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  1. The NBA really has to do something about these refs....Some calls are becoming ridicoulous.
  2. I really believe this will be an underrated pickup. You cannot leave Tolliver open he's almost automatic. He's also a really good defender well at least plays good positional defense and his rebounding is good as well. Hopefully, we are able to keep him for the remainder of the season.
  3. bterry1990

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Clippers 2/24/20

    Really big game man we need this one especially with the Pelicans starting to have a run.
  4. bterry1990

    Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Lakers - 2/21/20

    I honestly believe Taylor Jenkins rotations and the refs kill our team.... The Lakers literally set moving picks the entire game....
  5. I agree I think Ja has to pick his spots a little earlier with Kyle in the starting lineup. I think Kyle is an excellent glue guy similar to Jae but you had to respect Jae jumper. You do not really have to respect Kyle's jumper and it's like the defense knows he wants to pass. With Kyle starting with Ja the first three quarters become passive because our best perimeter threat, which is Ja, is thinking more pass. I believe as the season goes on they will figure it out.
  6. I loved the way the team fought today. However, I believe Taylor Jenkins has to work on these rotations. Marko does not have the speed to play in the NBA and if his shot is not on he is useless on the court it seems. He needs to work on just being a catch and shoot player. Also, Dillon Brooks should not do dribble more than two times and if he does not have the shot pass it. I feel like sometimes he throws off the offense with his shots.
  7. bterry1990

    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    New to the board but I have been a Grizzly fan for the past 10 years. This is a great time to be a fan!!!