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  1. Grizball

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    If we get another first round pick from the Conley trade, say in the early teens like a #11 from Minny or #13 from Miami, I would strongly consider Sekou Doumbouya from France if he falls out of the top 10. These are the few prospects I think might be available in the teens that we should consider: Doumbouya, Porter Jr, Bol, Langford, Little, Herro. Keep an eye on Euro prospects Bitadze and Samanic, wouldn't be surprised if they rise to top 20 or even late lottery.
  2. Grizball

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I think SAS is a real possibility. Conley to team up with DeRozen and LMA would make them a title contender again. All of their contracts run up in two years. SAS seems to be a perfect match for Mike. SAS also have some nice assets: #19, #29, White, Murray, Walker. I want White + #29 or Walker + #19 plus some of their bigger contracts.
  3. Grizball

    Predict #2 Pick

    Who is better to build around Jaren? Barrett is an inefficient volume scorer. Ja is a dynamic explosive PG who can create his own offense and also pass the ball. Mike Conley will most certainly be traded this offseason. Ja is the answer and the PG of the future. Two things that I read today has reminded me of the draft last year. First, trading down for extra assets. Didn’t we hear that a lot of that last year to trade down for the CHI picks to get Carter and their #22 or some package from the Knicks or to move Parsons contract? Glad we didn’t do it right? Second, wasn’t there a lot of doubt on Luka because there had not been any great European wing in the past two decades? Luka has turned into a ROY favourite. And that zero star ranking out of HS on Ja is just BS. I expect our FO to have conversations with other teams but at the end of the day they are going to stay put and draft Ja Morant. He is the obvious right choice for this team, not RJ Barrett or any other player.
  4. I think Sarunas may be asking for something in the 3-5M per year range which is more our FO is willing to pay for a rookie head coach. And Herrington may be right that it is possible we have interviewed more names than what have been thrown out there. I think having two franchise cornerstones in Jaren and Ja has already made our coaching job a lot more attractive than before.
  5. Grizball

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    How about a deal with the Phoenix Suns? TJ Warren, Mikal Bridges and Tyler Johnson for Mike and Miles? Josh Jackson, #6 and Tyler Johnson for Mike? Not sure if Phoenix or Chicago will trade away their pick, especially for a 31 year old PG, but I think they would be very interested in trading for Mike.
  6. Grizball

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I think DET has a chance of landing Mike in a trade if they are willing to give up some of their young assets. Give us two of Kennard, Maker, #15 pick or future 1st round pick plus their expiring contracts would be ok.
  7. Grizball

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Now we have a good chance of drafting JA, I think we have more leverage in re-signing Delon. He is no longer the backup plan if we trade Conley. He will be the backup PG for this team, a very solid backup PG. I don't think any team will give him the mid-level, so I am thinking we probably can get him back for a 5-6M per year for 3-4 years.
  8. Grizball

    Predict #2 Pick

    Picking JA is a no brainer. The pairing of Jaren and Ja will sell tickets and get the fanbase excited about Grizzlies basketball again. And to me he is the clear cut number 2 talent wise. We can now focus on trading Conley for a young wing and Denver has plenty of those (Beasley, Harris).
  9. Grizball

    Who would you draft at...

    1. Zion 2. Morant 3. Barrett My top 3 is pretty much set. Prefer Morant over Barrett if we get #2 pick. 4. Garland - but all depends on his workouts. He's not a pure PG, don't know if he can run the point at the NBA level, and the sample size is so small with only 4 college games or something. ESPN is hyping him up but he can easily go as high as 4 or as low as late lottery. 8. Reddish, White or Hunter in no particular order. I may even consider Kevin Porter Jr or Bol Bol. The range is so wide at #8 that anything is possible.
  10. It’s not like Becky Hammon is turning down offers, she didn’t even get an interview. I thought she should at least get an interview from one of the job openings. If she is waiting for the right situation, then her only chance may be with the Spurs when Pop retires. Good teams like LAL won’t be interested in her. Bad lottery teams like PHO, MEM and CLE are the only teams that might be interested but now it seems they are not. I still hope we would at least give her an interview and see if she is the right coach for this team. So far all the mentioned candidates could be as risky as Becky as the next coach so I don’t see why we shouldn’t give her consideration.
  11. Wonder why Becky Hammon has not been mentioned in any head coaching interviews. Now the Suns got Monty Williams and Lue will go to the Lakers soon, there are only two HC jobs remaining so far. Cavs are interviewing a lot of candidates but no Becky Hammon. I think we should at least give her an interview and see if she will be the right fit. I think she will be a very good coach for this team.
  12. Would be a great hire. She is my top choice. I believe she is well qualified and has a good chance to be a very successful coach in the league.
  13. Grizball

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    If Irving leaves Boston, they might be better off keeping Tatum, Brown and Rozier and those young guys and all the draft picks they have and use their cap space to sign a couple of solid FAs. Getting an aging Mike Conley for 2 years is not going to help them much. LAL, on the other hand, seems to be a perfect fit. Bron needs to win next season. Conley would be the third star on that team. Regardless of what happens with our draft pick, whether or not we land Zion, I still think Mike should be gone. He's already gone, he wants to have a shot at the title, have a shot at being an All-Star, and all these things will never happen here. We'll see what the outcome is on May 14. If we land the top 3 pick or convey the pick, we should be fine. If we have #4 or 8, we would be in a much tougher situation.
  14. I am optimistic they will get better, winning 33 games should be achievable.
  15. Grizball

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Our rebuild all depends on where we will pick. We have a 57.4% chance of having a pick and 42.6% of conveying. It also hinges on the return we will get from a Conley trade. I think LAL is a real possibility. Many experts think they won’t be able to sign any big name FA or get AD. Zo and Ingram are recovering from injuries and this will have a negative impact on their trade value. I think the Lakers realise that too and will act quickly to trade for guys within their reach. Mike should definitely be a candidate. Only two more years left on his deal and will expire at the same time as Bron’s deal expire. My guess is Zo or Ingram and/or their 2019 1st round pick is possible to get. But no matter what we do, this rebuild is going to take another 2-3 years at least. We are probably going to be one of the worst teams if not the worst in the West next season.