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  1. I think it’s because he’s taller and stronger
  2. Are you trying to vilify him for having a drug problem? I’m glad he’s seemed to have turned his life around
  3. My man Allen

    Grayson doing Grayson things again

    Oubre had no follow through. Allen felt his arm and forcibly threw Caruso to the ground. Oubre felt his arm and immediately pulled back. Watch both again. You really can’t see the difference?
  4. My man Allen

    Grayson doing Grayson things again

    This is completely different than the Allen one and I think it seeds a bad message. Are players not supposed to contest shots anymore?
  5. My man Allen

    all about ja

    Now people are legitimately asking would you rather have Giannis or Morant
  6. My man Allen


    Yeah we’re right there with the best teams in the league
  7. My man Allen


    He has all the talent in the world and he works he works hard
  8. My man Allen

    Grayson doing Grayson things again

    He need counseling. He needs to figure out what’s eating away at him that causes him to do stuff like that. That’s not basketball
  9. My man Allen

    Mike Conley's misfortune

    I doubt Conley thinks of it like that. He has a decent shot at a championship this year. I also have a hard time feeling bad for someone who makes 22 million dollars a year to play a child’s game And his wife is hot
  10. People forget he’s only 22. He’s gonna be a monster
  11. My man Allen

    all about ja

    Bane, Dillon, Zaire, Clarke and 3 first round picks
  12. My man Allen

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Milwaukee Bucks - 1/19/22

    And Dillon. This is an incredibly deep team
  13. My man Allen


    GS may fall off in the next 3 years and Chris Paul isn’t gonna be with the Suns for long. Lakers and Blazers are done. Clippers are probably done. Houston and Okc are still building, Spurs are treading water, the kings are the kings. Twolves have Edwards but they’re still the twolves. I think our main competition is going to be the Jazz , Nuggets, Mavs and maybe the Pelicans depending on Zion.
  14. My man Allen


    And bulls