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  1. Right now I'm all in for that
  2. geffenre2

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    Totally agree with you. That's why I wouldn't want to trade for Jerami Grant or such. We need someone who functions like Aaron Gordon does for Denver.
  3. geffenre2


    Isn't there one not too many?
  4. geffenre2

    Hubie 5-game segment #3; 1/3 - 1/9

    I think we drop the Brooklyn game (after tonight's loss they'll come with an edge) or the Lakers game (revenge for last game). I'm pretty confident we'll win Detroit (a really bad team we can manhandle), Cleveland (need to gel with Rondo and that could take time) and Clippers (we just have their number). So another 4-1. Edit: Westbrook with 6 turnovers.
  5. I'm not looking for Kyle's replacement by trading him. Brandon and Tillman fill that role perfectly imo. The idea of trading Kyle is thinking about a position I'd like to bolster - backup SF. Yes, we have Ziaire and Konchar (and Culver), but I'm not sure they are currently more than the 11th man on the roster. So if a trade were to happen, there are players I wish the FO would target.
  6. Curious to know who would you trade for Kyle Anderson. Guys like Derrick Jones Jr., Patrick Williams (a pipe dream), Cedi Osman, Deni Avdija, De'Andrea Hunter, Cam Reddish, etc.? I would be willing to trade Anderson and a first or two for some of them.
  7. Great win! I had a bad feeling with all the injuries that we were going to see a bad loss. Opening up on that - I'm kind of worried about a lot of our rotation guys getting hurt - Ja, Jaren (although it was stated as a sorness, so is Clarke and he is out for a while now), Clarke, Ziaire (who needs this playing time), and now Adams got hurt. Next game in Philly will be really tough.
  8. According to Joe Vardon the contract has injury protections. A Joel Embiid type? Might be worrisome?
  9. We have a ton of options to pick at our position. I'm conflicted between Butler at PG, Wagner at SF if he falls, or Kai Jones/Sengun at C. Either one of them is good and will have a place on the team next year in my opinion. I don't think that we need to look at more shooting. JJJ getting his groove back, Allen, Bane, Melton (if he can be consistent during the end of the season) are all great shooters.