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  1. Thegoodguys

    Is this roster currently

    Right? I have a feeling Minnesota will surprise people and Utah will be really bad this year. Gobert did a lot to hold that group of terrible defenders to a respectable level.
  2. Thegoodguys

    Is this roster currently

    With the loss of Kyle and Melton and the injury to JJJ it seems likely that this team will take a step back this year especially during the regular season until JJJ hopefully returns for the playoffs. Any guesses for what seed we will be come playoff time? I'm thinking about 6th seed behind phoenix, golden State, healthy clippers, healthy nuggets, and the wolves who did well last year before adding gobert who should boost their regular season win total. The Mavs and pelicans should be good too. The west looks brutal this year
  3. KAT already played next to Vanderbilt all season who is also a nonshooting big. Rudy is a better sceener, lob threat, and offensive rebounder than Vanderbilt so the offense will probably be as good or better and they were already top 8 in the league. Utah actually had the best offensive rating in the league last year with Rudy on the team. Losing Vanderbilt and Beverly will be a loss for Minnesota defensively but Ant and Jaden McDaniels are good defenders and so is Kyle who they signed. KAT and DLo also improved a lot last year and Prince is no slouch either. Plus I think they are better team defenders than the Jazz which was maybe a bigger problem for Utah than bad individual defenders. My prediction is Minnesota will be a top 3 seed in the west next year and I wouldn't be surprised if they are number 1. That team will be really good in the regular season but we'll see about the playoffs. I think Utah will either barely make the playins or miss the playoffs all together next year. They are going to take a huge step back without Gobert.
  4. Agreed. He's a really good player but the fit on the Thunder is not good for him. Same with Chet. That guy should not be playing the 5.
  5. I agree that our big 3 is about as good or better than Phoenix or Denver's but behind GS. I'm actually a big fan of what Minnesota did. After looking into it more I don't think Rudy has actually been the guy exposed in Utah the last few years, but all of his teammates and coach. Utah actually did better with Rudy on the floor than off in all of those series. On top of that, it wasn't that Rudy got exposed on D in the pick and roll like some talking heads would have people believe. The clippers specifically put 5 shooters on the floor and had whoever Rudy was guarding stand in the corner so he couldn't be the guy stopping the pick and roll. Rudy's teammates would then consistently get beat off the dribble or in pick and rolls and Rudy would rotate to protect the rim but nobody would rotate onto his man while he was helping his teammates leading to wide open shots. It was a good strategy to mitigate Rudy's effectiveness in the playoffs, but it was more of Rudy's teammates getting exposed for being unable to stop penetration and poor defensive rotations. One guy can't guard everybody. I think Minnesota is going to be really good this year. The defense will be way better with Gobert and Dlo plays a lot better with a lob threat roll man. I also imagine Ant will thrive getting to the rim and being able to throw up lobs if the rim protector tries to stop Ant. The future of the western conference is going to be going through us and Minnesota which will be one heck of a rivalry in the future.
  6. Thegoodguys

    Steal of the draft

    Gotcha. What number is he? I'll have to look up some highlights
  7. Thegoodguys

    Steal of the draft

    Talking about LaRavia? He looked good tonight. Seemed to fit on the wing better than I had anticipated. I was disappointed in Champagnie tonight who I was really high on before the draft although he didn't get muc opportunity for the 76ers
  8. Thegoodguys

    Summer League Chats

    I also remember Trae Young playing really bad in the summer league and a lot of people labelling him as a bust at the time. Summer league is fun, but everything should be taken with a large grain of salt. It might be possible to learn something from summer league, but rookies first few games against not quite NBA level but better than college level competition where they are the stars and not role players can only tell you so much.
  9. Thegoodguys

    Draft night winners and losers

    Welcome! I actually really liked your first pick. Mathurin will be good. Big for a 2, athletic, and can shoot well. I think he will be a solid player with some star potential.
  10. Thegoodguys

    JJJ Stress fracture

    Sounds like the rooks better be ready to play. Not sure how excited I am to see a Clarke/Adams front court with no shooting
  11. Thegoodguys

    Tyus Stones returning to Grizz

    Glad to have him!
  12. Thegoodguys

    Draft night winners and losers

    Which is even better because they have a great shooting coach. Gotta be a best case scenario for Daniels landing there
  13. Thegoodguys

    Summer League Chats

    We have some interesting games right off the bat. First off against the 76ers and the combo forward I liked better in this draft than LaRavia and Roddy in Julian Champagnie. Then we play the thunder and their assortment of draft picks including Chet and Jalen Williams. Interestingly Giddey is listed on their roster. He can't be playing much in the summer league right?
  14. Thegoodguys

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Do you know the protections?
  15. Thegoodguys

    Draft night winners and losers

    I really like Chet and Williams, but I like them a lot less on the thunder. I think chet should be used in the JJJ/Mobely role on defense as a 4 paired with a 5 but will struggle as a center where the thunder seem likely to play him. Jalen Williams seems fine as a 3&D wing where he will likely be used next to SGA and Giddey. I liked him better as a big guard used more as a shot creator and playmaker though. He would have been really nice next to Trae or Garland as a secondary playmaker or as a big PG replacing Dlo or next to Jalen Green. I just am not on the Dieng train. Not sure if it's just the stats or shot or what. Gives me Deni Avdija kinda vibes