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    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    There’s lots of options. I think we need to sign 2 FA’s. Drop Green. Sign Hartenstein and drop Tillie. Put Vince Williams as the 2nd 2-way. For the final roster spot we can either go PG. If we stay with Tyus and he wants a 4-year deal, give it to him and we can always trade him after 2 years. Other option is Delon Wright. We could also just go for a rotation of guards that handle the ball when Ja isn’t in with no specific PG except when Kennedy is playing. We could go with Malik Monk Payton Jr, or probably several others.
  2. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Jake LaRavia

    HIs Indiana St teammates probably sucked, thus the low assist numbers.
  3. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    C'mon Parker, lets not drive up the price. Let's keep it a secret for us.
  4. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Draft night winners and losers

    If you like brain teasers go check this out and see if you can figure it all out https://www.prosportstransactions.com/basketball/DraftTrades/Future/Thunder.htm
  5. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    The 2022 NBA Free Agents & trades

    Yeah, you can't just let him go like that employee that doesn't show up to work on time and eats coworkers' food in the fridge. He's due $22.68 million this coming season, and $24.36 million in 23/24. However, if you just "let him go" before 48 hours after the start of the 2023 NBA draft, he's only owed $14.32 million. They could trade him though.
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    Jake LaRavia

    Jake LaRavia is 6'6.75" in bare feet. Is 1.25" too much of a discrepancy for comparison?
  7. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Issues Accessing the Boards

    So light and moderate viewers are ok?
  8. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    What? He'd be great. He could even do half-time performances for us too as Thingamajig.
  9. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I concur. Likely, he's just being held as a potential matching salary piece, if a trade comes up that we're interested in. If no trade materializes by June 30, 11:59, then I'm sure he will be waived.
  10. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    He didn't play football in college, so don't know why it took 2 seasons of only playing basketball before he would dedicate himself to it. Maybe he was a football walkon that redshirted, but couldn't find anything about him being on the football team. I could see it taking two full seasons of focusing strictly on basketball, before the 3pt shot fully develops. He was great athlete being an all-state QB with D1 offers and also won state title in the discus.
  11. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I like him too. At 24 he's still young. He's not the rebounding beast Adams is, but has a jump shot and can hit 3's. Much better FT shooter too.
  12. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Jake LaRavia

    You can't forget the Pale Rider - Keith Van Horn
  13. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I wonder if there’s any interest from our FO in signing Malik Monk. He’s shot around 40% from 3 the past couple years and a good FT shooter. He’s taller than Tyus or Melton, and will probably be cheaper than Tyus. He grew up 40 miles from Memphis too.
  14. The first time I didn’t realize you were including 2-way guys. So there may be no need to do any consolidation trades since we will be good if we waive Green (if we have no FA signings)
  15. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Grizzlies sign Kenneth Lofton Jr. on Two-Way Deal

    Big fluffy pancakes!
  16. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    2022 Mock Draft Contest

    Wow, I just threw mine together last minute. Wasn’t even planning on doing it, but all of a sudden, the board started loading on my desktop, as I didn’t want to type it up on my phone. But you probably shouldn’t have been eligible. Kinda like gas station owners aren’t eligible for the lottery. But nice job. I’ll trust your math as I don’t want to double check it.
  17. Sorry, I didn’t specify - 17 available roster spots. It’s still not as logjammed as last year. Green likely won’t have a roster spot, especially with him being recently injured. It hasn’t been announced if Vince Williams will be a 2-way or have a full roster spot. If he becomes the other two-way, that leaves one open roster spot. Maybe for Tyus or another FA. If room is needed, Tillie is a guy with an easy contract that could be dumped. If Terry had already been signed to a 2-way for 22/23, he could easily be dumped too.
  18. The only thing I see about Terry is that he signed a 2-way deal for the remainder of last season. I don’t even think you can even do a 2 year two-way deal.
  19. If you count two-way guys, that gives you 17 roster spots. Like someone mentioned, Lofton already has been given a two-way deal, so Terry and Pons won’t both be back. They will probably just stay with the Hustle like McDermott did after not having his 2-way renewed.
  20. Your count is wrong. Not counting the guys with expiring contracts, it’s 16. 15 if we wave Green. 14 if we sign Vince Williams to a 2-way.
  21. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    Most of the season he didn’t, but he started creating his own shot towards the end of the season. I just think he’s more of a methodical, get comfortable, and then take on more type of player, as opposed to trying to do everything at once.
  22. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Summer League Chats

    Yup, if he can get up to 290, that would create a lot of space
  23. Listened to the Memphis Hardwood podcast about the new rooks, and one host talked about the deep Memphis connection that the Chandler family has. How Kennedy’s dad coached for the Memphis Tigers and his brother, Lawson Chandler played for the Tigers too…
  24. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Exactly. 3% is my margin of error.
  25. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    We aren’t getting KD, so no point in talking of keeping him. If you haven’t noticed, Kleiman is building a completely homegrown team. If neither Anderson nor Tyus re-signs, Adams will be our only player that has been on another NBA team. I still think there’s about a 50/50 chance we re-sign Tyus, but only a 3% chance we re-sign Kyle. I just don’t see us signing or trading for some big name vet when we don’t know how they will fit in to our culture.