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  1. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I'm not sure Bones is any better than ZW. And they both seem to have gone backwards this year.
  2. I guess we're about to find out with Danny. I hope my optimism that he will come back as good as (or close to) where he was pre-injury isn't misplaced. If he can, he's just what we need off the bench. A 40% career 3 pt shooter who can defend at a high level, and who has playoff experience (and been a starter on 3 different NBA champs). We don't need Spurs or Toronto DGreen, the 76ers version will be a big help. And those of you thinking that Jake, or Roddy or any of the young guys are the answer, especially come playoff time, are forgetting that the only time they look even adequate on the court at this stage of their careers is because they are being babysat by the big kids.
  3. Maybe because he's having to work harder in there without Adams freeing him on screens and/or sealing in the lane for him
  4. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Kenrich is really good and seems like a really good low maintenance team guy. Trouble is OKC FO obviously think so too Would have been a great addition. Wasn't he a college team-mate of Des as well?
  5. MisterT

    Steve-O out 3-5 weeks

    It's obviously far from ideal having Adams out and i am worried about how much the play and results will drop off without him, but it's only one of our bigs. The other guys are healthy and although we're a bit weak in the backup 5 role, they are overall a pretty decent group. And Adams is expected to be out for a few weeks not a few months, so why are people advocating picking up some scrub who's not as good as the bigs we already have .. Sure, JJJ/BC/Santi & X will struggle to replace alot of what Steve does so well, but the players being suggested on here that might be realistic targets definitely won't help. There's a good reason that they sit on the bench for bad teams. Time for the others to step up, and an opportunity for some development and learning for the young guys. Hopefully they surprise us..
  6. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I agree about losing Adams being a big blow. He is probably the best rebounder in the league in terms of either getting OReb or his effect on team DReb. Look through virtually any advanced on/off stat (even down to things like 3pt% for the likes of Bane) and the team is worse with him off the court. As well as the obvious things like the rebounding, screening and passing, it's the little unseen things he brings that'll be missed. You're not going to get even close to replacing what Adams does with the type of short term rental that would actually be available. The Grizz actually have decent bigs (albeit with a drop-off at the 5 without Steve), so they should just roll with what they've got. Development minutes for Santi and a chance for JJJ to get more run at the 5 will be good for them. Maybe they can try to play decent some decent half-court offence for a change seeing Steve won't be there to rebound all the bricks or screen and/or clear the lane for Ja's highlight reel plays.
  7. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    It's a big blow for sure, but he's expected to be out for a few weeks, not a few months, and there is the All Star break coming up as well which will likely reduce the number of games he misses. They have OK depth with the bigs so highly doubt they do anything as cover. With Adams I'd predict recovery time at the short end of the estimated time-frame as well.
  8. I'd love to be proven wrong, but i think you're being very optimistic suggesting these guys are ever going to shoot those % consistently. ZW has barely shot 30% so far (incl in college), and aside from the 2019/20 season JJJ has been a very mediocre/streaky 3 pt shooter. Jake might end up a reliable 3 pt shooter, based on what he showed in college, but probably at the level you have Santi. Roddy had one really good college season, but other than that was terrible, and hasn't looked likely so far this season. The others look about right. Konchar is just under 40% for his career, so i think you have him too low. You might be a bit optimistic on Ja & Dillon as well based on the last 3 seasons.
  9. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Agree the fouling remains a bit of a concern, but i think the limited minutes he's played is more about load management and blowout wins than him being in foul trouble consistently. The team is rolling without any of the starters having to play big minutes which is great news. And while the defence is definitley much better with Jaren on, it's been pretty solid lately with him off as well, but agree that in the playoffs it's key that he can be on the court with the second unit when Dillon and/or Steve are on the bench. The defense is pretty bad when all 3 are off the court.
  10. I know you jest, but Jitty actually plays really good defense. That's probably why his minutes are generally a + for the team
  11. MisterT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Broken old man Jingles with a nice game for the Bucks yesterday. Encouraging for those among us that are hoping/believing DGreen can recover to something close to his pre-injury form and be just what we need off the bench....
  12. MisterT

    All things JJJ

    JJJ is head and shoulders above for his defensive profile/role. It's a good chart i think as it adds context to defensive ratings. JJJ has the easiest match-ups of the 3, but absolutely destroys as a help defender. Dillon gets the toughest matchups but still rates highly so is elite as a primary stopper. Adams sits in the middle in terms of match-up difficulty (he gets the likes of Jokic, Embiid, DA etc) but still rates among the elite in that role. Good news for the Grizz
  13. MisterT

    All things JJJ

    Here you go. The Grizzlies 3 key defenders (JJJ, Adams & Dillon) at or near the top for their defensive roles/profiles - no wonder defense has been league best lately. JJJ in a class of his own as a help-side defender
  14. MisterT

    All things JJJ

    Saw that as well. I've seen numerous advanced stats that also bear this out.. No wonder the Grizz defense is humming, 3 guys at or near the top of their defensive asignments; - JJJ is easily the best help-side rim proetector in the league - Adams gets the toughest match-up inside and is also elite in that role - Dillon get's the ******-stick guarding the opponents best scorer, and is among the best in the league. That scatter-plot bears out what the eye test tells you watching games. I'm surpised Steve-O hasn't been getting the recognition on here he derserves for his defence this year. He's been outstanding this year. He's always a been a solid, not elite, defender (apart form the horror show in NO), but he's made a big jump this season.