter, solid defender, size to guard 2-4. Can basically fit into any scheme or with any type of player we draft.
  11. I like them too especially in the 2nd round
  12. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    I agree that's a deal worth doing.
  13. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    I'm against trading assets for them. I wouldn't mind signing one (especially after this 2021 draft) but wouldn't want to sign a bunch of them like the Hawks did because they block internal development of some of your younger players and could eventually lead to making some tough decisions with regards to luxury tax. Free agent signings would have to be the final piece to the puzzle for a team that isn't signing major all star free agents. They should not be building blocks or guys you think you need to even make the playoffs (eg. Hawks). That's not good long term building.
  14. Dwash

    Moving the needle

    We will only sign role players and solid starters at best with our FA money. Not really any prime Allstars. Who has ever said otherwise? The moving the needle argument is a counter to those that wants to give up a bunch of picks right now for these types of players.
  15. Dwash

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Not sure. How does he blend with Bagley?