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  1. Great season second youngest team and made it to the second round where we could have easily won 4-1… can’t wait til next year
  2. Bugs have to finish strong the refs are blowing the whistle so be a grown man down there
  3. That continuation call no call on the Jaren Jackson play In the fourth killed us. But I was proud of how the squad played hopefully Dillon learns from his shot selection because last night he was trying to be Jordan/ Kobe but it just wasn't there.
  4. Man attack the paint your the strongest man in the league
  5. An altercation can be defined as the Flagrant 2 occurring during the game. Therefore, it would seem to me that he should be suspended from the game for leaving the bench. The NBA suspended Amare Stoudemire after Robert Horry leveled Steve Nash and he was suspended for game 7
  6. Lol but Poole and other Warriors players were not suspended for leaving the bench. The NBA is a joke all I want is consistency sure Brooks deserved a suspension but other rules were violated.
  7. I'm wondering if they suspend Dillon will they suspend the bench players who came off the bench during the incident
  8. I said the same thing the Grizz were able to play with a good rhythm since he wasn't out there playing hero ball... I love Dillon but he takes way too many bad shots
  9. When he was leaving it looked like he walked past nothing but Warriors fans.... I also didn't hear any boos but if they did its not right and like you said it ain't Memphis
  10. Lol that's the most amazing part from the game yesterday
  11. That missed call on Kyle's continuation really hurts from game 1... Other than that I like what I saw from the squad but too many defensive lapses
  12. A lot of stupid turnovers and defensive lapses today. I expect them to be better for game 2 especially Bane offensively
  13. Did anyone else see Adams is out tomorrow?
  14. Dude talking real confident, hopefully the good guys shut him up tomorrow.