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  1. CarloJ63

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    So if I'm the lawyer for the drunk driver, I would be collecting video of Parson's recent play to counter his claim of millions of dollars lost due to the accident. Or I would be pushing hard to get the trial - if there is one - moved to Memphis. I mean get some Grizzlies fans on the jury and Parson's claim of his career being ended by the accident won't hold water. Yeah I know that isn't very nice, but who are you trying to kid? I don't like drunk drivers, but I also dislike opportunists.
  2. Ugh! Let the road trip begin. Another lesson in our learning curve this year. It's frustrating, but it does seem to be trending in the right direction. At the start of the year we would lose 3-6 games in between wins. Lately it's been 1-2 losses. And our winning streaks have gotten longer. On a separate note, I think we broke Houston. They haven't looked the same since we punked them.
  3. CarloJ63

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Well, whatever it was that caused him to punk James Harden (tell that MFr who I am)...more of that.
  4. CarloJ63

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Somebody show this to Ja. I want to make sure we win this MLK Day Game; and the best way to ensure that is to have Ja ****** about being dissed by ESPN.
  5. Not Jaren. The league has been hyping Zion for so long they're going to make sure he looks good. Jaren would foul out in 8 minutes....and half of the fouls would be ticky tack BS.
  6. Good win on a bad night. We were flat for most of the game, but turned it on when we had to. That works against Cleveland, but you can't do it against a good team. Regarding Ja attacking the paint and turning the ball over; I had no problem with this because he was trying to inject some energy into the team. And as someone else mentioned, we fumbled a few of his passes in the paint. The last 2 games Ja should have had double digits assists, but we either fumbled or missed too many chances. If Jaren had finished the play after that ridiculous no look pass Ja hit him with, while contorting mid flight and facing the other way, that would have been the number 1 play of the night. Next up New Orleans. They are playing their best ball of the year, so we better being our A game.
  7. So who would you propose to guard him? In my opinion, Clarke is the best option. I didn't say he would shut him down, just that he's the guy I would use.
  8. I agree Clarke is the guy to guard him. Zion is too quick for Jonas, and too strong for Jaren.
  9. CarloJ63

    TA Returning to the Grizz!!!

    Yes! Teach those guys how to prepare by watching film and how to play some tenacious defense.
  10. Trade his money loving, arrogant ***. I really don't care what kind of trade it is at this point. I trust the front office to not make a stupid deal. Then after trading him; whatever team we trade him to, make sure to circle that game on the calendar. And have Ja give him the Harden treatment (tell that MFr who I am).
  11.'s tomorrow night.
  12. CarloJ63

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Sharpe is a knucklehead. Not just related to us either.
  13. CarloJ63

    Keeping Melton

    Bad idea. The only guys who typically do that are veterans who have already "made their money", so their egos aren't tied to what they make. Plus imagine a young player who took a pay cut for "the good of the team", finds himself losing minutes and riding the bench more often than not. That's when resentment kicks in. Remember the Morris twins? They took pay cuts so they could play together in Phoenix. Then one of them was traded and the situation got ugly fast. It's a nice idea in a perfect world, but reality says otherwise.
  14. I voted Bruno. The guy has tremendous physical attributes, but he is probably never going to be a smart basketball player.
  15. I like their rookie Jaxon Hayes. I think that kid has the potential to be really good.