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  1. Back2Grizzness

    Question the Brandon Clarke pick raises

    Don’t forget, he’s also only 207 lbs and 22yo. He will get punished as a 4 his first couple years
  2. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Yeah...I think we need good young players. At 27, we’re not doing better than JV imo for the next 3-4 years. He’s just about to enter his prime and we can get the entire prime years range for a 20/10 big for less than max...he compliments JJJ and sets great picks for JA. I think he’s an asset for us especially considering we need to be really good in 2 years to give as crappy a pick as we can to BOS. A big 3 of Ja, JJJ, and JV has potential
  3. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Who do you propose we sign that can be... Who’s better than JV that we can get who gives us all that?
  4. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    It’s not just Jr’s size, it’s his propensity to foul. JV can absorb ball dominant bigs without fouling, something JJJ hasn’t shown he’s capable of yet. 9-10 players is 1/3 of the league so of course you keep a guy that’s as effective against 1/3 of the teams you play as JV. JV is as much about protecting JJJ as anything else. He’s a pressure release valve that rebounds, defends bigs 1on1, and pounds the paint to open up Jr for 3s and drives. He’s our most efficient player, highest scorer, best rebounder, and best 1on1 post defender against true NBA bigs. We desperately need rebounding and JV fits that role while providing an extreamly efficient low post threat.
  5. Back2Grizzness

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    I’m mixed on Clark. He’s a good-great athlete but not long and is a tweener. 3rd highest vertical at the combine at 40.5”, but he’s undersized in every sense of the word at 6’8 with a 6’8 wingspan and 207lbs. He makes up for that with great athleticism and a high defensive IQ. He positions well and boxes out effectively. He is not a shooter yet and at 22 is one of the older prospects. I actually like his age and maturity for us, but who is going to stretch the floor next year? He shot 24 threes in his 3 college seasons making just 6. What NBA big is Clark going to guard at 207 if he’s a rim running big for us on offense? Sure, he can guard 1-3 but NBA 4s and 5s will abuse him his first few years. JJJ needs someone to take pressure off of him on D as he’s foul proned. This pick makes signing JV even more important. Overall, getting Clark at 21 was good value for us and I like the pick. He wouldn’t have fallen here if there weren’t some question marks about him though. If he can add 10lbs of muscle/yr, add a jump shot, then in year 3 we may have something special. This year, I’m hoping for a guy that can guard the opposing teams 3/4 and shut them down...someone who will grab offensive boards, get put backs, run out dunks, and do the dirty work. With his motor, I think that is what we picked up at 21.
  6. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    SI has Goga going in the teens (13? I think). If Goga is there, take him. If Bol falls, take him. I’d be cool with Porter, Langford, etc. one of these guys will fall to us.
  7. Back2Grizzness

    FA Targets

    I’d love Middleton, but think he’s out of our price range right now. He will be 20+/yr imo and maybe a max.
  8. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Middleton turned down his option today...we have 16M right? “Hello Khris?” (I realize this won’t happen, but the cap space is big)
  9. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Virginia Tech
  10. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I might be down....have to check with the boss
  11. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    My hope for 23 is that Bol falls. Barring that, maybe Langford, Porter Jr., Herro, Windler, or Bazley. I like going high risk here
  12. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Agree....Grayson could blossom with his athleticism and shooting. Honestly, he should be a good piece if he can keep his head on straight
  13. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    I hope BOL falls to us at 23. Doubt it, but would take the gamble for sure at 23
  14. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    8-14 pick in 20-21 and top 6 protected in 22
  15. Back2Grizzness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Good trade depending on what we do with the cap space. Cap space brought us ZBo in the Pau trade.