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  1. jumpshotjones

    San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/10/20

    His passing has ALWAYS SUPERB!!!!!!!
  2. jumpshotjones

    Ja Morant invited to Dunk Contest

    I have and he won them ALL. Shoes UP
  3. jumpshotjones

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Just wondering what this clown thinks of JA now?
  4. You Know it. Shoes UP
  5. he'll have more when the players around him hit more open shots. Wow he actually played 30 minutes this game
  6. his dad told him that after his freshman year.
  7. jumpshotjones

    Top 10 PG right now!

    yes he does
  8. jumpshotjones

    Phoenix Suns @ Memphis Grizzlies 11/2/19

    After listening to Jenkins' explanation about Ja and Clarke's minutes- this team is in tank, trade and draft mode. Ja is playing 10 less minutes at this level than he did in college and Clarke's court time speaks for itself.
  9. jumpshotjones

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Maccabi Haifa - 10/6/2019

    He's taken. ( he belongs to Racer Fans)