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  1. CarloJ63

    CoronaVirus Effects

    Point made......
  2. CarloJ63

    Hmmm, so can the Grizz practice?

    If they were smart they would do that, get the editing crew on it right away, and then broadcast it a couple of days later.
  3. He would've left to go chase a ring. Just like Durant.....great player, but had to go join a stacked team to win a title... ...and both of those guys probably could have won a title with their original teams; but I guess they didn't want to work that hard.
  4. CarloJ63

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    I don't believe you can outright say someone was the greatest. Jordan (as well as all the modern players) played in an era where they got favorable treatment because the NBA had figured out that if you make superstars out of these guys, the league makes more money. How do you argue against Wilt? The man had a season where he averaged 50 pts and 25 rebounds. How do you argue against Bill Russell? That man led his team to 11 titles in 13 years. Oh yeah, when Russell and Chamberlain came into the league, I would guess they got less than favorable treatment from the refs because of the color of their skin. So, while Jordan was getting preferential treatment from the refs and getting rules bent in his favor, the old time players like Wilt were having new rules created to prevent them from dominating. Most people say Jordan was the greatest as if it's a foregone conclusion. Well that's because sports news outlets like ESPN have been saying it for years. But just because the news says something over and over again, that doesn't make it true. No doubt Jordan was great. But so were Magic, Bird, Kareem, Kobe etc.
  5. CarloJ63

    Congrats Mike Conley

    I didn't watch any of it except for the final against LaVine, but good for Mike for winning the H-O-R-S-E competition.
  6. CarloJ63

    Grizzlies on Zoom meeting

    I don't think so. I did a zoom meeting with all my siblings recently, and if you're sitting in a chair and looking down on your cell phone / camera, it makes you look fat even if you're not.
  7. So, in the past how have deaths from influenza, the flu or however the CDC classifies them; how have these deaths been counted? Were the number of flu related deaths as reported by the CDC counted the same way the deaths by the coronavirus are being counted? It's a legitimate question. And as far as civil liberties are concerned, I don't know why anyone would be willing to give up their freedoms so easily.
  8. Co-sign.....especially regarding climate change .
  9. Great movie Idiocracy. We are just about there now.
  10. CarloJ63


    Now I remember why I put this one on ignore...
  11. This got me to thinking. You know what else compromises your immune system and makes you more susceptible to sickness? Lack of vitamin D, which we get from sunlight on our skin. So let's tell everyone to stay inside and cover their face when they go out. I'm not a doctor, but if you're not sick isn't this rather counter productive? Who will benefit the most from mass inoculations? I don't know the answer to that, but if you follow the money....
  12. This has been my contention from the beginning. Why the massive overreaction? Everyone has been operating in a state of fear, which only breeds confusion, chaos and more fear. Let me tie this to basketball and all other sports (and life for that matter). When you're operating in fear you lose, period. Show me a team that's scared, and I'll show you a team that loses. Show me an army that is operating in fear and I'll show you a defeated army. Why do you think players trash talk so much? They're trying to create doubt and fear in their opponent, which gives them an advantage. I think when all this "stuff" is over, we'll look back and see a bad flu strain (like SARS or H1N1) and not the worldwide disaster that's been predicted, ad nauseum, for the past few weeks. Of course I fully expect the number of deaths to be inflated because everyone will want to cover their *** and justify the overreaction. I mean if you recommended a drastic course of action to your bosses, you would want to paint a picture that justifies your recommendations. It's human nature, we all do it. You see it on this board when someone is trying to make a point about a player. They'll quote statistics to make their point, even though their stats may only tell half the story. And these guys are just as human as the rest of us. I even saw Fauci say that the deaths will be more like 60,000; not the 100,000 - 200,000 they were previously reporting.
  13. CarloJ63


    Wow. Good post. Since there is no basketball to discuss, lots of us have let our views on world events be known. There are going to be disagreements for sure, but I agree the personal attacks hiding behind a keyboard are uncalled for. Post something and let people take it for what it's worth. And if you don't agree with someone, rebutt the post without attacking the poster.
  14. CarloJ63


    +1 Did you ever notice when you watch the news from all the Networks, they are saying the same things most of the time? Not to mention "editing mistakes" where you show a hospital in Italy and say it's a NYC hospital to push your narrative of how terrible things are in NY. I mentioned this before, but ESPN reported a few days ago that "former NFL player Tom Dempsey dies of the corona virus". Yes he contracted the virus, but he was also an elderly man living in a nursing home that had been suffering from dementia for the last 8 years. But let's just pad the numbers to keep people in fear.
  15. Amen brother! ESPN reported that former football player Tom Dempsey (us older folks remember him) died after contracting the corona virus. Of course it's not until the last part of the article that they mention he has had dementia since 2012 and he was in a nursing home. Corona virus pushed him over the edge, as any fever may have done. But the way it's reported aids the narrative of panic and fear.