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  1. I dont see anyway this isnt one of the worst 5 or 6 teams in the league when I analyze all the rosters. The best players are super young and they have no shooting. They have no serious threats to make an allstar team. Probably no top 30 players. Maybe top 40 or 50 at this point. So what is their staple to not be bad? They dont have a star that can carry them nightly (Ja does occassionally but not consistently). They dont have the shooting to really have a "team" offense that moves the ball to manufacture points. They have major defensive leaks in Ja and JV for starters plus their best defenders are super young and foul prone (JJJ/Dillon). Its too many holes and no identity. The four nailbiting wins were a fluke. Teams usually dont go undefeated in games like that. The 6 blowout losses and 3 comfy losses are a true representation of this team imo. What is the point of finishing 5th for example and with the new expanded lottery odds drop to 7? Or even 6th or 7th? I know it sucks but its just one more lost year, so why not do what you can to be bottom 3 and guarantee that you keep your pick and add a bonifide starting caliber rookie next year? Load manage or do whatever you gotta do cause this team is bad either way. Whats throwing a few games that you maybe coulda won with your full crew (although they just got hammered at hom by literally the least talentes healthy roster in the NBA). I just cant see any other logical way.
  2. I totally dont get you guys logic here. This team absolutely positively should.be worse this year than next. If they are still struggling next year something is wrong. I expect struggles this year. Thats why Im with so glad this pick looks like it will be gone this year.
  3. If you arent convinced tanking is the best option now nothing will. Dont be swayed by 4 last minute wins mixed in with mostly butt whippings.
  4. Dwash

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    Deni Avdija, Jaden McDaniels and Jordan Nwora are the best SF that I see. If we pick a 2 guard like Edwards, I would like to see that cap money saved for Otto Porter in 2021. He would fit like a glove.
  5. They are scared that they get the 2021 pick and its a meh pick like the one from the Kings pick. Ja done messed them up bad.
  6. Dwash

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Most of the gleaguers with great stats have no real chance in the NBA so numbers are no big deal. I would think that the Grizzlies are looking for improvement in specific area or two that would make this time different.
  7. Dwash

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    I guess we got enough scorers to eventually "compete" with some experience, but Im still in the camp of ensuring that we lock down a third stud talent in this draft. Jonas is way to awkward of a fit and Dillon is inconsisent and Im starting to see that he maybe a little ball dominant which isnt good for a 4th/5th option. As for free agency I am now hoping that they pass on this class altogether and just try to absorb contracts for picks. Beasley, Harris, Bodganovic and all of these other targets are one sided players that sound good now cause we need shooting but when its really time to win we will eventually grow to hate these contracts if they are at 15-20 million for some guys that play no defense. I say wait to spend money on a good 2 sided player that we like. Otto Porter could be a good fit for example if we draft a 2 guard this year. Can play 3 and small ball 4. Then if that doesnt work look for good bench players on good bench contracts. That would be my plan.
  8. Dwash

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Sounds good but if he was a 21 year old undrafted unknown yall wouldnt feel that much better about him imo.
  9. Dwash

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    And Im saying he was known as that in Europe. Folks are only less patient with him because he is previously unknown (compared to a drafted prospect) and he is being labeled as a "scrub" faster than a struggling drafted rookie would be.
  10. Dwash

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Do you not get that he is a rookie? Joe Harris took like three years to be a useful player. Guess you woulda cut him too? Bertans, Beasley were barely used early on. Joe Ingles wasnt much either his first year. But I get it. He is undrated and unknown so it must be obvious he cant get any better even though we see he has solid handles and was known for being a shooter on the same team as Bodganovic. If he was picked in the draft and had a college background with a nbadraft.net scouting profile with some big pretty words on it to get everyone excited so they can drool over it we would think he deserves some time to get it.
  11. His minutes have definetely been scaled down.
  12. Man I was at an Adult Mens League game coached/played by Penny Hardaway a few years ago. He was winning by like 80 points (seriously) and was still full court pressing. He was yelling and cursing at everyone on his team and anyone that allowed a single bucket to be scored got subbed out immediately. Im like man he looks so nice but dude is mean as hell.
  13. Jokic is the oldhead at the park killing you with basic slow moves and standstill shots.
  14. I love getting the Stadium feed.
  15. Soon to be This season is slipping away in a hurry. Hopefully not This draft pick is slipping away in a hurry.