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  1. Grizball

    Roster Moves

    Temple and Green will need to be moved too if Marc and Mike will be gone, should go and get a 2nd round pick or something.
  2. Grizball

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    Pera is most likely making the decision on any trades involving Mike and Marc so Wallace is just waiting to be fired. So is JB I think. JB will likely survive this season since it is wasted already and he will coach the tanking team like he did last season. But Wallace will be replaced by a new FO this summer followed by hiring a new coach. It's sad it has to end this way, but it's probably best for this franchise and Mike & Marc. Time for a change in the style we play and our personnel. I believe Mike & Marc can be great again helping a playoff/championship contender. They are both great 3rd option on a contending team.
  3. Grizball

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    I am just speculating here, but signing Caboclo to a 10 day is interesting when you have Yuta and your new two way guy Washburn longing for PT. I understand the Washburn signing because it was the last day for teams to sign any player to a two way contract and they had to make a move. But Caboclo is a different story. He may have improved and but he is still more of a long term project, not the type of veteran you expect they would sign to help you now. I am thinking they are going to move other moves very soon.
  4. Maybe not now but what about after we lose the next 2 or 3 games? I thought this is a must win game for the team to have any hope to get back on track a bit. But after this loss, I have shifted from wanting to give the pick to Boston to tanking now because the more we keep on losing the better the chance our FO will get fired. Plus we may be able to catch ATL for the 5th worst record. I'll be good with one of Williamson, Barrett, Camdish or Morant.
  5. You have to hit rock bottom to force Pera to do something, we should be close if not yet there.
  6. Grizball

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Looks like he has improved a lot and has been playing really well in the GL. A much better pickup than Washburn. Should have gone for him with the 2 way spot, but anyways this looks like a good 10 day signing IF he ever gets on the court.
  7. Grizball

    Roster Moves

    DSJ is still young and he has a chance to improve and become an impact player, but it’s Dallas giving up on him early, the same Dallas team that didn’t re-sign Vince Carter and Chandler Parsons which we picked him in FA. And I read an SI article that said DSJ is a defensive liability, has an inefficient game and very turnover prone. There is a reason they gave him up and it’s not solely because of Luka. I would want to give him a shot but not at a steep asking price. We should find players who can fit nicely with JJJ to maximise his potential, like an unselfish PG who will find him the ball for scoring opportunities. I am not sure if DSJ is that guy.
  8. Jaren has sort of proven he can do a lot of good things on both ends of the court and it’s not like he is so raw that he has learned on the sidelines. No matter how much you teach the kid in practices he needs to have the opportunity to do it on the court to keep improving his game. Our game plan should be making Mike and Jaren as our primary options on offense and make sure they get enough shots. No more Temple or Mack jacking up 3s and contested jumpers. This is a losing season, the best we can make out of it is to develop Jaren as much as we can so that he will be ready to be our go to guy next season.
  9. The worst thing is JB is not doing any good to Jaren’s development. The kid needs to play and needs touches. He ain’t getting it from JB.
  10. Grizball

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    Just how much worse it has to get before Pera is going to do something. Or is he going to do stand pat and wait till the offseason?
  11. He would not have scored like in a MEM uniform. JB would find a way to screw him up.
  12. Grizball

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    I don’t think time is an issue because the right deal is either out there or it’s not. If it’s not there then wait till the offseason. The main thing is you need a FO with a clear vision and good judgement. Right now this is a complete mess. JB is a bad coach. Wallace should have been fired long ago. Marc and Mike should be gone. We need a complete makeover.
  13. Grizball

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    Trading Marc or Mike is a tough task and would need a competent FO to do it. The easiest thing for Pera to do now, if he is to address the problem, is to fire Chris Wallace and get a new FO. I think this is more likely to happen finally than trading Marc before the deadline. Or there is a sequence to it, get a new FO first and then deal Marc.
  14. Grizball

    Time to trade Marc

    Agree. If you have a plan and clear direction, and you build this team around Jaren, even though there will be many losses, it is still better than where we are right now. And the key point is we are not winning with Mike and Marc anymore. That window has closed. We will have the same number of wins and losses with and without M&M. And it seems that both of them have checked out already. A rebuild may be in the the best interest for all parties.
  15. Grizball

    This Entire Organization Lacks Leadership

    Is Pera going to do something about this? Or is he going to keep the team status quo and make changes in the offseason? Obviously he could do one or more of these: 1. fire Wallace, 2. fire JB, 3. trade Marc, 4. trade Mike, 5. trade Temple/Green/Holiday, 6. trade Parsons. The easiest thing to do is option 5 which is to trade Temple, Green or Holiday, but this move likely won’t help the team much. There is no short term fix and I think the only solution to this mess is option 1 fire Wallace and then go hire someone much more competent and will give the team and the fans hope again.