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  1. I think they need 70 games to get a huge cut of TV revenue.
  2. Would rather clean my attic on a Friday than watch this.
  3. There obviously has to be a peak to this, but we just dont know what it is. After the peak then you will see the impact of social distancing.
  4. It scares me that I am surviving without basketball. I am actually moving what used to be secondary interests such as family, work, and house projects to my primary interests.
  5. Impossible. What in the world would you do about all of the owed picks?
  6. Yes with our no large groups mandate, summer heat and even full lockdown in some places like San Francisco if we even get to 2 million cases I would be suprised. Much less 2 million deaths. Global warming maybe a positive this year.
  7. It is still important to remember warmer countries such as those in Africa (which has a significant Chinese presence) are not being hit nearly as hard. There is still realistic hope that this doesnt transfer in warm weather at the same rate.
  8. Yeah. Im saying how it kills some and some look like they could run a marathon. Thats crazy.
  9. Its so weird how the majority of these people are walking around symptom free and some are dying.
  10. Dwash

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Credit to Coby White for really turning up in his last 6 or 8 games.
  11. growing grass and drying concrete.
  12. If they are essentially getting a three month break now and playing 16-20 less games I dont see why they need to push next year back 2 months. Maybe 1 month.
  13. I have heard those reports about a year and a half. A doctor in my family has told me that they have daily meetings about this and she is being told soon. A potential vaccine was made a couple of months after the chinese outbreaks and they have contenders in the works.
  14. Yeah there is a rumor that a young fan Gobert signed an autograph for has it.