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  1. ScottyJ

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 6/2/21

    Weirdly I've talked myself into an upset. Let's go Grizz!
  2. As long as the NBA rewards flopping, it will always be a problem. So refreshing to watch NHL where that bull**** gets penalized.
  3. He's gonna eat lightning, and crap thunder
  4. Quin Snyder looks like...A dirty detective finally revealing to his partner that he is in fact the drug kingpin they've been hunting down
  5. Who signed him to that contract?
  6. I want 2 questions to be asked: 1 to officials - do you watch film and make adjustments when a hack like Gobert flops and fools you into making calls? 2- to Mike - how do you feel about playing your career with warriors like ZBo and TA and then now outside of Mitchell playing with a crew of floppers and dirty MFers?
  7. That is such an incredibly bad call
  8. I feel like Jon Roser waiting for the game to actually start
  9. ScottyJ


    100% agree. Completely bailed out by the team.
  10. Taylor has to be fired. I know he's got an Ivy league degree. My 6 year old can challenge that foul.
  11. Nothing else matters. Taylor has to be fired.
  12. Its only going to get worse and worse...
  13. Draymond dropped his jock on that Ja ball fake. Hahahahahaha!
  14. I can't believe LeFraud didn't get the flagrant! As a consolation, give him the Oscar!