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  1. I like the Bullets name better anyway.
  2. CarloJ63

    JV and Crowder for Demar DeRozan

    Not a big fan of DeRozan.
  3. I think we need to throw the ball up high when he's in the post; like we did a couple of times in the Milwaukee game. It seems most teams put a smaller man on him, or don't worry too much on switches. Make them pay.... they'll have to adjust.
  4. Ha ha ha.....this made me laugh.
  5. CarloJ63

    Ja out tonight?

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Losing sucks, and we have a budding superstar as our PG, plus a couple of really good core pieces in Jaren and Brandon, so we won't be "middle of the pack" for long even if we don't have a first round pick this year.
  6. What more can you say about Ja? When he plays, there is an energy that isn't there when he doesn't play. Every time Golden State got too close for comfort, Ja would score. Just like the elite players in the league who just know when it's time for them to crush the hopes of the opponent. Yeah it's a weak Golden State team, but the fact that he is doing it in the NBA only 20 games into his career is awesome.
  7. CarloJ63


    I know I've said it a number of times, but this kid is special. He doesn't play like a rookie.
  8. I loved Shane's game. He is the only guy I've ever seen hold his ground and take a charge from Shaq, where he had time to move out of the way. In other words, Shaq was coming with a head of steam.
  9. I think the point here is losing sucks. So don't try to lose. I remember hearing Kenny Smith talk about being drafted by the Kings, and Bill Russell was the coach. So whenever the team traveled, Russell would make Smith sit next to him on the plane. When Smith protested and asked why he couldn't hang out with the rest of the team, Coach Russell said "because they're a bunch of losers". I hate losing, and I would much rather see us winning right now and developing a winning culture. But the reality is we don't have the horses to be winners yet. Oh and as long as we're losing, we do want to see some progress. Which includes getting something for that bum Iggy.
  10. CarloJ63

    Trade Targets 2020

  11. CarloJ63

    Should we Trade JV????

    No need to insult the many good knowledgeable posters because of one. Just saying.
  12. I have to agree with those who like Melton. He's a good defender, and I think he may be the backup PG of the future. I thought the George Hill comparison was a good one. I hope BC is back for the next game. He's the one I want to see pressed into more minutes when we're short handed; I think he could really impact a game by being more assertive.
  13. CarloJ63

    1st franchise superstar?

    I have no problem with him trying to get others going first. I actually think it's pretty smart and mature. If he can get others going early, it makes the rest of the game easier for him. Might as well give that a shot first before expending so much energy trying to do it all himself.
  14. CarloJ63

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz- 11/29/19

    I only watched the first sounds like It would be best to forget watching the 2nd half. From what I saw: Jonas played pretty good against Gobert. Ja can't do everything every game. He's probably going to have to rest his sore back soon. I'm still somewhat in a turkey coma...