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  1. That was amazing if he can just stay away from stupid fouls
  2. Games like tonight are why you want to keep konchar as a 10th man he brought the energy tonight
  3. Man dude definitely fouled him on that dunk
  4. bterry1990

    Tillman Luv

    If Tillman becomes a better shooter from three and the free throw line I think he could really be an asset… but what he’s been given us right now has been extremely helpful
  5. bterry1990

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Warriors 03/18/2023

    Hm2:Tillman played a really solid and quiet game today
  6. Absolutely but roddy came in with a better offensive game than Ziaire plus roddy can post up I think he can grow into a 6th man threat next year
  7. Bruh dudes allowed to play physical and handchecking players all game… Jaren commits a lot of dumb fouls but the foul on looney is similar to how he’s been guarding Jaren and he hasn’t been called yet I just want some consistency on calls
  8. bterry1990

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Did he get the technical because he wanted too😂😂😂
  9. bterry1990

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    I’m not sure what happened to the midrange game and floaters we don’t have to shoot threes because there open
  10. bterry1990

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    I agree he seems like a player that can exploit an opponent weakness
  11. That was on Jaren he didn’t roll it was there
  12. Did luka ever serve his suspension for the techs?
  13. bterry1990


    Tyus and big body roddy for team hero
  14. bterry1990

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    My personal opinion Ja should not play the rest of this season there is just too much going on from his camp… he has to figure that out… I am a grizzlies fan first but this stupid stuff can’t continue to go unpunished
  15. bterry1990

    Coaching Thread

    I think a Sam Cassell could really work because he was an all-star player... Similar to Chauncey Billups in Portland