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  1. Coubs Returns

    Grayson Allen

    If you look closely at the play where Derrick White gets hurt/maimed, you can tell that it’s not an inadvertent elbow, but instead an intentional knee. You can tell by the way his heel comes up from the floor as White is in front of him. Should be permanently banned from the NBA.
  2. Coubs Returns

    Welcome aboard Luke Kennard

    So we swap a bench gunner for a bench gunner and give them 3 picks, 2 of which they flipped for Bones, who is a better player than either of them. Meanwhile, Wiseman is traded for essentially 5 second rounders. This was a hugely disappointing trade deadline for us.
  3. Coubs Returns

    Associates of Ja Morant verbally accosted Pacers personnel

    Trade him while he’s healthy and still has some value.
  4. Coubs Returns

    Make everyone available for the #1 pick

    Wembanyama is the elephant in the room. Whoever lands him will have the best chance at becoming the next great NBA dynasty. I’d be on the phone after the draft lottery.