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  1. Go home. You are wrong.
  2. memphian901

    I Am Really Confused Right Now

    Always been lurking, but not posting. I'll definitely be contributing more going forward!
  3. memphian901

    I Am Really Confused Right Now

    I'm clueless? Ha. Please. Doesn't matter to me he hasn't been an all-star, it's what he brings to the franchise and the chemistry he has with his teammates. Look at the **** video they made for Conley to recruit him back. He's the **** Conductor. He is the one who got Parsons to come to Memphis instead of Portland. Open your eyes. He's also a great ambassador to this city and is always in the community.
  4. memphian901

    I Am Really Confused Right Now

    we've got some pretty clueless fans ... is it your money that was spent? No ... Conley was going to get paid, that is a fact. He was possibly going to get max contracts (4 years) from two or more teams. Grizz held the advantage in that we could offer a max contract, but with 5 years. We win. Calm down turbos.
  5. some of yall need to read this piece :: might learn a thing or two ...
  6. We got a badass owner!
  7. memphian901

    New Orleans @ Memphis 01/18/16

    Why is this PINNED?
  8. memphian901

    Memphis @ Dallas 12/18/15

    we absolutely suck
  9. memphian901

    Is This Team Toasted?

    Ummmm, this team is absolutely atrocious right now ... we have no clue what is going on. I absolutely hate to watch them right now, but I will always be a GRIZZ ... just sucks where we are at right now, especially with the players we have. Bleh.
  10. memphian901

    Welcome Matt Barnes

    i love this pickup. more tough guys the better. anyone remember this exchange ... i know zbo is happy barnes is on the squad.
  11. memphian901

    Nut Heads IV

    Same to you man!