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  1. bterry1990

    Juancho Hernangomez Appreciation Thread

    I'm not really sure what the plan is for this offseason... Hopefully they work out in the long run tho
  2. I've kind of noticed that as well... Maybe the front office will try to experiment with him at backup point guard similar to Justise Winslow who failed miserably at everything on the court when he finally was not injured
  3. Lol man I have never seen a line there that was short
  4. I think so if my not mistaken I believe he played point when he was in college
  5. Is he the type of player opposing teams just leave open?
  6. I liked Culver coming out of Texas Tech he's still young if we keep him maybe he can develop
  7. Wow this is an entertaining offseason lol
  8. Hopefully he gets better
  9. Kind of blindsided by this trade in always liked Beverly but he seems to be on a decline as he’s getting older
  10. I’d like to see Ziaire play with bane, konchar, and Tillman
  11. Mitchell is like Jevon carter defense with Donovan Mitchell type scoring he’s nice
  12. You can see potential in Williams but Santi is a disaster right now
  13. Lack of a true point is not helping here tonight especially when you got a dog like Mitchell out there
  14. Man probably I didn’t realize that hopefully he develops but I’m not seeing anything