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    2022 Lottery

    The lottery will be tomorrow night (Tuesday) and will set the draft order. We have a 1-in-250 shot of keeping the Lakers’ 1st round pick - so not likely.
  2. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    2022 Lottery

    Odds of being struck by lightning - 1 in 500,000 Odds of being attacked by shark in US - 1 in 5,000,000 Odds of finding four leaf clover - 1 in 5,000 Odds of winning Powerball - 1 in 292,201,338 I’ve found 4-leaf clovers before, my cousin was attacked by a shark on family vacation 7 years ago in Charleston, and that couple from Munford won the Powerball several years ago I’m feeling a little bit better about our chances.
  3. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    2022 Lottery

    1-in-250 or bust!
  4. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    2022 Lottery

    There’s at least one universe out there in the multiverse in which that 1-in-250 situation happens. Why not ours?
  5. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I’ve heard of player/managers before, but never player/GM’s.
  6. Sad and scary scene in Milwaukee after the game. Outside the arena there were 17 shot and multiple fights. Fortunately no fatalities.
  7. Yup. That’s the lineup. If someone needs a breather. Can put in Kyle. Rook hasn’t been in 2nd half. He only shot twice.
  8. That would be acceptable, but Jaren was in that space first. Poole ran smack into him, so should have been a foul on him.
  9. Yup. Poole should have gotten the foul. He ran into Jaren.
  10. There were two that were obvious fouls that were no called. And got blocked twice. And one was a tip.
  11. That was the right call. Even though Bane did push off, he got fouled before that.
  12. Jaren needs to stay inside. His 3 ain’t falling. Melton’s stroke looking good.
  13. And that’s how you answer! We keep this up, they will get demoralized.
  14. When you give them 4 attempts on a single possession, they are going to make one
  15. Jaren hurt on his last shot. Did he trip on a cameraman?
  16. Warriors are supposed to win. It has been mandated by the good Lord. If they don't, it's always someone else's fault. Someone was corrupted by Satan, and deliberately prevented them from winning.
  17. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    Ok, if you're having fun do it, go right ahead. That's good clean fun that doesn't hurt anyone.