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  1. It was the Ashley girl. I remember the previous girl left.
  2. I dont know who can see this but the Hornets sideline reporter is mad fine. Grizzlies should hire her during the dead years for interviews to keep viewership up. Ditch the dude that does it.
  3. 3.5 away from the Hawks and that 5 spot.
  4. I have learnes that two dribbles is an assist. Garbage, but its the rule.
  5. Gasol/Conley give and go is trash.
  6. Dwash

    How is Chris Wallace surving all of this?

    Question of the decade.
  7. As for Conley he is a wrong side of 30 non All star who cant power his team to a single win. His team has won 3 of 20 with him playing. He has value but he isnt commanding some premium package with young starters and future Allstars. Get real.
  8. Ok what about Kobe? Is he alpha enough for you? Circustances can matter but personality is first.
  9. Well Mike Conley and Jaren Jackson didnt exactly grow up in Cabrini Green and they play tough. Im sure many lazy knuckleheads grew up poor. I think its personality first that matters.
  10. You are going to be very dissappoiinted when Conley is moved if you expect a top 3/4 pick. I could see Warren moved, especially if they land Zion. Cant why they would do anything other than tank for the rest of this season.
  11. If interested I would think it would be during the offseason. Right now they are tanking and if they have hopes of Zion or Morant Im sure. Once that is settled then they can probably talk. Conleys contract will also look smaller in July. My goal for moving both of them would be the best underutilized unplayed players you can find. Lonnie Walker, Zhaire Smith, Markelle Fultz, Malik Monk, Miles Bridges. Throw in Parsons contract and see what Charlotte gives for cap relief jn 2020.
  12. Dwash

    Roster Moves

    Man heck no they not trading Bogdan for a slow big!
  13. Too late to get value for Gasol. Conley maybe at his peak value.
  14. Dwash

    Future of the Grizzlies

    KG was great but wasnt a game finisher. That was his issue as a franchise guy. Similar to AD. His trip to the WCF was with Sam Cassell who was one of the biggest clutch players in his era. But overall he never had enough of that.
  15. Dwash

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Good lord that quote stuck to him like crazy glue.