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    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    ūü§£ @ everyone advocating for DH to stay with the Griz. He couldn't even get a guaranteed contract with a veteran team because they were worried about him being a distraction.
  2. Ursine Mammal

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I reminder when Melo was good too... I don't think the FO considers Howard a fit from a chemistry perspective. He just isn't considered a commodity by the league anymore. I think the FO recognizes this as well. As others have stated, he'll be trade filler or cut.
  3. Ursine Mammal

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I don't see a contender trading for him at any point.
  4. Ursine Mammal

    2020 NBA Draft

    A player to keep an eye on is Patrick Williams. He fits the profile of a wing with size (6'7, 6'8) and shooting potential. He'll be a freshman at Florida State. Depending on how well he does this year, I can see a scenario where he ranks highly on draft boards by the end of the season. Whether it's as high as top 6 remains to be seen.