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  1. I think we need 34 or 35 wins to get to the 9 in reverse standing. It's not going to be easy. If we convey, that's great and is probably best for this franchise moving forward. If we don't I would be fine too. Getting a top 4 pick would be excellent but if we get stuck at #7 or #8 we could be fine too depending on what decision our FO will make with the pick. A guy like Darius Garland, Coby White or even Kevin Porter Jr would be a good pick there. While many are saying Garland will move up and will be out of our range if we pick at 7 or 8, I think the chance of Culver or Hunter moving up is far greater. I can see Garland being available at 7 or 8. IMO Zion, Morant, Barrett, Culver, Hunter, Reddish are probably the top 6. My draft board right now is: 1. Zion 2. Morant 3. Barrett 4. Garland 5. White / Reddish 7. Culver / Porter Jr.
  2. Grizball

    The grizzlies need to go ahead and shut it down

    Apparently the best outcome for us is to get to 9th worst. The next best should be the 8th worst since we would have almost 65.5% of either conveying the pick or get a top 4 pick. At 7th worst, which IMO is the 3rd best and a very likely outcome, we would have a 48.4% chance of either conveying the pick or get the top 4 pick. So it’s about a 50-50 chance. Getting the 6th worst record is the worst of all with only a 39%. The chance of getting stuck with a #6-8 pick is 61%, which means we most likely will end up with a mediocre pick. What I am hoping is we should at least get past Dallas if not both Dallas and Washington to avoid the 6th worst record. If we are lucky, we would get the #1 pick to draft Zion regardless of a 6, 7 or 8th worst record. What we can control now is to win as many games as we can to avoid the worst outcome which is getting a #6-8 pick in this draft and having to worry about conveying the pick next year or more likely in 2021. Let’s face it, we are going to be a 20 something or 30 something wins team in the next 2-3 years, so just convey the pick this year and get it over with and start the rebuilding this summer.
  3. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    He will move up into the lottery as draft approaches. A combo guard who can score on drives and can shoot 3s with a nice handle and quick first step. He is in my top 5 right now after Zion, Morant, Barrett and Garland. If we pick in the 6-8 and none of my top 4 is available he would be my pick (or Kevin Porter if his off court stuff/personalty is a non issue).
  4. If we are able to convey the pick this year, I think we will and should trade Mike when his value is high and start the rebuild. There should be more suitors with better offers come this summer or even on draft day.
  5. I think we need to get 34 wins to secure the 9th spot, which is to win 6 the remaining 14 games. ATL and WAS have been playing well too after the all star break.
  6. Watch for LAL, they could strike out on any big name FAs this summer and Lebron is not going to waste another year missing the PO. They will get desperate and Mike is very much available for Lonzo or Ingram.
  7. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Right now the 8th spot is what we should target. We have no chance to win more than NOP for the 9th and little chance to lose more than ATL for the 5th, but at 8th we have 34.5% to stay at 8th and 65.5% to either get to top 4 or convey the pick. So the chance is almost 2/3 that we won't get stuck at the 5-8 spot which would be a disaster. The goal right now should be winning as many games as we can to get pass DAL and WAS.
  8. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Coby White is an interesting prospect and one of the few guys I like if we have pick in the 20s. Another risk I would consider taking is Kevin Porter Jr. He has off court issues but the kid is talented. Need to do a background check on him for sure. My early guess is he will end up in the late lottery to late teens. If we end up with a 6-8 pick, I am hoping for Garland. Not sure if he will be available since guys get hyped up every year near the draft and I am sure he will be one of them along with Culver and maybe Hunter. We need a PG/SG and Garland seems to be the best PG/SG prospect after RJ and Morant.
  9. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    My top 8: 1. Zion 2. Morant 3. Barrett 4, 5: Garland/Reddish 6-8. Culver/Little/Langford.... doesn't matter cos the talent level is not impressive at all. If we get the top pick, we get the next great thing in Zion Williamson. If we get 2 or 3, we should be able to get a pretty good one in Morant or Barrett. If we get to 4 or 5, it's much less certain but there is still hope. I feel like the 6-8 pick is like a pick in the late teens early 20s in the previous 2 drafts. Solid player maybe, but unlikely to be an impact player. It'll be boring to get a 6-8 pick unless someone like Garland or Reddish falls.
  10. Grizball

    The rest of 2018-2019 the Grizz should...

    Right now my biggest concern is our coaching staff. JB or maybe the whole crew needs to go if FO really wants to convey the pick. We have the players to compete and an easier schedule now, but it doesn’t matter who you have on the roster when you have a bad coach who doesn’t utilise the players and make nonsense rotations. That’s the biggest problem and one that needs to be dealt with immediately. JB is just a very bad coach, and the same could be said about Stack and the other coaches, I assume they would have some influence on coaching right? But why are we seeing this bs coaching night in and night out?
  11. Grizball

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    I would not attach any asset to get rid of Parsons’s one year expiring contract. If we want to get rid of him, just buy him out. I think that’s the most likely outcome. I also think Mike is as good as gone. It would be wise to get as much value as possible in return for Mike in the summer. He probably wants to go to a contender instead of being with a rebuilding team. I bet Mike will be gone on draft day.
  12. Bradley: his contract is going to be very attractive to teams wanting to clear cap space. He is a valuable piece of asset, it is possible we can get a first round pick or a young prospect in return. My guess is he will get waived by the team we’ll trade him to, and we can sign him back as a FA this summer if we want him. MC: it's hard to imagine he will want to finish his contract here in MEM. I think we will put him on the market and if a reasonable offer comes along he will get traded. LAL is one team I think would strike out on the super star FAs this summer and will settle for less and target a guy like Mike. Holiday: yes we used two 2nds to get him and certainly we can retain him if we want to, but I don’t think he should be worth more than his current contract. A 3-4M per year for 2-3 years is the max we should pay him. If he receives a better offer, I think we should pass. Parsons: there will be too many bad contracts being signed in 2016 become expiring including Parson’s, and it will be difficult to find a trade that make sense for us. We don't want to take a bad contract and a future second right? Most likely outcome is we buy him out.
  13. Delon: I think we will re-sign him. He and JV are part of the future. Bradley: not sure if we will keep him, trade him or waive him. He would definitely be a keeper if his salary is not 12M next year. Holiday: he is a FA and I don't think we should pay him more than 4M per year, so it's not a lock he will be kept. MC: I think it's likely Mike will be traded in the offseason. We should try to get as much assets as possible now when he still has market value. Noah: depending on our moves in the offseason and if we have an open roster spot. Would be nice if we bring him back. Yuta is a 2 way guy and will still be kept as a two way. And Dorsey might as well join him there in the GL. Parsons will most likely be waived or bought out. So I have 9 guys back next year barring any trades: Delon, Carter, SlowMo, Dillion, Bruno, Jaren, JV, Rabb, CJ.
  14. Grizball

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    Avery Bradley was our FA target last summer before we went to sign Kyle Anderson. Now we have got both of them on the roster.
  15. Grizball

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I expect Delon, Holiday and Bradley to get a lot of the rotation minutes so that we can make a decision on them this summer. Delon will most likely be retained. Holiday should be too as long as he will earn less than what he’s making now. Afterall we spent two future second round picks to get him. Bradley is a tough call, at 12M next season he is a likely candidate to be traded or waived (only 2M is guaranteed). But if his play can get back to his old Boston days, I would not be surprised he will be back.