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  1. I bet they're sitting Ja and Brandon because they are the only two players who looked good (on offense anyway) against Charlotte. Jae is not shy about putting up shots and took more shots than anybody else in the Charlotte game. I think Coach Jenkins wants to see what the rest of the team will do without Ja, Brandon and Jae to take all the shots. Or maybe he wants to force Jaren to be aggressive and demand the ball.
  2. Impressions from this game: We were pretty awful shooting. Missed a lot of wide open shots and layups. Our defense was worse. We were too slow or too cautious closing out on 3's and they torched us. Jaren looked awful...played passionless and uninspired the whole night. Brandon looked good. Although he missed a couple of layups/ putbacks. He reminds me a little of Blake Griffin. Ja is going to be the alpha dog on this team. He looked really lost on defense though, but he is definitely a difference maker on offense. If he can get consistent with his outside shot, he will be scary good. His best assist - which wasn't an assist because Brandon missed the layup - was that touch pass in the lane. And it was right on the money. Fortunately Brandon put back his own miss. If a few more shots would have fallen at the right time, we could have won this game before it totally got away. So I think this year is going to be a lot of ugly losses like tonight, mixed in with some entertaining wins where we are hitting our shots. As bad as we looked Ja, Brandon and Jaren give me hope for the future. And I really hope Josh Jackson tears it up on the Hustle and joins the big team quickly, because there is definitely an opportunity for him.
  3. Ditto what everyone else said. Besides, if you don't make a game thread, people can't nitpick at every little mistake like they usually do. Ha ha.
  4. I think it's a player fan trying to come up with another new thread about their favorite player.
  5. I'm in LA, and I have Directv. So I just ordered League Pass. They will black out the Lakers and Clippers games, but those games I can watch on Spectrum Sportsnet for the Lakers and Prime Ticket for the Clippers.
  6. CarloJ63

    Josh Jackson to start season in G-League

    I agree with this. Not to mention they may not want to give the impression to Josh (as well as the fan base), that his actions off the court will just be ignored because of his on the court skills.
  7. CarloJ63

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    Rdk4121 is right.....English is not the poster's first language. It isn't easy to communicate in a language that is foreign to you.
  8. CarloJ63

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    +1 And if all else fails, just put the offending party on ignore.
  9. Seriously, or are you just speculating?
  10. CarloJ63

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    We're inundated with political garbage that's the last thing I want to talk about here.
  11. The Washington Generals........
  12. CarloJ63

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    I have to say, I enjoyed the media day interviews and such that they did today. It was cool getting to watch interviews with all the players.
  13. CarloJ63

    Josh Jackson to start season in G-League

    And he has tons of natural ability.