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  1. Flippin Grizzly

    Santi’s offseason

    wasn't it Kleiman that said "you know" over 100 times in his end of season presser? somebody needs to count it
  2. Flippin Grizzly

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    AR*15 is his nickname, maybe he already has it. fit right in
  3. https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/37654799/2023-nba-mock-draft-projecting-all-58-picks-post-lottery Givony has Grizz going big selecting: -Lively 25th -Coleman Hawkins 46th -Prosper 56th other notables: -Kobe Brown a player i like they have going to the spurs at 43 -emoni bates 52 to suns -edey to the cavs at 48
  4. Flippin Grizzly

    Ja....not again please!

    ja making kyrie look like a sensible alternative
  5. Flippin Grizzly

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    lol. now that's what i'm talking about
  6. Flippin Grizzly

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    believe this is where you coulda inserted a cute sarcastic meme for the same effect in lieu of all the words
  7. Flippin Grizzly

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    he always looks a step slow. his length helps him recover. but hard for me to get excited about a guy with a highlight film full of guys missing jumpers against him. a few blocks and a few hustle plays. can he play the 3?
  8. Flippin Grizzly

    Offseason Cross-Your-Fingers Predictions (or: play GM)

    had to be over 150 "you knows"
  9. Flippin Grizzly

    Coaching Thread

    reach. fixed it for you. the kings added huerter and monk last summer and also drafted one of their starters (keegan murray).
  10. Flippin Grizzly

    PLAYOFFS: Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers Game 6

    I thought you may be onto something. we reached 23 pages
  11. Flippin Grizzly

    PLAYOFFS: Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - Game 3

    man, one bucket 5 mins in. and by ja
  12. Flippin Grizzly

    PLAYOFFS: Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - Game 3

    https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/36256056/nba-playoffs-betting-odds-lebron-james-40-points LeBron has played against the Grizzlies 17 times in a Lakers uniform, regular season and playoffs. He has never scored 40 points in any of those games. LeBron has played in 29 playoffs games in a Lakers uniform, and he has only scored 40 points in a game one time. A 40-point effort in a loss to the Heat in 2020. Brooks would love to make LeBron so angry that he changes the way he plays to try to score 40-plus points in Game 3. If he did, it would probably increase the chances that the Grizzlies could pull an upset on the road.
  13. Flippin Grizzly

    D Brooks’ role

    I'm sorry but I love Dillon standing up to Lebron enough to talk trash to him and clap back to Lebron who was giving it out too. Dillon also guarded AD pretty stoutly too and made him miss a couple of shots. Dillon gets abused on here bc of his offense, but man he's the heart and soul of this team's defense. and we are also talking about the LA Lakers and all their titles and Lebron the NBA all time scoring leader. It's awesome that Dillion living rent free in some heads of lakers/fans. can't wait to hear the faker crowd boos of dillion during game 3 Saturday. Gonna be awesome! go grizzlies!