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  1. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deadline 2021-22 and beyond

    But Golden State drafted both Steph and Klay. They didn’t go out and get Klay at the midpoint of his career when he was already making $30 million. Some of these salaries are paying players for what they’ve already done, not what they’re doing now. If we sign Ja to a couple big contracts and towards the end of his 2nd one, his production drops off, hey, I’m ok with that. Hopefully he’s done a bunch of amazing stuff for us and he deserves it. We did after all get all those really cheap years on his rookie contract. But to do what the Lakers have done and pay someone $36 million for all his previous MVP’s, and All NBA and All-Star teams, and scoring titles, and triple doubles, all for other teams, and now you’re get production similar to some 2nd or 3rd year players out there. It’s wasteful. It’s like being excited that you got married to a playboy bunny, but she’s 80 years old. And another thing is fit. How do you know bringing in said superstar will be the right fit for your team, have good chemistry with your other players. KD/Harden/Kyrie is a slam dunk to win a title, right?
  2. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Milwaukee Bucks - 1/19/22

    Naw, Jenkins loves his 10-man rotation during the regular season Tyus/Konchar/Culver or Santi/Brandon/Tillman.
  3. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Milwaukee Bucks - 1/19/22

    No, it’ll be Ja/Melt/ZW/Jaren/Adams
  4. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Milwaukee Bucks - 1/19/22

    I think Jaren, Brandon, and Tyus are the only ones that haven’t been out for protocols
  5. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deadline 2021-22 and beyond

    Oh absolutely, that's part of it too. Des has definitely improved since last season. But he's also playing 7.6 minutes more per game this year, which wouldn't be the case if we still had Allen.
  6. Yeah, I think the Lakers pick is way too risky for anyone willing to trade for it at this point. It's not a - well, it may drop a few spots, its a - it might completely disappear and turn into 2nd round picks. When we made the trade last Summer and got it, the Top-ten protection seemed irrelevant since the Lakers were a favorite to win the title. Now, once things settle, if the Lakers don't make the playoff, and we dodge a bullet in the lottery, it could turn into something very valuable at 11, 12, or 13.
  7. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    He's made some memorable moments this year. There was the Bradley carry and the suggesting a tech to the ref, then the fist pump when it was given.
  8. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Denver Nuggets - 1/21/22

    Well it depends. The Nuggets game matters less only if we were to meet the Bucks in the Finals and the Nuggets don't make a push to overtake us. WIth it being still being early, and Jamal Murray possibly returning, I'd like to pad our lead as much as possible. As far as having better records than Eastern teams, if we don't make the finals, I'd actually like some Eastern teams to have better records than us, so we will get a better draft pick. But yeah, lets win all 3.
  9. Probably so. There's lots of moving factors. Lakers are likely gonna be in the play-in, so it depends on if they end up in the playoffs or not.
  10. Lebron has gotten 5 coaches fired so far. Additionally, Tyronn Lue was fired 6 games after Lebron left the Cavs.
  11. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    Yes, I agree. His initial grab was fine, to try and keep him from falling, but there was no need to continue to hold him, even after Ja tried to pull away. I think the refs made the exactly right call.
  12. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deadline 2021-22 and beyond

    Maybe they didn't want to evaluate it, so they didn't know, and were hoping they could sneak it by Detroit (plausible deniability)
  13. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deadline 2021-22 and beyond

    And it's not something that's evaluated for this exact point in time and only this exact point in time. Beal is 28 years old. I think he is probably past the peak of his career. He's making $33 million this year, and $36 million next year with player option. If we want him, we will have to give up assets. If we traded for him, we would only get him for the remainder of this season, and next season (assuming he picks up the player option.) After that, he's a free agent, so there's no guarantee we resign him. So, we gave up significant assets, and paid a lot of money to an aging, past his peak (yes he's still very good), player for less than a season and a half. When someone is saying they don't want him, all these things and more are being taken into consideration. If I could blink and he's magically on our team without losing anything and being paid something that fits within our budget and future budget - I would take that in a heart beat. But would I want him considering all factors and what we'd have to give up - no.
  14. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he had no ill intentions, and was more of a more reflexive move, but it was unnecessary and deserves a flagrant. His leg wasn't just there in a normal defensive posture, it was stuck out in an effort to stop Ja.
  15. ThaGhostOfThaBeet

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    Idiot Van Gundy was trying to say that Tony Bradley's foul on Ja was unintentional and just a result of him not being able to move his feet fast enough. Did not think he deserved a flagrant or tech. Completely blind to the fact he intentionally kicked his foot out to try and stop/trip Ja, and didn't say anything about Bradley grabbing and not letting Ja go.