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  1. Here's the latest look at the Western Conference standings minus the top 3 spots. Schedule of last 11 games. I think the Grizzlies blew their chance to climb to 6th place or better with loss to New Orleans. But, stranger things have happened in seasons, so I'm not counting them out from getting a better playoff spot. But their schedule doesn't lend itself to that unless the Grizzlies play much better, Just look at who they have left to play.
  2. Here's the latest look at the standings and games remaining for the 4th to 11th spots in the Western Conference. Current standings and games remaining. I added the fight for the 8th spot because I think it's interesting to see if Portland, Minnesota or Dallas can catch Denver for the 8th spot. The Grizzlies will have a hard time catching OKC or LAC unless they win 11 or more of their remaining games. The 3 games against the Spurs will show if they are able to compete.
  3. CarlCR

    Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    OKC is beating Utah by 17 with 9 mins to go in the game. So, if the Grizzlies don't beat the Hawks they will be full game behind OKC.
  4. Yes, I could take Houston off, but I'm leaving them on for perspective of how bad the Grizzlies have fallen. Also, if the Grizzlies right the ship, then it will show if we they gained ground. I think the finish will be: 1. GSW 2. SAS 3. Houston 4. Utah 5. Clippers 6. Grizzlies 7. OKC 8. Portland
  5. We are all disappointed, I hope, with the Grizzlies latest play. Will it continue or will the Grizzlies turn it around in time to move up in the standings to 6th or 5th? It will be hard because the schedule is against them. Here's my latest look at the remaining schedule.
  6. No love from the NBA schedule makers. We are small city franchise with no TV appeal until the Grizzlies win at least the West.
  7. So here's an updated schedule. It's not looking good for the Grizzlies to move up after two terrible games against Dallas and Houston. As I write this Utah won, so they are more and more a lock on 4th. Here's the link to the schedule.
  8. I've posted a table of the final games of the Western Conference 3rd (Utah) to 7th (OKC) ranked teams. Check it out here: I've not posted for a long time, but will try to do it more.
  9. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    My latest and last Tracking the Playoffs is posted. The success of the regular season boils down to the last 4 games. The Grizzlies could end up in the 2nd to 6th place.
  10. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    Portland cannot fall below 4th because they are a division winner and the rules are that a division winner has to be in the top 4 places no matter their record. It would seem that the Grizzlies will play either the Clippers or Spurs in the first round, unless they some how regain the #2 spot.
  11. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    Could the Grizzlies fall to 6th place? Yes it's possible. It doesn't seem probable that they will get back to 2nd. Here is my latest playoff picture post.
  12. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    Here is an update view of the Western Conference Standings positions 1 to 10. I couldn't post this after the Grizzlies feel out of 2nd place. It is a tough road in their last 7 games to hold on to 2nd with the Rockets and Clippers on their heals.
  13. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    The latest Tracking the Playoffs is posted. Enjoy!
  14. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    I've posted an updated Playoff standings because of the importance of the next two games. See it here. Apologies for a row and column being too big. Not sure the problem, but get it fixed before next post.
  15. CarlCR

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    I've started the "Tracking the Playoffs" post. Check it out here.