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  1. CarloJ63

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Play him heavy minutes and give him the green light to shoot. And don't rest him on back to backs. He'll hurt his knee after about 4 games.
  2. CarloJ63


    I realize that. Believe me, the comment was not aimed at all of you; just the one. As for her being banned. I think she didn't start getting abusive until after midnight here. So she'll probably be gone this morning.
  3. CarloJ63


    Oh I remember lilojmayo. He was pretty tolerable in comparison.
  4. CarloJ63


    I thought the JWill fan boys were the most irritating we've ever seen on here .... I may have to adjust my thinking on the matter.
  5. I'm sorry I bothered to watch this game. So, random observations and opinions in no particular order: - Mike Conley still looked sick and should have rested. He looked awful, and hurt the team more than he helped. - Justin Holiday is too small to play SF. He was getting abused on defense. - Ivan Rabb should backup Jaren at PF. He is too small to play center. - Jaren will the meantime there will be growing pains; and they've been painful to watch lately. - Jonas should start at center. I like what I've seen so far, but you can see his limitations; especially compared to Marc. Love his rebounding and toughness though. - Delon's shot looked much better tonight, thank God. - Our defense SUCKED tonight. At one point Justin Holiday was trying to defend Markaanen. Wow!
  6. Okay this should be part of the victory post whenever we win. Can't go wrong with The Nature Boy .... He says as he struts.
  7. Excellent write up on Jonas and Delon. I could tell Delon had no confidence in his shot, especially late in the game. As for your concern about Gasol, he isn't fragile or injury prone. Our gripes about him are that one night he will look like a world beater and makes it look easy, then the next night he almost looks timid and passes up open shots. You saw the good Gasol on Monday night.
  8. Nice going. No matter what some may have thought about them as basketball players; they're decent people. It's especially nice that you said that as they watch the crowd cheer loudly for the players that Marc was traded for.
  9. CarloJ63

    Free Ivan Rabb

    Hubie was a great coach. Just for nostalgia's sake, I went on YouTube last night and watched the 4th quarter to the end of the 2003-04 Grizzlies game against the Atlanta Hawks. The one in Atlanta where Posey had a great game and we won in double overtime. Hubie used to drill it into his teams to win the last 2 minutes or so of every quarter. That alone was good for a few wins. If you notice when we are losing, the end of quarters is where the game tends to get away from us.
  10. CarloJ63

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    That's what I think they will do. Retire them all together one day.
  11. Spurs - L Bulls - W Clippers - L Cavs - W Lakers - L Bulls - L Mavs - L Thunder - L Blazers - L Jazz - L Magic - L Hawks - W Wizards - W 4 - 9 Hate to be so pessimistic, but thus far our new team has only beaten a conflicted Pelicans team who were on the 2nd night of a back to back. How we look against a well drilled Spurs team will tell us how well we do in this stretch. ***If KBM sleeps through all these games we go 13 - 0. Call me superstitious.
  12. Don't forget Downtown Freddy Brown. He came off the bench and would light it up.
  13. CarloJ63

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    Unless he totally sucks this year, I would bet we keep him next year.
  14. CarloJ63

    agreed geoff, hire shane

    Former player Sean Marks is doing a hell of a job with Brooklyn.
  15. Wow....heated debate in here tonight. Sure glad we won.