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  1. Dwash

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I think the understanding playoff intensity stuff is way overrated. Sure experience helps, but what you must have is guys who can go take the game when all the easy buckets and cute plays that you run all year start getting clamped up because a team now gets 1 or 2 weeks to watch you and focus on only you. Every weak spot you have is now studied 100x harder and a good team goes at that spot much harder. That's what makes playoff time so different imo.
  2. Both too small to be true impact frontcourt players in the postseason
  3. It was likely the only answer even if it was just the mid lottery. The type of wings available in free agency won't get them to the next level. Oh well.
  4. I think JV is too big of a crutch for him, as effective as JV is Jaren needs to start playing like he owns the paint off the dribble, in the post and on the glass. JV being so efficient allows him to slide.
  5. I know this is Captain Obvious but Jaren just don't go after rebounds hard enough.
  6. They won't get much better in these situations until they find more reliable half court scorers.
  7. No one will ever fool me with the need more experience stuff, this roster doesn't have what it takes for this type of playoff basketball where you aren't sprinting up the court for layups/rhythm threes and swinging the ball all freely.
  8. I love his game. But folks are critical of his shooting (will improve imo) and he is really out our range at this point.
  9. Over the long run yeah. Another guard that can handle some would be nice.
  10. I guess at point guard.
  11. Prefer the Konchar-Bane combo off the bench as our backup wings.
  12. Dwash

    Ja Morant x Lamelo Ball

    Still he isn't close to Melo with the jumpshot. Ja just shoots when open and completely set. Melo can spray it in motion off the dribble in your face.
  13. Dwash

    Would any of you homers...

    24 PPG on 44.7%, 35% from 3 in 30 games since the break. He shot 37% in the first half. Idk about you but for a 19 year old rookie I'm going to say the 2nd half is probably a better reflection of his potential.