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    Grizzlies untouchable list

    Dillon is key in order to keep everybody on track. He is pure energy and heart. We don't need cheerleaders. We need someone with enough will and determination to challenge Ja. SP was determinant for MJ success. Ja needs to keep working.
  2. BcnFan

    Grizzlies untouchable list

    The way the team is playing and how players are growing, I would only trade to make room for an established all-star who want to join us for a championship. We don't need almost all star or awesome role players, we already have these. And chemistry looks right. Impressed by the FO. Cleveland and Memphis FOs ďeserves some recognition...
  3. BcnFan

    Defensive scheme

    I expect JA to improve his defense. IMO he has the attitude to do what it takes. Looking how the team is playing, I suspect the all-star is not a priority for him anymore. The goal is being a top 4 team. Utah, GSW, Phoenix we are here...