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  1. Just wanted to quick say congrats and you guys are clearly the more complete team. Pumped for our future, but need to do roster tweaking. Good luck against Golden State
  2. I mean Ja pushing bev out, bev's 6th foul, and Ja just getting every call i nthe last 6 minutes.
  3. Lmao the lay off the Ja kool-aid. He goes the the line regardless if there is a foul or not.
  4. Refs weren't the only reason but they were a big factor.
  5. Ja had 10 free throws in the last 6 minutes. It was absurd. After 5 games, I think the Wolves are definitely the better team but Memphis is just so relentless and the Wolves relax at the worst time.
  6. It's just the truth. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  7. Yes I am. Congrats on the refs handing you a game.
  8. Congrats on the steal. Make sure to venmo your refs.
  9. Welp, refs want the Grizzlies to win this game
  10. I'm just trying to make the point it doesn't pay to complain about officiating. Grizzlies fans think Minnesota got the benefit last game. I think you're getting it this game. I agree though. Let them play.
  11. Lol you can't say that with JJJ, Ja, and Brooks on your team. Looks like I was right, too.