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  1. I think we should rest him against the Warriors. Rest him in a game we aren't supposed to win and see if the rest of the team will step up in his absence.
  2. CarloJ63

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 12/12/2018

    I second that... especially since KBM sleeping through games isn't working anymore.
  3. I think if given the opportunity, he would be clutch.
  4. Good win. Especially considering how we started the game. Conley seems to get the better of Lillard most of the times we play them. McCollum, I still hate him for breaking Mike Conley's face in the playoffs a few years back. But ****, I'd love to have him on our team. I also like the fact that he gave Kevin Durant flack for joining the Warriors because he couldn't beat them.
  5. McCollum is the guy that worries me. He always seems to light us up.
  6. CarloJ63

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    I recorded this game to watch Sunday afternoon. I'm not going to bother.
  7. CarloJ63

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    Yeah...I don't care for LeBum. I hope Noah is psyched.
  8. CarloJ63

    Welcome Joakim Noah!

    That's fine by me.
  9. CarloJ63

    Welcome Joakim Noah!

    Remember when Noah and Lebron James got into it during the playoffs a few years ago? James dunked the ball and stared Noah down, Noah came back at him and said "$#@& you, you're still a &$#@+. I like that he won't take $#-& off anyone.
  10. Regarding Noah...he brings a certain energy that is very useful. When he got his first points, you could feel the energy in the building rise. He's got some fire. The level headed, high IQ guys we have are great, but you need a fiery personality or two as well.
  11. Ah yes....quote from one of my all time favorite movies, Hoosiers.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Has he got some kind of bias against us or one of our coaches?
  13. CarloJ63

    Record Comparison

    Hubie's awesome. Next to the year we beat San Antonio in the first round, that year we made the playoffs for the first time was my favorite Grizzlies team.
  14. We owe these guys. And how about giving Jevon Carter a little burn. Put him in when Pat Beverley checks in, with instructions to hound him all over the **** court.
  15. CarloJ63


    Another reason for giving Fultz a look ... I seem to recall Mike Conley working with a sports psychologist early in his career. So if anyone can relate to the young man, it could be Mike.