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  1. Sad and scary scene in Milwaukee after the game. Outside the arena there were 17 shot and multiple fights. Fortunately no fatalities.
  2. Still enough time. Gotta dig deep.
  3. Yup. That’s the lineup. If someone needs a breather. Can put in Kyle. Rook hasn’t been in 2nd half. He only shot twice.
  4. That would be acceptable, but Jaren was in that space first. Poole ran smack into him, so should have been a foul on him.
  5. Yup. Poole should have gotten the foul. He ran into Jaren.
  6. There were two that were obvious fouls that were no called. And got blocked twice. And one was a tip.
  7. Curry fouled Dillon there on the shot.
  8. That was the right call. Even though Bane did push off, he got fouled before that.
  9. Jaren needs to stay inside. His 3 ain’t falling. Melton’s stroke looking good.
  10. And that’s how you answer! We keep this up, they will get demoralized.
  11. When you give them 4 attempts on a single possession, they are going to make one
  12. Dillon! You we’re always my boy!
  13. Jaren hurt on his last shot. Did he trip on a cameraman?
  14. Yay, Richard Jefferson. He’s so awesome.
  15. Warriors are supposed to win. It has been mandated by the good Lord. If they don't, it's always someone else's fault. Someone was corrupted by Satan, and deliberately prevented them from winning.
  16. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    Ok, if you're having fun do it, go right ahead. That's good clean fun that doesn't hurt anyone.
  17. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    Some friendly advice, don't waste any more time trying to come up with trades. FO won't be soliciting your suggestions.
  18. So are you saying Warriors players are liars and cheaters? They are symptomatic and were knowingly around someone who tested positive for COVID, but are avoiding being tested in order to keep playing? Maybe they even hope to spread it to Grizzlies players, knowing that they would follow the rules and test if they were symptomatic, and be knocked out of the series. Sure, lets go with that.
  19. He missed some easy lay-ins last night that could become critical for game 6. Overall, I think he's done great. He has played very well on defense, and I thought even did well the times that he switched onto Curry. He prevented Curry getting off quick shots, and then got some help when Curry started to dribble. I think our big lineup beats their small lineup unless they get super hot from behind the arch. And they've only been able to do that once this series. They also had easy lanes to the bucket that game too, which Adams has been able to help take away.
  20. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    I agree. I think Jaren defers all playmaking to Ja, and only takes on the playmaking role when Ja is not playing. It is an issue. I think Jaren and Ja need to make a concerted effort to address this. When Ja is in the game, Jaren needs to work for position in the middle and ask for the ball, not stand over in the corner. Ja needs to be looking for Jaren, and give him the ball to work him into the offense as a post player, not a perimeter player. There's not many players that can stop Jaren, so there will have to be help on Jaren, which will open up more options. Ja doesn't have to pass it to him every time, but working him in more, will keep the defense guessing.
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    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    At the beginning of the season, we were not the team we were the rest of the season. If you start from that Hawks game where Ja got injured, with Ja, we were 30-11. That's 73%. That's not too different from the 80% with out him. Also, during that first stretch that Ja was out, many teams were without their top players due to injury or COVID. I think when you take all things into consideration, it's not as significant as it appears on the surface.