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  1. Not a fan of this....and no Calipari either.
  2. When the ABA merged with the NBA, only 4 teams joined the league (Pacers, Nuggets, Spurs & Nets). The rest had their players dispersed around the league.
  3. CarloJ63

    Rumor has it

    Well, I recognized both of their names, so I know they are basketball guys and that's good. But honestly I don't know how good, or bad, these guys were at their previous positions so someone who knows can maybe fill in the rest of us. Someone mentioned too many cooks in the kitchen and that was my first thought. I'm not a fan of managing by doesn't work. But if these guys were brought in to be advisors to the guy who's going to take ownership for all the moves, then that might be okay. Either way, I'm going to be optimistic that these are steps in the right direction. NOW LET'S GET US A GOOD COACH!!!
  4. CarloJ63

    Role Players

  5. CarloJ63

    We should've had the 6th pick

    This is probably what will happen.
  6. Hubie won a title in the ABA (Kentucky Colonels). He said it was the best team he ever coached.
  7. CarloJ63

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I like the Hayward deal. His contract is pretty much identical to Mike's, and you sell him on being the go-to guy; because he would be until Jaren is ready to take over that role. I also like Brandon Ingram; and I wouldn't mind taking Lonzo Ball. If that kid ever develops a consistent outside shot, he will be an amazing PG. Both of these scenarios would hinge on those players being willing, because you don't want any malcontents on the team.
  8. CarloJ63

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Nope. Brooklyn should be our example of how to build a winner.
  9. I agree about Mark Jackson. I always called him a "rah-rah" coach. All positivity and encouragement; and that's about it. Sometimes, we all need a swift kick in the ***.
  10. If we finish....let's say 7th and Dallas finishes 9th, can we trade picks with Dallas and then Convey to Boston? I'm thinking no, but I have to ask.
  11. CarloJ63

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    +2 Oh come on NBA.....give JB his participation trophy and call it a day.
  12. +2 History proves that the "think tank/ group process way has never worked and will never work.
  13. ...not to mention the Dallas game, or the Orlando game, or...
  14. CarloJ63

    Kyle Anderson Injury

    Totally agree with this. Injury updates of late, have been like talking to a pathological liar.
  15. I don't think he would do it, but I bet Hubie Brown would make a good GM. In fact if I was Robert Pera, I would call Hubie for advice on a new head coach.