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  1. Man a few of those could have changed momentum in today’s game
  2. The hard truth about this game is Brandon Clarke is to small to play power forward and not skilled enough to play small forward
  3. I believe Taylor should have came off the bench with Bane and Tillman
  4. Our future is bright because the Warriors didn’t beat us they beat themselves today
  5. Taylor has to start taking these challenges on those bad calls for either Brooks or Jaren
  6. Man I need Mr Do Something to do something he hasn’t done much these last few weeks
  7. Two his defense Taylor had two fouls that he could of challenged because they were phantom calls
  8. I’ve never seen Wiggins play like this
  9. Man Draymond Green hand checks like it’s 1990s basketball the refs put a bet on Golden State
  10. Honestly I’d give the ball to Jaren on the block if JV is not in the game they have no size what so ever
  11. I figured it would be you know the nba doesn’t want to see Memphis close in this game
  12. Hopefully Melton can back some rhythm on offense and defense he will be needed Sunday... this is the first time this year I was excited to see who is out for this game
  13. This is a vet game without Brooks, Jonas, or Kyle we lose
  14. The first two were a little questionable to me. It seems like he gets those tic tac fouls more often than other players on the court
  15. Seems like Jaren has heard the rebounding chatter... hope he continues to play like this