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  1. All day with the jitty tho, show us the free throw belt!
  2. Whiskey a great time by itself. No plates smashed as they cost money 💵 and rate of inflation is horrendous. Now I'm cooking the good lady early dinner as she seen fit to pick me up. Sorry team back to the usual thread🤙
  3. Know when you need a ride when konch an Culver are mixed up in ones head! This is a public service notice! (Or at least it should be)
  4. All good till jitty an Culver get mixed up in ones head. Lol
  5. And Culver probably can start for the Lakers. Seems like he couldn't do any worse
  6. With you on a couple o games to end of reg. season but due to Friday early knock off beers in kiwiland I mixed him up with the konch.(see above). And now in my befuddled state I see konch taking Adams spot due to his uncanny rebound ability. Time to call the missus for a ride home
  7. Aww shivers forget what I just typed above I just got Culver an the konch mixed up in my head for a minute
  8. Ain't nothing like a role player that's prepared to stand up or sit down on command. Will miss him but can't hold him back from 3rd off the bench for any other team. Lakers probably need him to start. Who you putting up to replace him? Cos he still got a role to play for (hopefully) many weeks yet
  9. Bigno4

    No, this loss is not "OK"

    Ok now I've read it I can't unsee the horrors created in my head. Pray tell what's a poodle skirt and who wears one? Female, male or undefined?
  10. Heh heh hee hawks doing hawk things good lads, leaves the pressure to the side for next couple of games and the grizz can enjoy their games
  11. 6/2 points v Boston 121
  12. Bigno4

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Pacers 03/24/2022

    TH. 17 rbs 6 assists 3 blocks 3 steals zero TO. Steve Adams stats to honor his old mentor on a sad day. Kenny would have loved it mate.
  13. Bigno4

    Team Hero Nets@Griz

    No argument here on those 2. So I'll just mention B.C. being massive during his minutes esp in that last quarter
  14. He just knows Adams will continue to shovel snow to clear the path for the rest of these lads to do the scorey stuff👍
  15. Just finished a match play at golf and got in too this result? Normally would read all comments on this board. But no I think I'll flush this one and hope for better over the next couple of weeks and some learnings have happened from our team.