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  1. Grizball

    Keeping Melton

    I think if Melton keeps up his play, he could get somewhere close to the MLE. I would not be surprised if it is going to cost close to 20 Mil to retain both Melton and Brooks.
  2. It is not realistic to aim for a future 1st, and I don't think this is what FO is targeting. A young talent like Derrick Jones Jr or Malik Beasley would be nice and I think they are gettable. In the worst case scenario, I think they could get a couple of mid second round picks or a high second round pick in return.
  3. Grizball

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    Best case scenario is they convey the pick to Boston. This is a good year to be out of the first round. I bet that's what the Grizzlies FO wants too. It's a weak draft overall, there is no consensus #1 pick and you've got 2 PGs projected to go in the top 4. This is why I think it may be better to get a good young player in return instead of a 2020 pick in the 20s in the potential Iggy trade.
  4. The DAL deal makes a lot of sense, and I would ask for Brunson in the deal along with their GS early second round pick. Throw in Allen or Guduric if they are willing to take either one. A more realistic case is DAL gives us GS early second round in 2020 plus a 2021 second round pick and if there are no better offers out there, I think we should just go for it.
  5. Grizball

    2020 NBA Draft

    Anthony Edwards is the only guy worth taking if we get a top 2 or 3 pick IMO. I would take Jaden McDaniels if the pick is outside of top 4 and Isaiah Joe if we trade down.
  6. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    He would be another great young piece to add to the team, an upgrade over Rabb for sure. He will have more than a few suitors in the FA market.
  7. But if they buy him out he most likely will choose the Lakers. So the only way HOU or LAC can get Iggy is to work out a trade with MEM.
  8. Normally the Russ-CP3 trade would have been announced already, something may be holding up the trade and I think it's quite possible they are working on getting MEM involved and send them the 1st round pick for Iggy. Also curious why Justin Holiday are still unsigned by any team. Are they working on a S&T to get MEM an additional asset like a future 2nd or something?
  9. Grizball

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Assuming Iggy will be traded for two players, that would make the roster at 19 including Marko. Waive Rabb, Hill and Howard and the roster will get down to 16. That makes cutting Bruno (partial guaranteed) or another trade possible to trim down the roster. I hope they get rid of Allen and trade him for a future 2nd.
  10. If Denver is willing to trade Beasley, that would be the best trade scenario IMO. I think Houston will be able to get us a future 1st, and they would want to close the deal asap. But I just don't see a Gordon + 1st for Iggy. I think it's more likely to be a three team trade or they re-sign Shumpert to a one year deal and send to MEM with a future 1st. LAC's offer could be a package of Harkless and Robinson. Is Robinson better than a future 1st? Not sure if FO wants to add an extra player to the already packed roster, but Robinson would be the best SG prospect among the current group on the team. I am out on Grayson, hope they can package him with other players in a trade. He is even worse than Josh Jackson, at least Josh has talent and has no on court issues.
  11. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If DAL wants Iggy, I think FO should instead ask for Justin Jackson + future 2nd round pick and create another 14M trade exception for future use. But there could very well be other better trade options from other teams. The DAL rumored trade proposal is just a starting point.
  12. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Howard, Hill and Plumlee are basically untradable on its own unless FO gets creative and package them with other players. Having said that I have confidence in our FO that they can somehow find a way to clear the roster jam and get one or two useful assets in return. Can't wait to see what they will get for Iggy. Hope a trade will happen very soon.
  13. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread It's been reported that Marko Guduric has completed a 2 million euro buyout with his former clubs to join the Grizzlies. Who paid the 2M Euro though? Is it taken from Guduric's salary or the Grizzlies paid for it?
  14. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    FO still have a few more moves to make before rounding up the roster. I guess their priority now is to trade Iggy and get something valuable in return instead of just buying him out. LAC seems to be the team with the assets wanting to make a trade. I think Howard, Hill and/or Rabb will be waived or traded (unlikely). Wonder what FO see in Josh Jackson. I hope they give him a 2nd chance, he's got talent and could be really good if he is put in the right environment, but it would not surprised me if he is waived or traded (again unlikely). And then there is that Serbian guard Guduric who is supposed to sign with MEM. I think FO will make their next move soon, whether it is to announce a Iggy trade or Guduric signing. It's been a very active and entertaining offseason for the Memphis Grizzlies.
  15. IF they want to it is possible that they can do two separate deals, Iggy for Harkless + pick(s) and another one like Rabb for Robinson. But I want them to deal with Denver and try to get Beasley even if we have to throw in Dillion.
  16. Grizball

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Josh Jackson has talent, that's for sure. This FO is taking a chance on him and if they are lucky the Grizzlies would have gotten one of the more talented young wings in the league.
  17. Grizball

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Looks like we have got some more moves coming depending on the Kawhi's decision. Crowder, Iggy could be on the move. His decision will also impact where Delon will sign. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers, Danny Green may sign with DAL and that would rule them out for signing Delon. But if both Kawhi and Green go back to Toronto, DAL may use their cap space to make an offer to Delon that will be too much for us to match.
  18. Grizball

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Don't know what to make of Josh Jackson, but I trust that this FO knows what they are doing and whether Josh Jackson is a reclamation project or someone who will get bought out. And Jenkins is supposed to be a good developmental coach so maybe he can help Jackson get back on the right track. He's got talent and great potential and if it works out he could be that third piece to Ja & Jaren.
  19. Grizball

    Summer League Signings

    Reportedly Konchar had 5 deals trying to sign him to a contract but he picked MEM. I think he could be a nice addition to the Hustle and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him playing well for the Grizzlies when he gets called up.
  20. Grizball

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    Clarke is a special player and I think he could surprise a lot of people next year. Probably the best shot blocker in this draft class despite being 6”8 with an average wingspan. I hope he could develop into that third guy to pair with Ja and Jaren.
  21. Grizball

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I want both JV and Delon back on a reasonable 3 year deal. I want to sign Oubre to a 3-4 year deal worth 13-14M per. If PHO renounce his rights and go for DLo then I think we may have a chance.
  22. I think the value of true center is at an all time low, and that might be good news to FO in re-signing JV. I still want him back because I think his presence would help Jaren and the team, but I don’t want them to overpay him. 3 years deal at 13-14M per would be the most I think FO should pay him. This team needs all the cap flexibility they can get to help facilitate future deals to acquire assets.
  23. Grizball

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    DET, IND and UTA can throw in a future 1st along with this year’s first, a young player ( Maker, Holiday, Allen) and some expiring contracts and it would come a bit closer to a deal. I know IND probably would not want to part with Sabonis and DET would want to keep Kennard, that’s why two firsts with a lesser young player like Maker (has to be acquired in a separate deal) and Holiday and expiring contracts would make more sense for both teams. Having said that I feel like we probably won’t see a Mike Conley trade until after the FA begins in July. It might be better off to wait patiently and see what happens in FA. LAL and BOS could become trade partner if they fail to land one of the bigger names. My prediction for next week is the Grizzlies will select Ja Morant with the 2nd pick and somehow buy or trade for a 2nd round pick make the selection and call it a day.
  24. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Rumor is Rui got a promise from MIN at #11. I think he should probably be gone in the early teens.
  25. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I like Reddish, but he is probably still a top 8 pick. Not sure if the Grizzlies can get a top 8 by trading Conley. LAL's #4 would probably go to NOP, and I don't think CHI and PHO will trade their pick.