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  1. Back2Grizzness

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    This site is the only place I’ve seen the speculation in several months...nearly a year. My uncle’s friend said we are keeping them forever and ever and also getting a MLS team AND NFL. Also, the Memphis Tigers are getting invited to a P5 conference and there will never be an earthquake in this area. At least these unsubstantiated rumors are fun to believe... please vote for my rumors 2020
  2. Back2Grizzness

    Season Ticket Holders

    I have bought power packs in the past...2-3 years worth...for me, it is too much of a time commitment with a large family. I plan on possibly getting in with a group as my teens get to college age. Right now, their sports take up too many of the game dates
  3. Back2Grizzness

    Vegas Summer League roster

  4. Back2Grizzness

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

  5. Back2Grizzness

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Welp...time to call the Jimmer
  6. Back2Grizzness

    Vegas Summer League roster

    Intrigued to see BClarke in action...I want to see where he fits in today’s NBA
  7. Back2Grizzness

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    KB, I’ll try to make it simple for you. He makes stupid decisions. I hope he stops
  8. Back2Grizzness

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    ZBo was a 20/10 guy that had a good work ethic. Jackson has run from cops and received a felony charge, as a 22yo millionaire had a baby with a 41yo, has a reputation of a bad work ethic, and doesn’t produce on a level to overlook any of those things. That said, I hope he can start over here and turn it around. He was my favorite player in the 2017 draft.
  9. Back2Grizzness

    Chancun Depreciation Thread

    Chandler Parsons Independence Day! Chancun, you were an inspiration. You kept a city in hope limbo as you “rehabbed” while partying in Mexico and on yachts in the Gulf. You worked 73 days while collecting over $70M and managed to give nothing. You somehow get hot naive near underaged girls to still believe in you and hang with you (reference above +$70M). It was a marvelous job from a great con man. Bravo. Be great at something. You were great at being a fake man...a cheap trick...a con. So long
  10. Back2Grizzness

    Chancun traded

    I think this trade gets us to 18 but that counts A.Bradley
  11. Back2Grizzness

    Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs

    Lawson looks good again tonight
  12. Back2Grizzness

    Chancun Depreciation Thread

    For the win.
  13. Back2Grizzness

    NBA May Reduce Number of Games in Season

    Unpopular opinion: Stretch the season and play the same amount of games. I love the NBA, so I’m all for starting 2 weeks earlier or better yet, end 2-3 weeks later. It would reduce the frequency of the games which is really the problem. No back to backs plus the dead period in sports becomes less. In fact, start the season a month later AND increase the season by 3 the finals end at the end of July. Summer League becomes Fall League. Season starts after Thanksgiving. Also, first round of the playoffs goes back to best of 5. vote for Grizzness for commish
  14. Back2Grizzness

    Question the Brandon Clarke pick raises

    Don’t forget, he’s also only 207 lbs and 22yo. He will get punished as a 4 his first couple years
  15. Back2Grizzness

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Yeah...I think we need good young players. At 27, we’re not doing better than JV imo for the next 3-4 years. He’s just about to enter his prime and we can get the entire prime years range for a 20/10 big for less than max...he compliments JJJ and sets great picks for JA. I think he’s an asset for us especially considering we need to be really good in 2 years to give as crappy a pick as we can to BOS. A big 3 of Ja, JJJ, and JV has potential