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    Ron Tillery...

    According to Jason Smith, it's his understanding that Ron's been dealing with some health issues. Hope Ron's okay.
  2. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Ron Tillery...

    I think you're right Chip. Of course the CA is in such a flux/under fire right now no telling what all is going on behind the scenes.
  3. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Ron Tillery...

    Ron has been missing in action for the Draft, start of Free Agency and Summer League. Three prime opportunities for him to snipe at Pera and the front office. Chip mentioned that he tweeted that he was going on vacation but there's nothing in his timeline. Maybe it was on another platform.
  4. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Ticket Refund Question

    Your best bet would be to call the Grizzlies tomorrow to see if there's an exchange policy. With the weather in Memphis, reselling the tickets and getting what you paid may not work out to your advantage. You can go through Stub Hub or another service or use the official NBA site:
  5. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Andray Blatche - Grizzlies Interested

    Agreed. But if we can't land a shooter, that Blatche is a very good consolation prize. If he can be gotten before the trade deadline, it may even allow you to move Kofus for a shooter. Not that I'm excited to see Kosta go, but if you can flip him for a need as opposed to seeing him walk with no return...
  6. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Chris Douglas Roberts

    Sure, love to see Iowa sign him.
  7. GrizzledGrizzFan

    The Real Reason Zbo Isn't Playing

    Zach is back tonight. Playing the Grizzlies. Against the Pelicans. According to (not made up) sources...
  8. GrizzledGrizzFan

    The Real Reason Zbo Isn't Playing

    If this isn't true, I do hope you're banned.
  9. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Josh Smith Waived

    The Detroit lockerroom has no leadership. Not the case with the Grizz. I think he'd be a fine addition.
  10. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Spurs Victory Bitter Sweet

    Nothing bittersweet for me. They rest players specifically to be at their best for us. Additionally, I went to a Raptors boards, searched and couldn't find a threat like this after their win over us. Seriously though, a win is a win & I'll take them any way we can get them.
  11. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Vince Carter...

    VC Haiku Aging veteran Had off season surgery Bone spurs were removed
  12. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Cavs Reportedly Interested In Tayshaun Prince

    The only way, IMO, that we ship Prince to Clev is if we get our 1st pick back from there and take back no contract considerations past this season. The most valuable thing Prince brings to the table is his expiring deal, with will help in resigning Marc.
  13. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Congrats To "the Affable One" Tweet "The @MemGrizz have gritted their way to NBA best 15-2 record, including 11-0 vs. Western Conference teams!"
  14. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Who Looks To Be The Fifteenth Man?

    I get a feeling we'll, once again, be calling on the unique talets of one "Flex-I-Bility".
  15. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Real Talk Is It Fair To Bring Back Coach Joeger

    Agreed on all counts.
  16. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Was Trading Rudy Gay A Mistake?

    Giving him the massive contract was a mistake. Trading him was not.
  17. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Lorenzen Wright

    Sad, sad, sad.
  18. The OP and his crew need a theme song. I'd suggest this:
  19. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Dog Days Of August

    I'm old. Name is self evident. Now get outta my yard...
  20. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Lorenzen Wright

    Yup - between fear of retalliation and the no snitching mindset the truth will likely never make it to authorities.
  21. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Lorenzen Wright

    Unfortunately I have to agree with ODK.
  22. GrizzledGrizzFan

    The Mike Conley Apology Thread

    Zach? Doesn't he play for the Grizz? I think you're thinking about Zack - I miss him posting too.
  23. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Samuel Jackson

    All the Grizz would need to do is stamp "Bad Mother @#^*!@" on the ball and rebounding would be wrapped up.
  24. GrizzledGrizzFan

    Lorenzen Wright

    Channel 5 did a piece on the agreement for splitting his pension/insurance he and his wife signed a month before his death.