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  1. They need to learn how to play with the non GLeague players
  2. Marko and Konchar need to play to get better
  3. Vegas had them at 25.5
  4. 24th win = .500 #MambaEffect
  5. He had to have started watching today
  6. Its because they want him in another practice with the team . Also they might have him play tomorrow since it's a 2nd night of a back to back. He would be the energy off the bench.
  7. I thought he was happy. The Suns were the one to trade him away. Grizzlies trying to help him
  8. I hope yall put y'all bets in
  9. Unless Duncan come off the bench
  10. TRE2K3

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    He has been briefly coached by TA. his defensive might be ramped up
  11. JV not starter material? What center gives you a double double on a nightly basis off the bench.
  12. He now has to build around Lonnie and Dejounte. Being a lottery team with 2 allstars is not good at all.
  13. Darrell was decent. Him and Quincy had a good pairing.
  14. I was wrong anyways, they had a 7 game winning streak in 2015