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    Moving the needle

    I think Bane will eventually replace Brooks in the starting lineup. He is a better, more consistent shooter. Brooks runs hot and cold. In addition, Bane is a better three-point shooter. I think they are about even defensively but I am not sure. We will find out.
  2. I don't understand something. The Grizzlies were eliminated by the Blazers on August 15th. I thought he had a cartilage tear. Cartilage tears take like 6-8 weeks to heal and its going to be about three months since he as hurt? Is something else going on? This doesn't make sense.
  3. no, but those are great
  4. KidTwist

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    We have the Suns 2nd rounder if it's 31-35, so we won't get that. It doesn't roll over. We also have/had Portland's 2nd round pick, but I can't remember if it was involved in one of our draft night trades on Wednesday. Our 2nd round pick next year is owned by Sacramento. So basically, we don't have a draft pick next year. But we do have Gorgui Dieng and Marko Guduric's expiring contracts.
  5. KidTwist

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Can anyone tell me our draft situation for the 2021 draft. I know the Jazz first round pick probably won't transfer until the 2022 draft, but what about the second round. It's confusing to me. Or is it impossible to determine at this time? Thanks
  6. Does that mean Jaren and Justice will not be ready for training camp, or the regular season?