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  1. Lately I've been a little busy with the topic of my university, and I have to hurry a little bit certain projects that I have on top, I'm studying computer engineering, so I will make a web that talks about the topic of basketball, now, I need you to help me to check if the use of a tool is good or not, a friend shared it with me, he told me to take advantage of the G Suite basic promo code that I leave here to check. It is a Google tool to send personalized emails. This as an obvious proof. But I would like to be able to send emails to those who register on my website with names of players, to make it pretty cool and interactive. Did I explain myself enough? I hope you can help me, I'm sure there is someone around here who has used that software.
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    Game of Thrones Show Discussion

    What do you think about what might come from GOT? Referring to the spinning or even the movies.