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  1. Grizball

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    I thought the deal would be reached shortly after WOJ said they were close to a deal. It's a veteran minimum so it shouldn't take that long. I am thinking either they are working on some other deals to clear a roster spot or get a big man, or the signing is off. On backup big, I think Al Jefferson and perhaps soon-to-be bought out Tyson Chandler would be good veteran big man to have behind Marc. They probably won't demand much playing time but could step in when needed to. And both would be good mentor to Jaren.
  2. Grizball

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    Apparently FO also think Mack is better than Harrison or they would not want to sign him. They are not adding a 3rd string PG to a full 15 men roster.
  3. Grizball

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    I like this Mack signing. He is a better backup PG than Harrison. Having said that I think Harrison should be kept. Martin is the logical choice to get rid of. There are two things FO needs to address: 1) trim down to 15 with the probable signing of Mack 2) get a backup to Marc. People talk about trading JAM but the moves FO have made so far to try to get back to the playoffs we need Green in the front court. Or we trade Green for another big man who is better suited at the 5. It is a very interesting situation we are in and I am sure there will be one or two more moves after the signing of Mack.
  4. Grizball

    Grizzlies opponents - 2018 Free agents and trades

    I just can't imagine LAL winning with their current roster, they may get into the playoffs but certainly won't look like a top team in the West. I am hoping we can somehow get Ingram from them. Marc for Ingram and Deng work for both teams. I know everyone is pumped for this upcoming season trying to get back to the playoffs, but wouldn't it be nice to see JJJ and Ingram as our building blocks?
  5. Grizball

    The 2018 Free Agents

    I don't know if they are done yet, so far FO has surprised me this summer with staying put at #4 in the draft and take the BPA, sign Slo-Mo, trade for Temple, all good moves by the way, so I would not be surprised if they make another trade to balance out the roster.
  6. Grizball

    Vegas Summer League

    I think JJJ will come off the bench early in the season, and will eventually move to the starting lineup. I think our starting lineup will be Conley, Dillion Brooks, Anderson, Green and Gasol with a rotation of Harrison, Marshon Brooks, Parsons and JJJ off the bench.
  7. We have had interest in Smart for quite a while, I recalled that we tried to trade for him at the trade deadline last season. I think even with the signing of Anderson we should still go after Smart. A young TA with better offense, he is more GnG than anyone on our roster. We can trade Green and Martin (and a 2nd rounder maybe) for Smart re-signed at 12-13M. It works under the salary cap but may put us above the tax line. I think Boston would be willing to do it if they don't intend to pay him. It would be better than losing him for nothing, and they like Green. Not sure how much we want Smart, but I think he could really help us get to the playoffs.
  8. Assuming Smart is looking for 12-13M per year, we would need to trade Green and McLemore, but Boston don’t have enough roster spots to take on two contracts. It would be a great A+ offseason if we can land Smart.
  9. Grizball

    Vegas Summer League

    Carter is more NBA ready than JJJ for sure, but personally I think JJJ has a much higher ceiling, maybe the highest in the draft. I would still draft JJJ over Carter for sure, I would even draft JJJ over Bagley who was the guy I wanted on draft day. Knox looks good too, but I don't think we will see the same kind of performance from him in real NBA games, at least not in his rookie year. Overall I am happy with our pick and even though JJJ will have some ups and downs I will be patient to see him grow and develop. I think we now have a competitive team that will fight for the last playoff spot and probably will end up in 8-10 in the Western Conference if we can stay healthy.
  10. Grizball

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    Parsons has almost 50M left in his contract and Melo only 27M, why would OKC want to take on an extra 23M for a role player at best? Doesn't make any sense at all. HOU, a team that is interested in Melo, can offer Andersen and Nene for Melo and that would save OKC 3M.
  11. We will see if Slo-Mo is the right deal, but I am optimistic though. On defense, he is going to make the team better. He can also handle the ball some and facilitate on offense. I think he is going to fit in really well with Marc and Mike. He is not a scorer, but with only the MLE available to spend we ain't getting no scorer. We are now getting a guy who help us win games, who is a piece for both the present with Marc and Mike and the future with JJJ and Dillion.
  12. It's a very good signing. Our offseason moves keep us in the Marc & Mike era but also preparing the team for the future. I am very high on JJJ's long term potential, he is going to be one of the best if not the best to come out of this draft class. Carter should have a long NBA career being a defensive specialist. Anderson is a versatile utility glue guy kind of like Draymond.
  13. Gonna find out soon today, hope they don't.
  14. The Spurs may match, and I think they probably will. They have spent all that time developing him into a nice young player and they should want to hold onto him. And the contract is not too bad. I wonder if they match what our next move would be. Would they offer the same to Hood?
  15. According to the article, "The Spurs have until Sunday to match, but the sources suggest they are unlikely to do so." I hope the Spurs pass, and if they do, I wonder how we can still sign Carter to a 3-4 years deal, and who are we going to cut or trade? Definitely some more moves to be made after the deal is done.