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  1. Dwash

    Free agency 2020

    I dont know if I can say he was excellent, but under the guidance of Phil Jackson and the triangle he certainly became good enough to make you pay if your double was too aggressive or poorly executed.
  2. He would obviously be one of our top 4 wings so I cant see what the complaint would be.
  3. The team and Iggy might be in on this scheme together. When you got Iggy on one side and a respected recent ex player like T Prince on the other side I wouldnt be surprised.
  4. Dwash

    2016 Draft Diamonds&Busts

    Right. We mostly need to try free agency, imo, at the last minute when the cap space is about to dissappear due to extensions to JJJ, etc. Unless a good deal comes along in between. Even then, it should be used with extreme caution.
  5. Dwash

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    As much potential that they have I dont see what this teams calling card could be to even create a flukey winning spree. They look shaky on both sides of the ball. No real dominant one on one scorers. Not enough shooting or off dribble scoring for a high octane "team" offense. The best offense will be JV or JJJ on the block which will get real stagnant until Ja gets better. Likely to have kinks to work out defensively as well. I see 24 wins.
  6. If it had really been agreed on then everyone would have known. There is no need to keep it a secret if its really a done deal.
  7. Dwash

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Marc Stein: The reality for the Breakers is that Noah has received NBA interest this summer from teams in search of frontcourt depth and is said to be taking a very “selective” approach about where he plays next season at 34 after making a successful comeback last season with Memphis Lakers picked Howard over him. No interest in resigning in Memphis I would imagine.
  8. Dwash

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    My wife's boyfriend said the same thing.
  9. Dwash

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

    wtf. Bruno is entering his 6th season still playing Summer League. He is slaw.
  10. Dwash

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

  11. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    I can imagine the defensive efficiency of the other team that faces that lineup.
  12. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    I meant after preseason. But yeah that sounds about right.
  13. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    I think you have to decide right after camp ends.
  14. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    If they finish 3rd worse...4 teams are not going to leapfrog them with none of the top 3 getting a lottery spot. If they finish 4th worse...Its unlikely that 3 teams leap frog them. This is certainly a bottom 3/4 team on paper...especially in the WC.
  15. Dwash

    2020 NBA Draft

    I mean yeah obviously Im throwing out any pure luck scenarios such as that since we were discussing what the Grizzlies should be planning to do. Go all out for a top pick in 2020 is the only pick plan that makes sense.