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  1. It's called a scouting report, nobody is going to consistently go off on catch and shoot threes. When 70% of your shot attempts are catch and shoot threes you will be up and down. A good offensive player can consistently find other ways to produce like the way that Bane and Melton gets points by filling the lanes. Jenkins is not the problem, he doesn't limit players at all, has let people like Dillon, Crowder, Josh Jackson jack at will and the ball moves like crazy. Allen is the only player that makes very little effort to get points in other ways other than catch and shoot and most of time passes it like a hot potato when a man squares him up which is why I don't like him at all. Also I hate the talk about "you weren't saying anything when he was doing this." Everybody talks more when a player they don't like does bad and vice versa when a player they like plays well. What speaks is their entire body of work and I don't see how Allen stacks up to Bane or Melton right now overall performance wise He may stack up to Bane, but Bane is a rookie not a 25 year old third year player so ofcourse I'm taking him.
  2. Off night? He has 17 total points in 4 straight games at 24 mpg, neither Bane or Melton would never be that pathetic as a starter. Also btw Melton shoots 6.6 threes per 36 and Grayson shoots 7.4 threes per 36 and Grayson only shoots 2% better. This is Grayson's strongest area vs. Melton weakest area and they are comparable so enough said on that. Bane is a rookie who is already shooting much higher clips so you develop him because he will probably get better at things like defense with experience. Bane was also smoking before he had the absence, don't know if that family loss is affecting him but he needs his starting job back to hopefully get him going. Both are a few years younger.
  3. Why would Ja tell the refs to "push it? "
  4. More like when the other team isn't allowing clean catch and shoot looks standing still. He offers nothing else offensively.
  5. It's the style of play. We live off role players who pass the ball a lot and when we are going it's usually a heavy amount of catch and shoot threes. This leads to both amazing offensive spurts and very flat offensive spurts when stagnated.
  6. Grayson Allen should be the odd man out in the wing rotation.
  7. Dwash


    You really got me mixed up with some flip floppers that you talk too. I hold strong to anything I believe in all day every day unless it's clearly proven wrong. Never operate in hindsight cause that's pointless.
  8. Dwash


    I will only believe that after I see it happen for a couple of years atleast but that's just me.
  9. Dwash


    Random is even worse to me because it's not a specific area that you need to make a decision on. But anyway, nothing has changed for me. We need a shooter and scorer who are both solid defenders or passable defenders with some versatility to take the next step. Anyone else particularly defensive specialists like Justice (his career raw stats and analytical stats are still not good even if he can dribble a bit) can fill the bench maybe but nothing else will get me excited.
  10. Dwash


    Guys who have been hurt as much as Winslow are obviously way bigger gambles. Not even sure how that's debatable. Injury history is literally the reason why we got him.
  11. Dwash


    Seriously, what in the world can he pull off that would make anyone want to see a long term investment for him because I can't see myself ever being comfortable with seeing him being resigned to anything but a one year deal.
  12. They still are terrible offensively which is always the problem with Memphis wings.
  13. Just found them gimisums the other month. Dude that's more old school than me that works with me was going crazy. I hate that 3-6 got so greedy. Them, Skinny, Fly, Blacc, 8ball MJG working together coulda took over the nation.
  14. 4 first teamers and Batum who was received votes. Dillon thinks they are lunch tho.