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  1. Dwash

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Adams will go back to 12-13 ppg in this offense with no plays ran for him. Before his disaster season last year (New Orleans was a wreck), he has always had comparable advanced stats to JV (WS, VORP, plus minus) and more importantly he doesn't become a target against good teams or in the playoffs.
  2. Dwash

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    I wonder if we can sign and trade Tyus for Cam Payne? Also, I would offer Bledsoe for Hield straight up. They can have Allen too I guess. I could see them offering Winslow that room exception. It will probably be a competitive offer.
  3. Jeez dude was still play defense up by 12 with 40 secs left.
  4. I cant say I loved Zhaire but I wasn't that hype about either of them either. I can see why they wanted Zhaire over both. It's not like Zhaire wasn't in the 8-12 range all year on draft boards until about a month or two ago.
  5. Dwash

    Grade the Draft

  6. Dwash

    Grade the Draft

    You created the poll did you forget?
  7. Dwash

    Grade the Draft

    Picture if these guys workout in 2 years. Aldama, JJJ, Williams, Brooks, Ja. All you need is a bench playmaker and maybe another 3/4 that can shoot off the bench.
  8. I totally agree. Also, the FO that picked them have way more information and have studied these guys 100x more than even the scouts that we see on YouTube videos have. So I say let's atleast see them play Summer League first before being too critical. Jmo.
  9. Look at Primo at 12. Yall really don't know that he was gone last to 17. You are just going off mocks.
  10. Maybe cause somebody else wanted him and these mocks are slightly clueless?